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  1. Iain Flannigan one of the best players in the lower leagues we should be looking at, Regan Hendry aswell but both similar to Dorrans and Fin Robertson so don't know how that would work unless we played Dorrans behind the striker.
  2. Bit rich from Strachan considering a part-time team were up our a**e challenging for a play-off spot the whole season... Arbroath and Alloa have arguably been better run than us for the past 3 years.
  3. https://twitter.com/robertthomson55/status/1258794384205774848 Looks like we voted yes for no reason...
  4. My bad, £1.8M even then the club would've been operating on a £500k-600K loss which we have been the past couple of seasons I seen in the accounts also that it's costing us £580K to rent dens every year, what's baffling to me is we're paying premiership wages for the next 2-3 years and the fact that Nelms and Keyes are fine with losing almost half a mil+ every year, no idea where the funding for this "stadium" is coming from can only imagine it would be from a bank loan that would need to payed off over 10 years or so, we should be looking to self-sustain not rely on our owners to bail us out considering past experiences although they did note in the accounts that they will continue to make additional funds available, we should be looking to buy back dens instead of this fairly land stadium that isn't going to happen, buying dens back would make our finances more healthier in the short and long-term.
  5. The losses aren't that much of a concern £1.3M is a lot yes, but if the club was still in the premiership that would cover the losses think it's around £1.1M for finishing 11th not including TV money etc, what is a concern though is most of the squad have been given 2/3 year deals all on big wages if we're stuck in this league for 2/3 seasons then losses like this will be the norm unless we punt some or get a fee or any.
  6. If the players can't handle a small majority booing or shouting sh**e to them when they're honking they should maybe take a look at themselves and if they can't handle that they'll never play at a higher level, weak mentality's is what is holding some players back.
  7. Was supposed to have a terrible attitude and genuinely no really been impressed by him, he deserved a run in the team and when he got it he has shown fuckall, can only last 60 mins, someone else will be lined up, no need to panic got a perfectly good striker who has worked his a**e aff this season and will score with the right service.
  8. Whole club needs an overhaul IMO from top to bottom starting with a Director of Football to run the club and let Nelms work on the business side, a lot of people wanting him gone but if he goes Keyes goes as well and we would be f**ked, Scouting and Medical Department is something that needs looked at as well can't be signing 1 good player for every 4 duds we bring in every season.
  9. Who would you take then when/if McPake gets the sack? a lot of Manager will be looking at this job and no wanting to go anywhere near it, more than likely will end up with Mark McGhee and for me that's just about the same level of manager should be looking to give the job to someone who's waning back in the game and wanting to prove himself, he'll establish authority in the dressing room which i don' think McPake has.
  10. Would anyone take him? Done well at every club he's been apart from Raith, not had a club since then think he gets judged poorly cause his time there, would be a similar situation coming to us but he's won more trophies at Inverness than we have managed in 40 odd years, his sides play attacking football scores goals and most importantly would kick f**k oot every player that isn't giving 100%.
  11. Was utterly embarrassed at the game today, worst crowd I've ever seen at Dens in my life time.
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