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  1. Mcghee, dont really notice what he does for the team, look at what happened after he went off!!
  2. Dd3

    Four Years Ago This Week

    Was a great game, feels like it was a lot longer than 4 years ago
  3. Dd3

    Manager Poll

    Has to be an experienced manager this time, rookie bosses are killing this club
  4. Thats pretty horrific when you see it in black and white
  5. Dd3

    Back To the Drawing Board

    Have to agree, we have some very decent players in the current squad and as it stands its not working. Why isn't it, thats the question that needs answering
  6. Dd3

    If Nelms

    There will be more off field stories this week, another smokescreen to deflect away from the on field problems
  7. Dd3

    If Nelms

    In my opinion and that of the guys that sit around me in the coxy, that hope is fading fast
  8. Dd3

    If Nelms

    100% agree with this
  9. Dd3

    If Nelms

    I grew up watching the Dees through the 70s and 80s yoyoing up and down between the leagues so disappointment and heartache was always part of being a supporter, but throughout everything there was always something which kept my belief in one day the club would get it right. Watching todays match theres nothing like that anymore!!!
  10. Dd3

    If Nelms

    Sad, but yeah its time he went
  11. Dd3

    If Nelms

    Thanks The Dark Blues I take 2 young grandsons to watch the team every home game and as many away games as possible, its getting to the stage where the boys dont want to go anymore, and the worst of it is i dont blame them anymore
  12. Dd3

    If Nelms

    Extremely poor today, im not normally one to shout for a manager to be sacked, but today was as poor a performance as iv seen in lifetime of watching Dundee. Time for a change has come....and Nelms cant be allowed to pick a replacement.
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