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  1. Cant say im the slightest bit suprised to hear this.
  2. Cammy Fraser and Iain Ferguson leaving for Rangers, and more recently Greg Stewart leaving for Birmingham
  3. Hope someone copies in 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️
  4. I know, just feel we should have waited, very down about this
  5. Imo we should have waited to see if the leagues could have restarted.
  6. Very disappointing from the club, after todays statement i thought we were going to stick with a no vote. Just consigned ourselves to another year in the championship, dress it up anyway you like thats all thats happened. There will be lots of talk about league reconstruction, but it will just be talk nothing will come from it. I feel very let down
  7. As someone who coaches kids football, this is something i 100% agree with.
  8. Will wait to see what Nelms/club have to say but i have the horrible feeling more embarrassment is heading the clubs way.
  9. Actually thats a very good point, as most of us know insurance companies try to wriggle out of paying out at the best times
  10. This whole issue stinks, im praying that we havent changed our vote to suit other clubs agenda. Whilst i appreciate its Easter, i think the club should have made some kind of statement on this by now.
  11. Once this virus is all sorted and sport starts up again i actually think this is a great opportunity to restructure Scottish football for the better, will this happen? I doubt it, the selfish nature of the bigger clubs will win the day and the rest of Scottish football will continue to suffer.
  12. I genuinely dont think SPFL will declare the season null and Void, Celtic will fight tooth and nail for the title to be awarded to them Rangers will fight any decision that does the above, Hearts as already stated will go the courts to fight relegation being decided whilst there is still games to play. United will probably challenge the decision if they are denied promotion as lets be honest here so would we. Whole thing is an absolute mess and the self interest of all the clubs will bring mega chaos to Scottish football. Sfa will shy away from it as they wont want to upset the old firm, and SPFL dont have the guts to lay the law down to them so it will be status quo unless UEFA or FIFA make a ruling on it, even then i foresee a lot of court cases in the coming months Just my opinion
  13. I would like to say im suprised that the Season tickets are on sale already but im not, i think the board are being incredibly naive expecting people to stump up this early when again as last year they dont even know which division we will be playing in. The cost for me personally will jump considerably as 1 of my grandsons will now be an under 18 ticket next season, and after the piss poor performances of the team for past 3/4 seasons im not entirely sure i will be renewing this time. The dangling of better things to come from the team and a new stadium just doesnt cut it for me anymore, it will cost me approximately £460 to renew yet what am i getting for my money, last night i had to clean bird s**** off 2 of my 3 seats, wouldnt mind so much but its been all over the seats since the January game v Inverness, we have been sitting in the row in front until last night when i finally got fed up and cleaned it myself, great incentive to part with my hard earned money. To quote other Dragons Den posts, if i dont see a major improvement both on and off the field in the next couple of months I'm out aswell.
  14. Forster for me, good solid performance hopefully does his confidence a world of good
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