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  1. Yes there is. It’s documented, by DFC, that there’s a link between clubs needing the cash disbursements and voting yes. In fact Dundee thought it was the only option.
  2. Agree. Said my piece so here’s my prediction.... 18months of discussion couldn’t get a reconstruction that would go through so 18 days will not make a blind bit of difference. It’ll be canned again. Budge and Gardiner made quite some enemies, they’ll get paid back for that now. ICT won’t be going up and Hearts will come down. DFC will not benefit in the slightest from the moves of last week and we’ll all be left wondering wtf that was all about. I’ll put my tin hat on but pretty confident I won’t need it.
  3. You could equally say there’s plenty think we can do no wrong. The behind the scenes nonsense in all this shows just how Scottish football is being run. It’s certainly not for fairness
  4. Negotiation of what? Anything that was offered to Dundee to change vote actually changes the vote. If people can’t see a no vote becoming a yes vote with external influence is wrong then I’ll never persuade them.
  5. Wasn’t criticising nelms, simply pointing out the farce of releasing incomplete votes. We’ll never know if DFCS vote influenced anything as we don’t know the possibility of change from a no vote.
  6. If it’s the really the case that something different was offered isn’t that equivalent to bribery? Are we saying that the majority of clubs voted on one thing and Dundee FC cast our vote on something else? For me this is not really a debate on our vote but on the workings of professional football in Scotland that seems to allow for cajoling and pressuring when it suits, on the farcical revelation of the results of a partially completed vote (which would not be allowed in any democracy in the world), on the power of the real kingmakers Iike Doncaster and Lawell and on the fairness of football which as far as I see has long since gone in this country. Celtic, the scarabs and Cove Rangers all deserve their titles but the bitter taste of ruling out competition at all in the other positions will be with us for a long long time.
  7. I keep hearing that we’ve done something for the good of the game. Can anybody say what that is exactly? If anything a no vote was more likely to force a rethink when Doncaster and Lawell didn’t get their way. I stick to my thought that agreeing with some other clubs how you would vote and not actually doing so is not honourable, nor is it acting with integrity.
  8. I couldn’t tell which one of us was a blether
  9. No. If we’d stuck with no vote another route would be required. It’s not even clear that a yes vote gives more chance of reconstruction
  10. Sorry Frank but apart from the despicable rangers behaviour the rest is not fact its opinion, opinion not shared by many reporters or other chairmen. I know because they talk to me as well. You’ll not know until this is all done if the shambles of vote/no vote/withdraw vote/change vote had any effect. What’s fact is that Dundee fc made a statement consistent with a no vote, tried to make a no vote, gave another statement then changed to yes at expense of clubs who will unfairly be relegated outside of reconstruction. In addition there are clubs whose promotion dreams are dead. That’s neither honour or integrity.
  11. I can’t because being billy big time never works out for us....but I do know what you mean
  12. Can you point out where I did that?
  13. The only outcome that’s good for us now is a 16 team top league. That will not happen
  14. In what way does it benefit us?
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