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  1. Being an abomination of a club and being ahead of us today in the sporting sense are not the same thing. Thd Old Firm are both abominations but are likely to be champions every year. Some measurements aren’t as simple as points in the board.
  2. As a Dundee fan I understand why we feel they should communicate more because it’s a disaster just now. Playing devils advocate there’s an argument that understands FPS not feeling they need to, they weren’t exactly welcomed my fans’ groups with open arms. Everyone needs to get together to solve this, and that’s directly up to the Club board!
  3. It is not certain that the outgoings need to exceed the incomings. What is important is being clear to the wider fan base what the plan is, what the expectations are and what the limits are. In reality what needs to happen is that the discussion makers actually running the Club have to be quite unemotional in that they can ignore the pressure to spend money they don’t have. For that to happen communication to the masses needs to be good so that everyone understands. Dundee FC can be run to the budget, of course if the budget can be increased with extra support great. What should not happen is running at a deficit and using hope as a strategy to plug the gap. It never works!
  4. As I’ve said consistently over the years I actually believe in fans’ ownership. The next logical step is then the fans making the decisions but that only works if capable and honest people are voted into the fans hot seat. In our case it was a bit hit and miss with almost zero control over the choices once they were in the chair. I felt we had good ones, bad ones and totally absurd ones. You can of course get that with any kind of owner but you assume genuine Dundee fans will always put the club ahead of themselves but it wasn’t the case. In my case the then chairman made a play for my job when I was on holiday, wanting to be chairman and CEO despite being ridiculously limited in ability (and that’s the only opinion piece in this post) so how does anyone work in those circumstances? Due to the past well minded and capable Dundee fans tend to avoid getting involved in DFCSS, with many deciding it’s just not worth the hassle. In addition some people hand on to their posts at DFCSS regardless of either ability or anyone else’s opinion. You simply can’t work with people like that. DFCSS can be an active and positive influence on the Club, maintaining a watching eye and having regular contact but I’m afraid Mr Nelms wishes to control that and refuses to accept the democratically elected fans rep. He should be held to account for that. The Club is distant from the fans right now and it’s a gap that needs to be bridged soon or it never will be.
  5. The football debts we were paying were nothing compared to rent needing paid DUE to fan ownership and a stupid deal made by someone who shouldn’t have been anywhere near the negotiating table. I read on another thread the ‘fans’ board took too long to fire Barry Smith. Fact is they harassed Barry from about game 4 of his second season, not conducive to confidence building. Cant speak for anyone else but I resigned to get away from working with them, it was a nightmare!
  6. I agree with most of Dayters post. We could have gone on forever as a fans' owned club and had some level of ambition for continuous improvement. We were even able to attract nice investments/donations to make this happen however the problems started when some of the people involved considered themselves far more capable than they will ever be. I am one of the people who strongly believes in fan ownership for Dundee Football Club as a protection for a 127 year old institution that we all love. Should the fans run it, never again under the old model.
  7. Was a very good player for us and a top guy, sorry to hear this news. The reason he had to go back was nothing to do with cash.
  8. No harm done.... I’m Hector Macgoo
  9. Mmmmm is it normal to reveal posters names here?
  10. I wasn’t sure if pie price criticism was ok but gave it a go anyway. When I noticed the terrible pricing last week I stood in the concourse for a solid 17 minutes booing at the people working, the prices didn’t improve and the people looked quite despondent. I was at least able to go home chuffed with myself for my performance as a fan.
  11. Well I’m a bit narked a bovril costs more than a pie if that’s helpful insight?
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