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  1. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Derby: In/Out

    In - Jezza Kerr Pre - Toon then TOTH Post - Out. Go with the flow. Result dependent on where Prediction - Pass
  2. CW 90+3 02/05/16


    Definitely wouldn't start Meekings. Got to be the same back 4. Starting with some sort of a 4-5-1 (for example a 4-2-3-1) is probably our most sensible option. Back 3 and Meekings starting is just asking for trouble (IMHO)
  3. CW 90+3 02/05/16


    Very quiet on here is it not after the frenzy about tickets for weeks?
  4. CW 90+3 02/05/16


    Tickets have only been on general sale for 2 hours. There is a very small amount left. We will sell out.
  5. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    500 Fans Missing From Ayr Game

    Sure it was Dumbarton. I was at both. Not sure about less than 2k. 2500 rings a bell. Crowds were awful for a couple of years mid 90s unless it was against a promotion rival.
  6. CW 90+3 02/05/16


    John, about as sad as the boy on Twitter who quotes posts on this forum trying to take the piss. They are absolutely tormented by May 2016 and winning 0 derbies in 6 and it's all coming out just now
  7. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 0 Ict (24th Aug 2019)

    Haha. Heard the Jeff Sterling boys too yesterday
  8. CW 90+3 02/05/16


    Totally agree but stop pretending to be a Dee. It's about as tragic as your attempts at trying to win promotion since you went down at Dens
  9. CW 90+3 02/05/16


    We are 8 competitive games unbeaten so far in normal time. Let's ditch this doom and negativity right now and get right behind this club as one this week and on Friday. I'm not going in to a derby dreading it only three games into the season because one player is in good form for them.
  10. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    500 Fans Missing From Ayr Game

    Derbies aside, first home league game and first away league game, generally speaking, attract one of the biggest home and away supports of the league season respectively for us. Have seen us take 1700 up to Dingwall for a league opener in this league. Just the way it is and won't change unless we win week in week out and entice less regular attendees back. Last time I seen that happen was Bonetti's first season.
  11. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    500 Fans Missing From Ayr Game

    Same as every season in recent history that we always get one of our biggest home crowds of the season for the league opener. Thought just short of 5000 Dees was a great turn out today and way up on a lot of the home turnouts we were getting in the top flight last season. Both home games have shown that we still have 5000 home supporters for bog standard league games if there's optimism. Last season we had just over 4000 for some category A games and a few 4500 turnouts for others.
  12. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 0 Ict (24th Aug 2019)

    Thought we were far too slow today from start to finish which was surprising after that proud passionate commited performance v Aberdeen that should have been a win and by more than 1 nil. Hemmings and Johnson were miles off it. McDaid was ok - a few wayward corners aside. Starting with no right sided midfielder left us with a lack of options and everything coming down the left. Was clearly done to accommodate 2 up front as Todd was very good last week. McPake (the player) had his moments but not sure I'd be throwing a 17 year old just arrived at the club and to find his feet in to the starting 11 for a derby as suggested elsewhere. Disappointing today and there's no escaping that but United and Shankland's start is just making it feel worse than it actually is. 5 points out of 9 is only a point or two off an ideal start. They (United) can't win every game. Need a big performance on Friday. Like we did against Aberdeen and nothing like today. If we do get one, there's no doubt we can win. Shankland's on fire but they were beat from East Fife the other week and were awful in the play off finals. Zero to fear other than their man of the moment. Actually strongly believe we are the better team his goals aside.
  13. CW 90+3 02/05/16


    Won The League Two Weeks Ago FC end sold oot.
  14. CW 90+3 02/05/16


    Cheers. I thought you were in the queue when you originally posted.
  15. CW 90+3 02/05/16


    How's the queue looking now and is it moving fast enough? Heading up later on.
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