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  1. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Dundee V Peterhead Sat 20th July 2019

    Dundee FC failing to score against, never mind beat Cove Rangers and Peterhead two games on the bounce is completely unacceptable any day of the week any year of our history. Picking up a bonus point for being better at two part time outfits at penalties does not change this. It merely softens the blow. The good news is, we have time to strengthen and we simply must. Hoping to see at least 4 or 5 signings including two forwards between now and Dunfermline away. The current squad is way short of what's required.
  2. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Maybe just fancies a sweem?
  3. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Spot on. Do we have a strikers coach or is that a long gone thing of the past luxury?
  4. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Whats Still Required ?

    What's still required? Forwards who can score. More senior pros to strengthen the squad. Young lads have been brilliant this summer but got an incline that McPake is a bit over keen to use them in general when we need more experience for the real business.
  5. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Don't necessarily disagree with the part of your post I quoted (I disagree with the doesn't excite me bit) but I think last night showed that we are well short up front and it would be a risk worth taking even just to give us an extra option. Nelson is extremely hit and miss (quite literally) Curran has scored one in his career at Dens so far. We are absolutely desperate for options up front. It's a position we've notoriously struggled to fill with any success since the departure of Hemmings and Stewart. Haber was a decent for a short while. A-Jay showed a few flashes. S.Murray had a couple of flashes. Kenny Miller had a couple of flashes. The rest have been failures that have contributed massively to the three disastrous seasons we've just endured. Really hope we get May plus one other forward as we don't have anywhere near enough goals in the team at present to deliver what we all want.
  6. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Tv Games

    On another note - if confirmed United have took the Shed back, the club should use it as a selling point for season tickets as it will be much harder for non season ticket holders to get a ticket if our allocation is cut from approx 5000+ tickets to only 3000+ tickets and season ticket holders get first priority.
  7. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Tv Games

    Well that pretty much kills the Tannadice derbies for me compared to what they've been the past 24 years of us getting the Shed. The other 2 stands we get are sh!t for atmosphere. Have been in them both once each for a derby and the Shed every other time since 95.
  8. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Tv Games

    Would be a massive own goal from them if they did. There is absolutely no way they will sell over 10k home fan tickets for a Championship derby likely to be around 25 quid live on the telly so will just result in 2000 to 2500 empty seats spread around the 3 home stands. I don't think any of the four derbies will completely sell out other than maybe the last one at Dens depending on what's at stake for it. From memory, the 3-2 Shaw and Weighorst game at Tannadice was the only derby that sold out the last time we were both down.
  9. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Whats Still Required ?

    So before a ball has been kicked, United have won the league they've failed to win the last 3 seasons and have never won in their history? Looked an absolute heap in the two legs v St Mirren and were seriously lucky not to get a 4-1 or 5-1 defeat tonight with a couple of sending offs thrown in. Don't get me wrong, Shankland a great signing and they'll be favourites and we still have to strengthen a bit but I'll personally hold off on crowning them champs with us trailing over 12 points behind.
  10. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Yellow Perils

    Have took my car to Dens for about 90 percent of home games for well over a decade. Have never once parked on double yellows or anywhere where there's police cones so have funnily enough never received a ticket. Means I've got a 5 to 10 minute walk to the ground but also means I'm not parked like an @rsehole on double yellows on the corner of a road blocking other drivers views which happens where I live daily making my street a dangerous blind corner exit daily for me. Double yellows are on the corners of most streets for a reason. No sympathy whatsoever.
  11. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Dundee V Blackpool

    Difference was, we were 1 nil up and seeing out the game professionally. Young lads did very well in possession under pressure from a big side. McCann's teams would play like that when chasing games week in week out. Water under the bridge now anyway.
  12. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Dundee V Blackpool

    Haven't logged on or posted for a few months. Hamilton - Played very good. McGhee - Looks decent. Ness - V good player. Forster - Hmm. Won a lot and lost as many in the air. Made a meal diving in and almost cost a goal second half. Meekings - Steady. Genuinely pleased for him. Todd - Promising. Steady. Byrne - Pick of the bunch. Played extremely deep but proper GGH type midfielder. Nelson - Loads of effort. A bit hot headed for a friendly. McGowan - Ok. Looks a yard or two slow same as last summer. McDaid - Strange player. Runs down the left with ease every time but puts in bizarre crosses with his right every time without adjusting his body position. Curran - Absolutely anonymous. Not sure what he offers. Pick of the subs Robertson - Good player. Can hold his own. Marshall - Looks capable. Cameron - Small lad but had a couple of decent moments. Decent turn out. 2300 home fans. We've switched dug outs too. Has to be said, couple of snap shots aside, Blackpool were awful. Could tell it was our last pre season friendly and their first.
  13. Been trying to take a break from posting and not even been reading all the threads lately but there's at least 120 in the away end I counted on this picture not including the media section up the top right. https://www.davidyoungphoto.co.uk/index/G00003wxuyQLQvOA/I0000aGuhLgNbbug
  14. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    The Manager

    Polling update For keeping JM - 3 (someone who hit the wrong button , a 3 season jolly and counting DAB and John Nelms) For getting rid - 133
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