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  1. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    McPake Must Go.

    It's not the be all and end all but the fact is, we're attempting to challenge them for the title and have so far failed miserably to do so , mainly down to the two defeats against them. It's the manner of the defeats too. Have seen us lose 1-0 over the road in the league cup from a late goal against 10 men under Hartley where Boyle ran them ragged that night and the whole Dundee support stayed behind and sang and applauded them off the park as they deserved it. Compare that to the last two derbies. Not really. He hit his best spell of the season with three wins on the bounce (two against teams we should be beating every day of the week with our players) and before that, there hadn't been much to shout about or any consistency.
  2. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    McPake Must Go.

    I'm not sure that's much of an achievement. Looking for us to compete in derbies with that team we have on paper and not weaken with each sub week in week out as a minimum.
  3. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    McPake Must Go.

    He lost my patience second half Friday night. A humiliating home defeat with baffling subs in front of a sold out home crowd that deserved better after the previous humiliation. It's only mid November and so far McPake has - Lost two derbies convincingly. Has us 9 points off the top and rising. Has failed to beat Cove, Peterhead, Elgin and bottom of the table Partick Thistle plus a few others on top of that. Has a court case hanging over him until February (Not saying he's guilty or whatever, but it must be affecting him massively as a person). Post match interview on Friday was apparently awful. Should never have got the job in the first place as many others have said. Cheap easy option again like McCann but the club and it's fans will pay for it again. 5 seasons we've went back the way under 4 different managers. It's all good and well having Strachan, Dorrans and Hemmings etc at Dens, but if you're putting a youth coach in the top seat with no previous experience learning the ropes, it's highly unlikely he will have what's required for at least a few seasons. Makes no sense to me the board have backed the club really well but can't hire a proper manager that can do the job.
  4. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    The Title

    About the same chance as McPake winning a derby this season as manager (next to none)
  5. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    McPake Must Go.

    Only post since Friday. McPake out on that second half alone. Shameful performance for a home derby. Baffling subs. Well played John Nelms. Three awful appointments in a row and the club going backwards season on season for 5 seasons.
  6. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Things have went quiet since the tickets sold out. What does everyone think for line up? Unchanged? Mackie in for Nelson? Ness in for Nelson? Would surely be one of those three and no wholesale changes after 3 wins on the bounce. If Marshall is fit of course.
  7. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Derby Tickets

  8. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Derby Tickets

  9. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Derby Tickets

  10. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Derby Tickets

    Dumbarton 2014. When was United's last sell out against anybody but us?
  11. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Derby Tickets

    I was waiting until we hit 50 before updating
  12. Could be looking for a new manager in February if found guilty.
  13. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Derby Tickets

    Just over 100 tickets left now Been shifting at a decent rate all day
  14. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Did we get word on how long Hamilton is out for and have we had any update on Marshall?
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