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  1. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    January Window

    We're 23 points behind them?
  2. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Apart From the Dee

    Pwopa naughty!
  3. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Upcoming Fixtures

    Hopefully a game Feb 8th as you say. Must hit the clubs cash flow too if it turns out to be 7 weeks.
  4. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Upcoming Fixtures

    Oh well. There was me moaning yesterday about there not being another 3pm Saturday league game at Dens for just over a month. Turns out it's actually 7 (SEVEN) weeks. Absolute nonsense scheduling.
  5. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Pitch Inspection.

    Post was banter but, was out between 3 and 3.30 in Dundee and it was dry so no bolloxx about it.
  6. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Scottish Cup Memories

    1997/98 2002/03 2004/05 Every other season has been utter sh1te
  7. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Pitch Inspection.

    For the record, it was bone dry at 3pm ☺️
  8. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Pitch Inspection.

    I'm allowed to be wrong lol. Was just annoyed as I said.
  9. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Pitch Inspection.

    Was going to be house, Dens, pub. Two out the three will need to do.
  10. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Pitch Inspection.

    A lot of people are relieved the game is off today after last week but for me - win, lose or draw, good times or bad, Saturday 3pm league games at Dens is what it's all about. Few and far between the last few seasons.
  11. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Pitch Inspection.

    I know. Just ranting because was looking forward to it and the forecast looked better as the day went on from the gales and heavy rain earlier. No Saturday 3pm game at Dens for over a month now.
  12. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Pitch Inspection.

    Absolute joke tbh. Wild overnight. Now light drizzle and winds calming. Forecast fine after 12. Club posted a picture of a damp muddy goalmouth. 4 and a half hours before kick off! Nonsense.
  13. Great news. Hopefully he's hungry after being out for a bit.
  14. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    January Window

    Regarding Hemmings - I think Stewart and Harkins allowed him to be a goalscorer in his last spell here with their creativity. This season, the way we play - he is having to do tonnes of hard physical work with his back to goal which isn't freeing up much time for scoring which would explain his, lets be honest, pitiful return so far this season (6 goals in half a season second tier. Scored 25 in top flight over a season last time). I feel sorry on him having to do all the hard work which is an excuse for the following, but he just isn't much of a scoring threat anymore.
  15. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    January Window

    What's big Marcus up to these days?
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