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  1. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Hearts V Dundee

    Will be a tough game but we need 5000 plus Dees up and a proper backing instead of the 4500 empty seat library Dens has become this season, understandably. Time for the stay aways to back the new manager. I'm sure we'll see a very different game against them with our new signings than the embarrassment against them at Dens first time this season and the cup last season both under the previous manager.
  2. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Hearts V Dundee

    Great result and well deserved. Massive night for the club with everything going our way. Proper experienced manager who knows what he's doing brings in proper players, simple as that. Love Dundee FC
  3. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Dundee V Celtic 1985 Surviving Footage

    What we watch today isn't even the same sport as 15 to 20 years ago with all the diving, play acting, lack of wingers, lack of centre forwards heading it in etc - never mind 35 years ago.. but... A lot of our experience comes down to how poor we've been in recent seasons with no cup runs and fighting the threat of relegation for 3 horrible seasons. One off games in this country when you're team is doing well can still provide the atmosphere, intensity and excitement such as the Doon derby, the McPake derby, the Heff shut the Derry derby, helicopter Saturday and so on. Smaller crowds now though - and derbies aside - a much much more sterile atmosphere than the days of the benches, terraces, PATG, cheap entry, smoking in stadiums, the smell of booze, back and forth at the seggy fences etc.
  4. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Andreas Hadenius - Officially Signs

    Obviously like others have said, know nothing about the guy. Seems a good age, height and experienced plus can play a number of positions like Harry has said. I do wonder what the criteria is for signing boys like this though? Presumably none of our staff have seen him play in real life so do you just get a recommendation or one of those databases that McCann used, watch a few youtube clips then make a decision? I guess obscure foreign players have been part of the Scottish game for decades but I'm just curious as to what the process is if you've never seen the player play before.
  5. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    I can't be the only one that read that as he went to Syria on loan at the first take?
  6. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    What does everyone reckon we still need to sign then? I'd say - 1x CB (If O'Dea is staying) but more than likely 2x CBs 2x CMs (preferably one attacking with a bit of skill) 1x RB Chances of bringing in 5 signings in a week without moving any of the dross on? How many can we bring in without moving anyone on?
  7. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Dundee V Celtic 1985 Surviving Footage

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uST8Ey9_imc Here's the game gents
  8. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Fair points. I would also add, I just think he's lost his confidence as the team in general have really struggled. Has been for a while now I've thought that admittedly but would love to see more of the old Cammy back that nailed boys with a challenge early doors to set the tone for the game and bombed forward without a moments hesitation in possesion making overlapping runs with the right midfielder like all good full backs do. Could be hesitant to do the forward stuff in a struggling team though as others have already said as doesn't trust the cover when he's forward if any. I'm not going back on what I've been saying though. He's been really poor too often this season and last, even just on the defensive side which is his primary job and his strength out the two. He's been all over the place at times this season. I've not imagined it. In a way, I'm complimenting him as I know he's capable of much better hence why I'm mentioning it as we've not been good enough all over the pitch for most of this season and a lot of last. Hope he turns it round anyway.
  9. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    And this season Jordan Jones ripped him to shreds in 2 separate games, particularly the second one. When he's good, he's very good. When he's bad, he has a nightmare. I think he's been bad more often than good this season. Not alone tbf but do think Ralph looks a lot more solid om the other side so RB is looking like a weak point of the team and one that is being exposed by the opposition as we lose week in week out.
  10. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    He can't defend one on one. Gets beaten for pace often. Gets nutmegged for fun. Can't cross. Is lacking confidence. Seems to be reluctant to cross the half way line in possesion more and more often. Gives you 100 percent though, is an honest pro and occasionally has brilliant performances. Just think he looked a lot better 3 seasons ago and has looked really poor the last two for a lot of it.
  11. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Scottish Cup

    If I was a betting man I'd say 100% from WW and 101% from Iain
  12. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Hearts V Dundee

    Hearts have been very up and down since the top of the league period this season. St Mirren beat them. Generally they don't give much away at Tynecastle though against the non top teams. Soundly beaten. Would probably take battling 1-0 or 2-1 defeat right now and no injuries or suspensions.
  13. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    He's awful and has been for the best part of 2 seasons sadly bar the odd flash in the pan performance. Seems to get targeted the way Holt used to from the opposition as the weak point. It's a shame because there's no one in the team you want to see do better as he's one of us, knows what it means and will be hurting.
  14. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Scottish Cup

    It is but if McIntyre continues to struggle to get results without his usual and preferred number two, I think we as a fanbase and a club need to think if our principles are more important than trying anything to stay up. Probably too late now anyway so more of a hypothetical question/debate.
  15. CW 90+3 02/05/16

    Scottish Cup

    Got to be on the wind up? Got to be on the wind up? We're you at the Dunfermline, Ayr, Motherwell, Rangers and Hibs games under McCann this season? We have been absolutely sh1te all season from start to present bar half a dozen games where we actually managed to compete for the 90 minutes instead of a 20 minute spell. One of those games came under McCann.

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