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  1. The Danny Johnson goal you mentioned that was wrongly ruled out without VAR. We celebrated in ecstasy for about 10 seconds, boys on the pitch and everything, it was then ruled out. How is that any different to VAR correctly ruling out an offside goal, albeit, they need to speed up the process and ditch the nose, heel, shoulder offside nonsense and stick to limbs you can score with? You would still celebrate in ecstasy like the DJ goal then sit down and look like a t!t if it was then correctly ruled out unlike the DJ goal which was incorrectly ruled out. It's just needing used properly IMO.
  2. All for it. Why would anyone be up for referee's and assistants regularly making wrong decisions as opposed to technology making the correct ones? Find the "It's not football anymore" chant at all the English Premiership games the last couple of weeks cringeworthy. Your team scored a goal that wasn't a goal as proved by technology. Deal with it. But, the rules need reviewed. The Aston Villa goal was disallowed on Sunday because the players heel was a cm offside with his back facing the goal I think. Absolutely farcial. Needs to be a clear limb offside surely or even the feet as I'm not sure what advatange your nose being an inch offside can gain you regarding you don't score with your nose. Goal line technology should be a bare minimum and VAR for offsides with a rule change would improve the game. I'd ditch the referee's in a studio decions for fouls though as that's down to human interpretation and not technology. All for a revised version as I said but voted Yes. Sick of Scottish refs turning up making it up as they go along. Surely technology is an improvement on that?
  3. I think I've just worked out who it is also after a bit of researching!
  4. The Berra criticism before we signed him was absolutely bizarre for the very reasons you've stated.
  5. I hear ya. Winning creates a feel good factor and losing creates the opposite, simple as that. I've felt good since Saturdays win regardless of it only being Partick and its gave me confidence that we have decent players and the manager can get it right. Hopefully finish the season strongly and look forward with optimism.
  6. Finishing outside the top 4 of the Scottish Championship has never been acceptable for DFC and never will be, never mind this season with great backing from the board. Not rubbishing your call for continuity though as I can see the argument now for giving the manager 2 years to build and get us up. Just saying it's an unacceptable finish for our football club.
  7. Sorry, could not disagree more. The Aberdeen cup game aside (most committed performance of the season for me), they were the two most opposite types of home performances I've seen this season. The Inverness game was the most baffling performance of the season as the players gave so much more at Tannadice a few days earlier then came out against Inverness from the off like a team who had just met up and couldn't really be @rsed that particular afternoon. Saturday v Partick was a lot closer to the Aberdeen cup game. Hemmings and Gowser ran themselves in to the ground and we pressed them nearly all game. Inverness, we sat off and looked terrified.
  8. Dont understand how anyone can take any negatives from our performance yesterday. It was night and day from what we've seen for most of this season as it was a 90 minute committed comfortable performance where we were clearly the better team. Didn't let our concentration drop to concede late on and I reckon we could have scored more if the conditions weren't so bad. You'd do well to see Liverpool or City play well in those conditions. You're correct the standard is poor in this division and Thistle were pretty poor, but you still have to work your socks off for the win and if Thistle lacked quality, that is of no concern to us. The manager deserves a lot of credit for our performance yesterday and I've been a big critic, purely because of results. Got to give us a bit of confidence yesterday that we have good players and can start improving the results.
  9. Out since the game gentlemen. Wont have time to catch up with the posts until tomorrow. Just wanted to say - effort and commitment from our players today was second to none. I've been a big McPake critic but they were to a man 100 percent playing for him today. Actually enjoyed the game today. Horrible season but today was nice. DDYB 💙
  10. Game in any doubt? Meant to be 50 mile winds during game. Getting bad from lunchtime.
  11. Banned for one game? What did you do, try to start a chant in the Bobby Cox? 😜
  12. Considering he was 39 and leading the line for the worst Dundee top flight team statistically ever assembled, I thought he did a respectable enough job and gave his all. 8 goals in 21 league starts. Seen and continue to see a lot worse.
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