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  1. Haven't logged in or posted for over 6 months. Incredible signing 👏 Wow
  2. As good an opportunity as any to fill the Derry up for a Saturday 3pm game after a convincing win like last night's and a few unbeaten now with 2nd still achievable. Get it promoted on this forum and the others.
  3. Best 90 minute performance since the Aberdeen game for me. Look like a team that can dominate just about every team in this division, at home anyway. Strikers aren't going near our 3 at the back when the ball is in the air. Bit of class in midfield, hard working wing backs and a striker who will score if you give him the right ball. Night and day from a lot of the rest of the season where even the wins weren't convincing.
  4. 5/5 for both The better team by a mile last night with good performances all over the park and could have won by a few more Manager deserves massive credit for the Berra signing and the turnaround since the January window closed Keep on going and get 2nd
  5. Do you know if this will be any time soon? We have 11 games left.
  6. "Sales will run until the 2nd of May. Further details of sales will be released in due course" I guess we're waiting to see what division we end up in before deciding how much to bump the prices up after May the 2nd.
  7. That's the most one sided thing I've seen since last nights home performance 😉 Did Bomber bring back Harkins or did Barry get him before he was punted? Simonsen was a decent signing too as you said. All I will say is, Bomber made more of a fist of trying to keep us in the top flight when he was brought in than McCann and McIntyre combined and he also played a big part in our Championship season assembling the squad and putting a big chunk of the points on board.
  8. Agree with all of that. Created barrow loads of chances but with 4 centre backs and one recognised striker in the team, we can't exactly be surprised at the 0-0. A lot of hesitance in the build up too as we had all the possession and some of the crossing was absolutely abysmal from McDaid, Dorrans and Elliot although McDaid put in a much better one near the end.
  9. Didn't know last nights was a Dundonian. About time we got a home ref! Should sign him up for next season. Position - home ref
  10. I always thought he got great backing at the games as manager. Had a chant for him and everything and the players, manager and support were as one for the most of it with a connection due to the commitment on the pitch. Was a section of support online that could never take to him from day one simply because he had a rant outside Ibrox about saving them, nearly 30 years after he left Dens and a couple of years before he returned to Dens.
  11. Standards and expectations were a bit higher then with the owners and fanbase despite struggling for the previous 8 seasons. The hopes and expectations never slipped. Now, we lap up any old dross and make excuses for it until the cows come home. Battling relegation two seasons in a row despite the 6th highest budget in the league. Being relegated on the third season with the worst top flight season in the clubs entire history with a similar budget. Stuttering from 3rd to 6th all season in the second tier with the second highest budget in the league. It's all become ex
  12. Do you think the two we have is adequate then? I don't. Where's the options from the bench tonight? Happens if Nelson got an injury tonight? Gowser lone striker?
  13. That's true. I've never thought hes good enough. Dining out on a couple of good goals a year ago and looked miles short tonight with his all round play. Gives you closing down and commitment but not enough quality for me and yes, I'm aware we're Scottish championship.
  14. Mate, if you're expecting universal happy clapping after a 0-0 at home to Alloa, you're at the wrong club. Decent performance but the managers failure to replace Johnson in the window didnt look too clever tonight with the main man out. As predicted by most.
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