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  1. Won’t be any more lads. @tommydfc has rightly pointed out to me I could put transfers at risk, I never thought about it like that and I the last thing I would want to do as a Dee is cost the club a good player so if I hear anything in future I won’t be posting it. As has been pointed out b4 my record of getting them right is hit and miss anyway, some sources more reliable than others!!!!!! I’ll still be here for the gossip tho
  2. Yeah mate but under pain of death not to reveal. Decent young striker, pretty pleased with it myself. Competition for his signature from other teams though but seem confident of getting it over the line. Hemmings going back down south apparently.
  3. Aye 100% confirmed. Agreed a deal then went back on it. Poor character IMO.
  4. Another striker incoming to replace KH today. Not Murray though that’s still on the cards.
  5. There’s an offer there if he can prove his fitness. Being extra cautious as his injury was a bad one.
  6. One of them will be done by the end of the day.
  7. Adam won’t be coming here, gaffer won’t want him. He would be doing the same job as Dorrans only Dorrans can still get about the pitch.
  8. I sent the name to Rev in a private message because I knew someone would say that 🤣
  9. Murray was the one I was being called all the liars under the sun for.
  10. Sadly not. That’s not dead in the water yet I don’t think though.
  11. Exactly mate. Things change fast in football. You get told someone is signing and then someone comes in at the last minute and offers them more money. Comes as a shock to the manager or board trying to sign them never mind the fans.
  12. Head above the parapet time again then - defender from another championship club signed in the next 24-48 hours.
  13. This kind of nonsense is why I chucked posting on here. You post what you get told and you get slaughtered. So I’m not posting on here again until Murray signs for us, at which point I’ll be back for my apology since you “know for a fact it is false.”
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