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  1. Dorrans is a leader and a good guy, wouldn’t be him.
  2. Two best players in that Hibs team probably, two with most heart at the very least.
  3. He took a big wage cut to come to Hearts because they said they couldn’t afford him then they went and signed Boyce and others on big hefty wages. Boyce is on more than Berra which given how much more Berra has done in his career and given he turned down much bigger offers you can see why he was upset.
  4. I know for a fact we’ve kept in touch over his situation and he knows we want him and he’s keen to come back. But all down to whether Hearts want to let him go. Him and Budge hate each other apparently.
  5. Sorry mate, Berra. He wants out for various reasons, scunnered with the board. He’s a good pro though so I guess if Neilson blocks it he’ll get his head down and get on with it.
  6. A player doesn’t come in and change your tactics, a manager would slaughter them if they did. McPake obviously went after a couple of players in Jan who he felt would help us speed the play up a bit and be more direct. Credit where it’s due.
  7. We’ll defo be making signings of some sort. Keeper, centre half, winger and striker are all to be brought in I’m told, though no idea if free/loan/permanent etc. Just can’t make any moves till all the wage cuts and deferrals etc signed off by whole squad.
  8. This isn’t a certainty
  9. Strachan is going nowhere. He’s not here for the money, he’s here because we are allowing him to put his blueprint in place that the SFA were so reluctant to embrace. The fact that the SFA chose not to go with it is proof enough to me that it’s a good idea 🤣
  10. Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but for once I feel we are on the right track. We have a very intelligent guy in Strachan who is by all accounts getting free reign to implement his ideas on how a club should be set in up in the modern era. We have a young manager who wants to play the game in the right way. Both of the above are committed in the medium to long term (but also in the short term as proven by some of the players given debuts) to bringing through our own academy players. I think the blueprint for the future is there, and so long as we don’t deviate from it or tear it up too quickly, I think the club will end up back in the SPL and stay there. Someone mentioned Motherwell being a smallish club who have remained in the SPL for 30 odd years. The model of bringing through their own players and selling them on is part of the reason for that. They also give managers more time than we do. Robinson was under pressure early in his reign and look at him now. I think we’re finally on a good track, we just need to stay the course, remain patient, and keep building.
  11. I think the majority will. Certainly most of the ones that came in under this gaffer I would expect to stay. You’ve also got to remember that other clubs are in the same boat, so there’s no guarantee they’ll get a better deal elsewhere. I think Meekings was an exception as he wanted to go back up north, would be very surprised if he pitched up anywhere other than ICT.
  12. Think we can all agree that’s a good choice. Told you the other day he was agreeing to a cut too. Good lads the pair of them 👏
  13. Now Meekings is away, who would you make the new captain?
  14. Because I’ve been told.
  15. This is so, so key. As you know I was on here almost every day in the early part of last season fighting the manager’s corner and saying we had to have patience given he was both a rookie and doing a rebuilding job. And I think we were starting to get rewarded for that patience before the season got cut short. We all have to rally round next season. Looks like Hearts will try to buy their way out of the league so while we will be hoping to give them a challenge, we might need to accept 2nd place is more realistic, particularly if we have to run with a skeleton squad. But we have to all try to be positive and get behind the team and remember that the manager, the coaching staff and the players that are here are the ones taking it cuts and sticking by the club in hard times, so they deserve our support on good days and bad.
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