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  1. Sensible, you’ve just ignored my point there, any other season we would be much closer. I also take issue with a claim the manager is “clueless.” Some performances earlier in the season weren’t great but we also had some decent ones, we were very up and down. As I’ve said elsewhere he’s addressed all the main issues in January as far as I’m concerned and recent performances have been encouraging. Writing someone off after their first 6 months in management is mental. Remember St Mirren sacked Alex Ferguson!!!
  2. Also, Utd are a freak show this season with the amount of points they’ve racked up. In any other season we wouldn’t be 21 points behind with this total. We’re right in the mix with all the other teams in the division, they’ve just ran away with it because they have a goal machine.
  3. Because we needed someone committed to the club who was here for the long term rebuild required, not another journeyman manager who would last a season then be off.
  4. Aye, imagine your weak was trying to ride their bike for the first time, fell off and you went “right, you clearly can’t ride a bike, never do that again, bike is going to the dump.” We learn by making mistakes. McPake seems to be learning from them and adapting, unlike for example a certain Scouser in Govan who keeps fielding the exact same team and formation that keep dropping points. That’s the difference.
  5. Anti-football? Wish the boo boys would get together and have a wee conference as half the time the complaints are about “too much football.”
  6. Appreciate that mate. I’ve resolved to stay on but not to share any more info or rumours as it’s not worth the grief.
  7. McPake has done as well as anyone could realistically expect a rookie manager to do. Especially when coming into a club where they’ve done nothing but lose and chop and change managers and players for years. He’s takes half a season to find his feet, which was to be expected. To do that while still keeping us in the playoff mix while half the fans were after his head is some achievement in my book and shows strength of character. He’s also shown a willingness to admit when he has been wrong and change up his tactics, which is an excellent trait in a manager. Too many are determined to stick to one style or formation regardless of whether it is working. He has seen the same flaws as the rest of us and moved to correct them in January. I would be absolutely FURIOUS if we made another managerial change this season or even in the summer. I think we’ve got a bright young manager in charge and I think we have a good shot at getting up in the playoffs, but even if we don’t I would be very confident going into next season with him at the helm.
  8. I had thought Hearts were far too strong to end up in the bottom 2 but this German manager is making a hash of it.
  9. Great result. Morton 4-4 Alloa works in our favour too, starting to put a bit of distance between ourselves and those at the bottom now, keep this up and consolidate the playoff spot.
  10. Sounds like he’s had another decent game. I’ve never been a fan but he’s slowly winning me round.
  11. Me too mate I’m only kidding
  12. Anyone know what happens with the abandoned game? Did they play enough of it for it to be declared a draw or do they play again from scratch or what?
  13. He’s taken his medication 😂
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