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  1. I can’t see any way that they don’t finish the games. Even if they get played in June over a very condensed month I cannot see them not playing it out. If they can’t play it out one option might be to have no relegation and expand the league sizes, so ourselves along with the DABs, ICT and Ayr go up to create a 16 team league. One other possibility would be to start next season with playoffs to determine the shape of the leagues. So say the bottom 4 in the SPL and top 4 in the Championship playoff to see who gets the places?
  2. Still makes me laugh the comments during the window about his legs being gone and folk saying if we signed him they were done 😂
  3. Changed the formation and style of play after we lost 2-0 to Dunfermline and we’re now 6 games unbeaten and 5 clean sheets, doesn’t take a genius to work out the thought process? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. 6 unbeaten and 5 clean sheets in row, happy days. Credit to both the manager and the players for this run. Especially to the gaffer for the change of formation, never a weakness to admit what you were trying wasn’t working and trying something new, and to big Berra for proving the doubters who didn’t want him signed wrong. Going to the Dunfermline game on Saturday, hopefully we pump them!
  5. Hoping the manager is on an upward curve in that direction in everyone’s books too 👍
  6. Deewee


    I like a gamble but I closed down all my online accounts. Was costing too much money. Now if I want a bet I still can but I have to go to a bookies to physically put it on. Means I only bet on what I am convinced by and I feel is worth the effort to go to the bookies, rather than just out of boredom. Would highly recommend this to anyone.
  7. Would think they would buy a relatively small club - Hamilton or Livi for example.
  8. Good article on the gaffer in the Record today. Can’t help but feel for him with the injuries, don’t think I actually appreciated the severity of them. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/james-mcpake-makes-dundee-vow-21650357?fbclid=IwAR0nmA9wnJfGiquvTBJr86w_JAXohEE-6q402hu9qzamoEVjPiU32bbPu5s
  9. I think it probably does in all honesty, I’ve seen that changing managers occasionally gives a short term boost for maybe teams threatened with relegation, but the effect rarely lasts. Any functional club I’ve been at, or that I’ve had friends at, have pretty much all had stability in the managerial role. I think for that reason whoever we had in charge this season I would have been fully backing them to be given time to build a team, by which I mean if we got up this season great, but my main focus would be making sure we were definitely in a position to go up next. The only exception would have been if we had appointed someone who was clearly in the wrong movie, and we were languishing like Partick at the bottom of the league, then maybe I would have hit the panic button. I think the first half of this season was rough, but with a combination of rookie manager, massive turnover of players and hangover of being relegated I expected nothing else. Maybe that’s where my experience comes in, I’m pretty realistic with my expectations. I think the second half so far has been a good improvement and is building towards (at worst as we’re still looking good for the playoffs) a good tilt next season.
  10. I wasn’t at today’s game, but I read the match report and I’ve heard from others that were there that the conditions were atrocious, in which case sometimes you have to play the conditions and it does end up a bit “punt and hope.” I’ve felt in recent games we’ve had a decent mix of trying to play football at times and go direct at others, but like I say can only comment on today’s match so much as haven’t seen it.
  11. I do get this, but I would much rather start with clean sheets and only need to nick one goal to win, rather than be shipping 2 every game so needing to score 3 to win. No great manager every went into a club and went “right, first things first, let’s work out how to score 3 goals every game.” Priority is always getting organised and shutting out the opposition, that then gives you the platform to do your own thing.
  12. Check back 2 months ago and everyone was complaining about “tippy tappy” football and imploring us to go long. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. Ok let’s just phone the SPFL and say “sorry we don’t want the playoff place, it’s pointless with a side bereft of goals.” George Graham’s Arsenal won league titles with 1-0 victories.
  14. But then midweek we should have had more than a point. Balances out with consistency.
  15. Surely even the absolute miseries understand that success in football starts with clean sheets? 4 clean sheets in a row, 5 unbeaten, if that’s not a foundation to build on I don’t know what is? Its definitely progress. Not sure what people expect but whatever it is it needs a reality check.
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