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  1. Haber signed for some Canadian team recently
  2. I think he scored those goals for Arbroath playing as a lone striker. I don't think he ever played as a lone striker for us, always on the wing or occasionally in the no.10 role. Definitely worth a contract if he is being released from hearts. I'm sure a few clubs in the championship would be interested tbh.
  3. I didn't see him but was speaking to an Arbroath season ticket holder yesterday about him and he said he was brilliant. Played as a striker whilst he was there and looked really dangerous. McPake was saying that Alex was always on the cards so not a direct replacement for hemmings so we definitely still need to get a no.9 in. Personally I would like to see wighton back if it is true Murray is coming back too. Gives us good options going forward
  4. With Mullen and Alex already in and with the prospect of Si Murray too is there a need for another striker? Worth asking Hearts to take Wighton off their hands? Was excellent for Arbroath last season.
  5. Looks a very tidy player tbh. As folk have said, probably more of a wide playing forward rather than an out and out striker. Also taking the no.7 jersey suggests he is not a striker leaving the no.9 for Si Murray (More than likely). A front line of Mullen, Murray and Alex could be pretty decent imo. Dissapointed about Hemmings, would have his quality ahead of Murray in the No.9 role but hey ho, Alex looks a good addition.
  6. Are we offering any live streaming of games yet or are we waiting until it's confirmed whether we will get in the ground or not first? Hopefully they are working on something in the background just incase we won't get into dens in October.
  7. Season ticket renewed online tonight. Can't wait to get back to dens!
  8. Dunfermline on around 1250 on last count about 10 days ago. They're situation is the most comparable to ours I think. Poor season last season and no prospect of football anytime soon. Think we are where you would expect us to be. I've not got my 3 tickets yet but I will get them before too long. I think everyone is in the same boat tbh. I'd expect about 3-3500 by the time October is here, possibly over 4k if we definitely get in dens in October
  9. Mine arrived today. Very smart
  10. I very much doubt his salary, whatever it is, will have any bearing whatsoever on any of our annual budgets whether thats players, commercial strategies, youth programmes etc. He works for Tim Keyes as far as I'm concerened and if Tim Keyes ever sells up I would imagine John will go with him. I get what your saying about the club ultimately picks up the tab but as long as Tim is paying that tab then he can pay John as much as he wants.
  11. Pars fans were all very disappointed he wasnt retained when they made the big cull of 16 or 17 first teamers in May. Most are still saying he is a very good championship defender and they would rather of had him than lose him to a rival. Others obviously now say he was sh**e, a bombscare and easily replaced etc Overall looks a decent signing. Would rather of had Berra but hey ho, Ashcroft will get my, and I am sure every other Dees full backing for next season. Mon the Dee!
  12. Out of curiosity, does nelms get paid via DFC or Dark Blue Holdings or whatever, or is it from another company owned by Tim Keyes? Either way, Tim Keyes pays him whatever he likes and it shouldn't really matter to us imo.
  13. Great initiative. Will be signing up well done to all involved
  14. Link to positive story about DFC. Still managed to discuss the other cost cutting, couldn't just celebrate the fact that the youth set up will remain as is, despite the same paper saying it was going to be scrapped.
  15. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/1442750/revealed-dundees-academy-will-continue-at-all-age-groups-and-gordon-strachan-will-take-on-a-bigger-coaching-role/
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