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  1. Dens Bound Rhino

    The Title

    Would love for that scenario to play out. Absolutely f**cking love it. They would be mental to sell shankland in January though so doubt they will. Keep him and they win the league I would say. What a huge blow to their morale if they did though and the pressure would really hit them.
  2. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    Good shout mate
  3. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    The fact that someone has had to go to hospital as a result of a misplaced shot, during the warm up, is enough justification to invest £1500-3000 on some netting. There are numerous near misses every time theres a game a dens during the warm up. No one is likely to die as a result of being hit by a ball. People do on a regular basis and don't get anymore that a fleg, I fully appreciate that. However, the risk is there that an incident like yesterday can occur and would be made worse if it was a kid or an elderly fan. Im sure skull would rather of not had to go to hospital. Other premiership clubs have made the small investment for the convenience of there fans so why shouldn't we? If it was going to cost 10k then I would agree the risk doesn't justify the cost, but it doesn't cost that much.
  4. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    Theres not one good argument against it in anything you've suggested. How do Sunday league teams cope? Is that a serious comment? During the game the majority of fans are watching the game therefore aware when the ball is coming into the stand. During the warm up balls are constantly being hit in the direction of fans who are either trying to get to seats or chatting about the line up etc. Anyway could go on and on about this and easily justify the small investment in this but the beers are now suitably cold in the fridge. Enjoy your Saturday night mate
  5. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    I was only asking what issues you are aware of that I'm not with such an investment? I get that you don't agree, curious what your issue with it is now you understand that what I was suggesting wouldn't be all around the ground and wouldn't impede your view. Anyway, happy to agree to disagree with you on this one.
  6. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    Okay mate, sorry if I've some how upset you. Feel free to coach me on how difficult it would be because I cant see too many obstacles.
  7. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    Because the shankly is rarely full, and if it is it's either dabs, Celtic or rangers and many of them need a clatter round the lugs anyway
  8. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    You've not upset me, but for some reason you don't seem to grasp what has been suggested to protect fans in the coxy.
  9. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    I've suggested that too. Would make sense
  10. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    If you get it, why did you say it would need to be installed all the way around the ground and would impede view of the game?
  11. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    Your not getting it, you think it will need to be installed all the way around the ground to protect fans during the game which will impede viewing the match. It is about 2 or 3 goal widths and say 5m high erected for about 30 mins behind the training goal. Only one required to protect fans in the coxy. When the players go in just before kick off, it's taken down. Cost is minimal, doesn't impede viewing of the game and stops guys like skull needing to go to hospital after the game and potential surgery? What if skull was in his 70s or 80s? Doesn't bare thinking about. Surely stopping one incident like this means it's been money well spent? What exactly don't you agree with about that?
  12. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    I don't think your getting what's being proposed rev. When we played Hibs at Easter road a few years ago, I noticed they have temporary nets that the ground staff erect behind the training goal during the shooty in practice before the match. Gets taken down before kickoff. When your standing chatting before the game your not really taking notice of what the players are up to. Chances are your stuffing your face with a pie with one hand and holding a Bovril with the other. During the game your watching the game and more aware of where the ball is so more likely to avoid being hit. Costs only a few hundred quid for the nets, poles etc. Probably not cost the earth to dig a few holes and cement the holders for the poles in too. Definitely worth it imo.
  13. Dens Bound Rhino

    Just In

    Been saying for some time now they should have netting behind the training goal before the match. This is exactly why. Hope your okay
  14. Correct. If we persist with 4 2 3 1 then we need Ness and Byrne holding with Dorrans in the next row of 3. Personally, I'd play Dorrans on the right, mcdaid on the left with 2 of Byrne, Ness and McGowan. Get hemmings and Johnson on together. Hemmings was isolated up top on his own. No point in winning headers if there's no one near him
  15. I would agree with him that there wasnt much between the teams until the penalty. After that we should've put pressure on them but we just put pressure on ourselves. Don't think calling for mcpake head is the right thing now. Need to put this to bed and move on to a tough game away to Inverness. 2nd place was always the target given the inexperience of mcpake and nearly a whole new team.
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