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  1. Courier has us interested in Lee Ashcroft who was released from dunfermline. Not sure if he'd be an upgrade on meekings but would be tempted. The question I have is, was it Berra or hazard who brought our streak of clean sheets? If we brought in a good keeper like hazard, would a CH like Ashcroft, Watson etc be just as good as Berra?
  2. The DABs should've been wearing these for years. Mandatory for them from now I'd say, covid or no covid
  3. Was slivka not rumoured as part of a deal for Kamara to hibs? Would definitely take him to dens. Not sure about bogdan, is he a keeper?
  4. Would he be an upgrade on meekings? Not seen enough of him but most Arabs seem disappointed he has left. Would be worth a years deal if Berra is a no go imo. Edit to add that I don't think we need to rush into signing anyone ATM, could be plenty of good players becoming available in the next few weeks.
  5. Kyle letheren leaving Salford City. What coup that would be ๐Ÿคž
  6. The two options available to vote on should have been to call the season as is and declare champions but with the option to relegate and promote based on league standings or not. I think the majority would have voted to save clubs from unfair relegation. The clubs who suffer by not being promoted would not suffer to the same extent as the clubs who would be relegated IMO. The fact that it now looks like this saga is over, we just need to get on with planning for next season in the championship regardless to who may join us. Let Hearts pursue their agenda and hopefully that means they are in turmoil for months, players unhappy and looking to move, new manager needed etc etc and we can focus on winning the league, whenever it starts again.
  7. Would be happy with all those signings mate. Maybe try for Berra again and release meekings though Edit to add I'd possibly swap Doran or cadden for Alan Forest too
  8. Think our vote really depends on how we conducted ourselves in the original vote. If we voted as described and before the 5pm deadline then I'd like to think we would vote in favour of an inquiry. We've lost reconstruction so what is there to lose now? Other clubs may vote the same way as a result of prem clubs voting against reconstruction.
  9. I reckon there will be wholesale changes at that club if they are relegated. They could very well get a deefiant type season though with the injustice of going down. I'm hoping for financial meltdown and loss of big earners obviously.
  10. The f**cking hilarity that would ensue if they don't go up ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ different level Edit to add that I don't think UEFA will null and void it but will declare season over and leave it to league bodies to decide how they decide on placings etc. Would be brilliant if that was the case though
  11. Have the SPFL actually confirmed that promotion and relegation was a guaranteed part of the plan when ending the season after this vote and declaring positions as final? Or is this just media/fan assumption?
  12. The dabs are so dignified that they'll just accept it without a negative word.
  13. I think with Ann Budge heading up the committee to bring about reconstruction, it's safe to say hearts wont be going down. Although if the plan is to finish the season in the prem and that can somehow happen, then that may mean 3 up from championship
  14. Not sure what to make of it all. I still can't believe that Nelms would agree to this without pretty concrete resolutions that benefit Dundee some way or another, quite significantly too. Otherwise what was the point. For all the criticism he's taken recently, you can't say he doesn't want the best for Dundee. They are business men and are here for the long haul so I doubt whatever they have agreed will impact us negatively as a business. Looking forward to seeing what will happen over the next couple of months. People won't forget our decision, like they won't forget admins etc but it won't be as big a deal as it feels at the moment. Rangers will make alot of noise but will still attend dens imo, albeit plenty of boo's will ring out from the shankly ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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