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  1. Since 2016 they have gone up by around a 1000 on average. They have been playing much better so that will account for it too
  2. United also do a membership scheme. £30/year and you get discount on match tickets.
  3. https://tickets.afc.co.uk/memberships Aberdeen FC do a membership scheme away from season tickets. Bigger fan base so profits will be bigger but the idea is there to invest in the football side of things. Maybe it could be used for youth or a woman's team. Looks like they also have a loyalty points system which I assume they use for discounts for tickets, club shop merchandise etc. Loads of ideas out there to bring in more money for the club and create a better supporter experience.
  4. All brilliant shouts wattie and it's these kinds of things that make fans feel like it's worth investing in club, regardless if results. If we get something back then you feel valued as a fan and not just a cash cow for when the goings good. We need to feel part of the club again and all these suggestions would help imo. Is this the type of thing the DFCSS can look into and discuss with John Nelms?
  5. Don't disagree with that at all. On the back of a bad season it's easy to decide not go into dens to renew a season ticket at £340/350/360 but if your monthly DD just rolls on then it's easy to just let it run. Ofcourse some people would actively cancel it if they felt strongly enough about it. Having the other more flexible/affordable options may entice the stay at home fans to get involved. Maybe not. But you'll never know if you don't try something. Theres no guarantee that we'll have a good season every year so the club have to try harder to get fans to commit to a season ticket imo. Even when we are doing well dens is hardly packed out.
  6. Correct. The more you commit per month the bigger the discount per game against patg prices and therefore the more games you get for your money. I also said that you could add other benefits like deetv to these packages to make them more attractive. As I said, I haven't priced it out properly just like the principle of this idea. Have you got any suggestions to revamp things? Edit to add that at £7/month people might be inclined to take the £10/month package and therefore more money for the club.
  7. Good question and I don't know why not if I'm honest. Fear of moving away from traditional season books? Effort involved in moving to a different system? Maybe they don't see a need to move forward with this type of thing. I personally feel that in the modern world where everyone is used to paying monthly subs for things like Netflix, sky, Amazon prime etc football is getting left behind and it possibly excludes people who would like to buy season tickets but the thought of shelling out between £340-380 in one go (nearly a grand for a family of 4!) is enough to avoid it altogether and just pay at the gate. A monthly DD could auto renew every march or April and therefore more likely to get a more steady cash flow. I'd really like the monthly cost for a full adult season ticket to be about £15/month to get as many people through the gates every week as possible, but I get that will never happen.
  8. Even the costs of setting up accounts for everyone and the IT involved in that wouldn't cost the earth. It's done everywhere from supermarkets to gyms so why not a football club?
  9. Surely it wouldn't be much more than a few grand to set up? Just some barcode scanners and plastic cards initially. Even dens can accommodate that! 😃
  10. Monthly direct debit scheme with a membership card that the person at the turnstile scans to let you in. Start at £7/month which gets you 3 games loaded to your card for the season. You can then load more games to your card throughout the season at patg prices. £10/month gets 5 games a season and again you can load more during season at patg prices. £20/month gets 10 games £30/month gets full season ticket benefits £50/month family gets 2 adults and 2 under 16s Not really priced that out properly but you get the jist. Makes it flexible & affordable and you could add various levels with different benefits like deetv, discount at club shop, free hospo day a season etc.
  11. Up until the recent Dunfermline game I was all for giving him time. After the Dunfermline horror show I lost my faith in him. That faith has been restored slightly with a few decent results. If that continues and we see some good performances and results between no and the end of the season and manage to get into the playoffs then let him have another crack at next season. I disagree that his signings are crap and that he can't get better. I would say the bulk of his signings are actually pretty decent and given he had to sign almost a whole new team his done really well on that front imo. Of course he can get better as this is his first full season managing the first team and I'm sure he has learnt a lot in that time. His January signings suggest that as he brought in players in positions that we all thought were needed.
  12. I know a united win helps our cause for 2nd but f**k that. I want those c**ts to lose every game. Mon the caley!!
  13. Was that not at Christmas though? 18 ahead in mid feb is a bit different but don't get me wrong, I'd f**cking love if they crumbled and i predicted it after the 1 all derby but we just haven't produced enough to narrow the gap. Any surge now might be too little too late. If caley beat them to the title I'd fancy our chances in the playoffs against them.
  14. Maybe if we played better after the 1-1 at the dump but not now. Inverness possibly but I highly doubt it. Would be faf though 😂
  15. Count me in for this. Not sure how we could drum up interest but its definitely worth a shot.
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