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  1. Dens Bound Rhino

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    Agree re not be able to play our 3 best players together but needs must I suppose. Hopefully once the team starts to really gel we can get 4-4-2. Or try Nelson in the no. 10 role?
  2. Dens Bound Rhino

    Season 19/20 - Championship Rivals

    Just saw this. FAF
  3. Dens Bound Rhino

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    Should've been a more comfortable 2nd half. Their keeper made some great saves, especially 2nd half. We didn't play great but we hit the post, hit the bar and made MacDonald pull off some really good stops. Still think there was huge gaps in midfield and in the first 20 mins or so alloa just walked through our midfield and created a good few decent chances. Ness would've bossed that today I think. Overall it's 3 points and closed the gap at the top.
  4. Dens Bound Rhino

    Dundee FC Season Ticket 19/20

    Interested. I'll pm you
  5. Dens Bound Rhino

    Highlight of the 2010s

    Deefiant all day long. What a season
  6. Dens Bound Rhino

    Alloa On Saturday

    Hamilton, Kerr, Forster, McGhee, Marshall, mcdaid, mcpake, finn, Ness, Johnson and Nelson. 4-4-2 Just win the f**cking game Dundee!!
  7. Dens Bound Rhino

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    Unfortunately, if we decide to go down the rookie manager route again then we are going to experience results like this and last week. He's learning the game again and will make mistakes. I think we all knew that. Mcpake has brought in some decent players, ones we were all happy with when announced so there is only 2 things we need to do for mcpake and that's give him our unwavering support and time. If mcpake is going to be a good manager, we need to give him a couple of seasons at least to allow him to show what he can do.
  8. Dens Bound Rhino

    4-4-2 / Accommodating Players

    Missed the game today so cant comment on the game or performance, however if switching to a 4-4-2 has cost us the game (against Elgin!!) we are in bigger trouble than I initially thought.
  9. Dens Bound Rhino

    Elgin On Sunday

    I agree he has been our best midfielder, but you've got to remember he is still a kid. Bringing him on when we want to see out a game for 20-30 mins would still see him develop well imo
  10. Dens Bound Rhino

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    According to transfer market Elton signed for fylde FC on the 24th Aug this year.
  11. Dens Bound Rhino

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    I agree about Karl. Didn't see enough of him though for some reason. Played like Kamara Still without a club
  12. Dens Bound Rhino

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Could you imagine a midfield of ngtwawala, madianga and bigirimana!! Oh FFS
  13. Dens Bound Rhino

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    McCann was after him. Liked the look of his name was the rumours at the time
  14. Dens Bound Rhino

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    That Greg halford from Aberdeen would be a decent shout for CB. Versatile and experienced.
  15. Dens Bound Rhino

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Probably out of their price range too. I'd imagine, like Charlie Adam, he will get a 1 year deal down south worth well in excess of anything we, kilmarnock etc can offer. On another note, I notice that James Morrison is still without a club.
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