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  1. Dens Bound Rhino

    January Window

    I'm wanting in on this DM about a possible signing by the way 😂 can't cope with not knowing
  2. Dens Bound Rhino

    January Window

    Would be a pretty sh*t deal tbh. But you don't need a player of Dorrans ability to do well in this league so maybe better to use the funds of a fee and the freed up wages to get a forest type winger in.
  3. Dens Bound Rhino

    January Window

    Is another ex dee, kerr waddell, not the better of the 2 centre backs at Montrose? When he first came on the scene I genuinely thought he was an internationalist in the making.
  4. Dens Bound Rhino

    Upcoming Fixtures

    As sad as it is, the atmosphere at dens just now is chronic. Players probably more comfortable playing away from home. Need to do something about the atmosphere at dens at the moment. If the players aren't going to give us something to sing about we'll have to come up with something ourselves to revive the atmosphere
  5. Dens Bound Rhino

    Upcoming Fixtures

    New winger installed before Motherwell game and we'll get a result. I've got a feeling now that there will be no CH brought in so will have to hope that a new winger will give us a boost going forward which will paper over our defensive failings.
  6. Dens Bound Rhino

    January Window

    Thomas o'Brien CH from arbroath also mentioned on Twitter. 28 years old so not one for the future. Never seen him play so couldn't comment. Must be half decent given arbroath goals against this season.
  7. Dens Bound Rhino

    January Window

    Is a season's transfer budget not split in 2 to cover summer and winter transfer windows? Therefore going over budget in the summer means that the winter budget might be less, but it's still there?
  8. Dens Bound Rhino

    The Goalie Position

    Letheren was decent as was Simonson. Sure there's been a few others of that ilk Edit to add that I get what you mean though. Very difficult position to fill
  9. Dens Bound Rhino

    January Window

    The complaints when he was here were that he was played out of position too often and he never got a chance as striker. We played him as a winger or no.10 role during his time with us. I wouldn't be adverse to him coming, just don't think he is exactly what we are after. No doubt he has ability.
  10. Dens Bound Rhino

    January Window

    Would be asking hearts about jake mulraney ahead of either Berra of wighton tbh. Lighting quick
  11. Dens Bound Rhino

    January Window

    If dorrans leaves and allows a couple of quality wingers and a quality CH to come in then so be it. Impossible to replace him but we could do with pace on the wings and a solid centre back.
  12. Dens Bound Rhino

    January Window

    I don't think ICT are on the brink tbh. I believe there is a fall out with one of the board members. Once he goes the others will step up again. They have said they wont invest whilst he is still there.
  13. Dens Bound Rhino

    Top Priority for January

    Are you "in the know" with regards that statement?
  14. Dens Bound Rhino

    January Window

    Dorrans ain't doing anywhere lads. If he's any friend of mcpake he'll see out the season, prove his fitness then possibly a move to Aberdeen if we don't go up. On the Webster rumour, did he no play CH as a youth for us? Now playing as a winger from what I've read on Twitter??
  15. Dens Bound Rhino

    Top Priority for January

    If only one, CH. But I'm sure we can stretch to 2 so would add in a RW too 👍
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