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  1. Exactly we all know we’re short on players hopefully a few signings this week
  2. Hartley was never going to make this easy
  3. Hopefully none jeezo we know we need players in so does McPake
  4. Deeboy08

    Away Strip.

    Love it
  5. Deeboy08

    Dabs Have Won Euro Millions

    Neilsons a pish manager he’s done feck all
  6. I really think we’re 1 striker away from being right in the mix for the league
  7. Exactly one player won’t make a sh*t team win the league,he might be sh*t himself
  8. Deeboy08

    Scott Roberston Welcome To the Dee

    Good coach he coaches my sons team welcome back Scott to the right side of the street
  9. Deeboy08

    Gordon Strachan - Technical Director.

    Wonder if it’s going to be a double signing
  10. Deeboy08

    The Manager

    See huggs66 reply above mine
  11. Deeboy08

    The Manager

  12. Deeboy08

    Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    J brown fae the tele saying on Twitter he was told k millers getting the managers job
  13. Deeboy08

    Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    Anybody but that spacer macintyre
  14. Deeboy08

    do We Stick or Twist. New Manager or Not?

    Twist end of
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