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  1. Deeboy08

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    Mcdaid and Todd meant to be wingers
  2. I know but we’ll see what happens
  3. Jmp says they’ve got players they want but to get the derby done first then they’ll sort the hopefully new signings out
  4. Deeboy08

    Scunnered Beyond Belief

    You’re right about it being a dump feck knows what was growing the fair play stand
  5. Deeboy08


    Keep the faith lads McPake will get it right he made mistakes as did the team but we’re a far better team than last year hopefully gets a couple more in before the window shuts ps we’re all hurting
  6. Deeboy08


    McPakes mistake for dropping fin and McGowan we looked a better team with 5 in the middle
  7. Deeboy08


    As per usual
  8. Deeboy08


    Anyone heard rumours Jimmy five heids injured?
  9. Deeboy08

    Ticket Sales

    Sold out now
  10. Deeboy08

    500 Fans Missing From Ayr Game

    I also think we’re a work in progress another decent attacking midfielder and with more wins the fans will be back
  11. Deeboy08


    Course we can we’ve done it many times before and we’ll do it again
  12. Deeboy08


    True though
  13. Deeboy08


    Canna get derby tkts I can only get Inverness or Alloa, at work and can’t get to the shop
  14. Deeboy08


    Seen that tae
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