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  1. Deeboy08

    do We Stick or Twist. New Manager or Not?

    Twist end of
  2. Deeboy08

    St Johnstone Away

    Macintyre go now
  3. Deeboy08

    St Johnstone Away

    Canna defend to save himself
  4. Deeboy08

    Dundee V Celtic

    Maddens a hun
  5. He also spat at a female at this game
  6. Deeboy08


    Whens he due back from injury to play in the 1st team?
  7. I’m sure Gerard’s a catholic and he must have heard the abuse last night
  8. Deeboy08

    Arabs Humping Our Reserves

    Ffs there wage bill must be huge I’d worry if I was a dab. But I ain’t so
  9. Deeboy08

    Much More Positives Than Negatives Tonight!

    No we just played them on Saturday
  10. Deeboy08

    Much More Positives Than Negatives Tonight!

    Give the boss 10 days to work with fitness and tactics
  11. Deeboy08

    Much More Positives Than Negatives Tonight!

    Next weekend mate it’s Scottish cup weekend
  12. Deeboy08

    Dundee V Kilmarnock

    We’re due a bit luck against them
  13. Deeboy08


    He looked like he’s going to be a great signing
  14. Deeboy08


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