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  1. Doncaster gtf that’s all
  2. Why is it all about saving hearts? Fecking joke of an organisation
  3. Spfl starting to piss me right off square sausage heid gtf
  4. Ken what Hilda knows feck all he’s just a big mouthed American who’s no spouting money left right and centre
  5. Teams that are able to start training not getting to do this in the lower leagues? If you’re able to get your team back training then surely it’s got nothing to do with what effing league your in? 😡😡😡
  6. Aberdeen are rejecting the deal
  7. Really think square sausage heid should be sacked or resign what do you guys think?
  8. It’s a bribe nothing more nothing else Doncaster really should be punted. How many teams are going to be able to play? Totally pissed off with this now Dundee should really be going for a 16 or 18 team league
  9. Be a really bad day in Scottish football if this happens
  10. They can’t say just the premier to start as surely there could be clubs taking this further
  11. This 14 14 14 dead in the water no championship club is going to vote for it leagues 1and 2 don’t like it
  12. When’s the championship meant to start when loads of clubs are skint?
  13. Is proposing 3 leagues of 14 for 2 years sky sports saying they can gtf with that just to save farts 😡
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