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  1. If true it should shift some STs.
  2. I hope he does not end up at a certain club not that far away from us. That would be the last straw for many of us.
  3. Considering Berra is certain to return to Georgie, any suggestions as to our line up next season. Will we be able to field a team that’s any better than the average Championship outfit?
  4. It never fails to amaze me that we have a club and a support at all, considering the shambles that the last 40 years have been. The current owners chances of getting us from where we are to the top six in the Premier is almost an impossible task imo. Cut budgets, slimmed down squad and poor ST sales are all the perfect storm for us unfortunately, add to this Scottish football is on the edge of a precipice for well known reasons, add to this a controlling group of administrators who have no idea how to arrest the decline, their cosy occupations are the only thing they strive to foster an
  5. Remember McPake said he would not do the job without JN at his side. What now?
  6. Wanting to sell season tickets but not having a system that actually allows fans to renew their favourite seats is pure J Nelms. Nothing ever is at it seems, nothing ever gets done properly, even casting a vote.
  7. Are they not due some development money?
  8. Hefty fee? Maybe but the post COVID 19 football world is going to be very unstable, a fee of £1.2m seems realistic but with upwards of a third going to the player and a considerable amount to Ayr, the bottom line may not look so healthy. Mind you £300,000 to £400,000 when you are skint is tempting. Also a loss of £3.7m for a provincial club will never be recovered by a provincial team playing in the SPFL, the revenue just isn’t there .
  9. FPS have failed massively with the football side of the business. This has led to where we are now, JN may have good business acumen but he can’t run a football club, after promotion we could have been set for a big step forward but alas, the chance came and went on the back of some crazy decisions from him. Its a nightmare scenario for football in this country at the moment, I would put our chances of survival at 50-50, let’s hope things improve very quickly, a future without our club is unthinkable.
  10. Personally I am 100% behind them. Why shouldn’t Hearts take legal action against an organisation that is proving every day that it does not treat every club fairly, they are only interested in maintaining the status quo and they have no interest at all in the divisions below the Premiership. I’ll never understand Nelms actions and imo he tarnished the clubs already not too good reputation.
  11. The Boards objective to the managers starting with PH should have been ‘ keep us in the top division’. That way we could have taken small steps every season to building the club on and off the pitch. The lesson for JM is that he can’t afford another slow start, no more daft tippy tappy, slow build up stuff, it will lose him his job.
  12. Depending on how this lockdown plays out, who knows how many teams will survive in the Premiership to make up a league of 12. Events May force the SPFL into a radical shake up, wether they like it or not. To force clubs to the financial brink without completing all the fixtures is unfair and probably illegal. I would love some club to take this to law.
  13. I disagree that we have been shafted, we have done this to ourselves. For reasons known only to himself, Nelms has damaged our club for no discernible reason. His occupancy of the Dens Park board room is proving to be as bad as most of his predecessors, that’s a hard act to follow but he is doing his best. As for Hearts and Thistle, they have been relegated purely and simply because it makes life easier for the SPFL and the other Premiership clubs, it’s beyond disgrace. I doubt I will be at Dens next season because I’m ashamed of the way we are being run and scunnered by th
  14. Your correct, something has to change and radically. Unfortunately as long as Celtic win the league every year the SPFL will not advocate any change.
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