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  1. £1.5 m is really a piddling amount and will be will not go far.
  2. On top of everything else that’s happening, I don’t think the current financial Armageddon is good for the New Campi project.
  3. Amazing that there are people on here that think Bozo has any resemblance to a PM. 🤮🤮🤮🤮
  4. STV 6pm news are reporting that the SFA are considering curtailing the leagues at this point and promoting the teams topping their respective divisions and relegating the clubs at the bottom. Hearts are threatening legal action and obviously clubs in the play off places could take similar action. It’s a hell of a mess.
  5. As the situation with the virus develops it seems increasingly clear that a return to normal football is not going to be possible in a matter of weeks as first hoped. It’s a complicated problem, promotion, relegation, play offs and maybe more importantly ensuring the survival of most clubs that are already under massive financial pressure. My personal choice would be to halt the season now awarding the titles to teams topping their respective tables, then promote the top four sides in the Championship and run next season in a sixteen club league. Extra clubs could be invited into lower leagues to balance the number of clubs.
  6. I agree but it’s a very abnormal situation, normal solutions cannot be applied.
  7. If the rest of the clubs stick together and tell the OF that they will not play them, then the OF are stuffed.
  8. FF are currently discussing this as a solution for the English Leagues.
  9. The authorities could choose to go down this route and give an undertaking to review how popular and successful the 16 team league has been with TV and fans.
  10. This ban will add to the financial woes of every club out with the Old Firm. Hopefully the SFA/SPFL will come up with a plan for compensation.
  11. I’ve not been McPakes biggest fan but I’m happy for him tonight. We need to keep this up though.
  12. If we go behind which is inevitable at some point, it’s game over. Its pointless going into the play offs with a side bereft of goals.
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