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  1. Spiritof62

    Crowd V Motherwell

    I don’t think the guys in charge have any cohesive plan for running the club unless the plan is to run it into the ground.
  2. Spiritof62

    Josh Todd Away.

    The Official says “thanks for your efforts”. Efforts?
  3. Spiritof62


    Once again our Manager bigs up the opposition in the press before a game. It must be untrammelled joy in our dressing room before a match.
  4. Spiritof62

    Rhetorical Question

    The sad truth is that we are miles away from even being an average side.
  5. Spiritof62

    January Window

    Football can be a sh*t business, no loyalty or commitment is commonplace from owners and players.
  6. Spiritof62


    The signs are that the players do not respect the manager. They are producing sloppy, lazy, tired performances and getting away with it because we have nobody else to turn to. In fact most of them are an insult to their profession and the people who pay their wages.
  7. Spiritof62

    January Window

    No matter who the player is, why sign them if their no going to give you 100% in every game. Is Dorrans our best player? Yes, but only because the rest are so bad.
  8. Spiritof62

    Players Yesterday

    I thought Cammy was back to his best in the Derby, only to be brought down to a Earth yesterday with his inept display. One final thought, if the manager was instructing him to stay back yesterday, he should have ignored him and stuck to foraging forward, which is what he’s good at.
  9. Spiritof62

    Players Yesterday

    It’s the Dundee way, get in a good crowd then let them down. I’ve seen it for years and I’m sick of it to be honest.
  10. Spiritof62

    The New Stadium Thread

    I guess that United will be happy to talk groundshare once the full extent of the cost of getting promotion becomes apparent. Their current debt is around £3m and further large amounts of cash will be required to be spent before the end of this season and the start of next season. I don’t think that the Scottish Premier division revenues or player sales can generate enough to recoup this kind of spend. They could be heading for debts in excess of £5m which the owners may be willing to cover.
  11. Spiritof62

    Our Support

    The club (like many others) is exploiting our fans loyalty to the point where it’s finally starting to crack because of the incompetence of John Nelms, the manager and his coaching staff.
  12. Spiritof62

    Our Support

    It’s a cert that if JM walked or was fired this weekend Nelms would give Dave McKay and Nicholl the job, he’s that unimaginative.
  13. Spiritof62

    Is McPake a Big Softy.

    McPake was a very ordinary defender, to his credit he was a good pro and fully committed to our club. I do doubt that he was a deep thinker about the game, he played under many mediocre managers himself and it’s unlikely that he learned very much from them.
  14. Spiritof62

    Dundee V Inverness

    One little example of the way we play. Two Dee players broke forward in the second half, they were immediately surrounded by around seven ICT players, nobody from our side bust a gut to get forward in support of them. This is an attitude and coaching problem.
  15. Spiritof62

    That Today

    As excuses go this is a doozie.
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