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  1. Spiritof62

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    I think we need to go all out attack for goals at home games. Pussyfooting around is not going to do it.
  2. It’s being reported that we are looking at Andrew Nelson of Sunderland. Hardly inspiring, he’s not scored many goals, another Kallman in the making. We really need better than this if we are going to survive.
  3. It’s beginning to look like we have weakened rather than strenghened the team. Its a rather bleak outlook at the moment.
  4. Spiritof62

    Andrew Davies - Officially Signs

    I still think he could hold his own in our defence.
  5. Spiritof62


    I wonder how much the deal is worth.
  6. Spiritof62

    Andrew Davies - Officially Signs

    For the life of me I can’t understand why Keir Waddell was not brought back.
  7. Spiritof62

    Andrew Davies - Officially Signs

    I think it’s fanciful to believe Davies will be match fit in six weeks.
  8. Unfortunately our manager at the time(the one who has come within a whisker of ruining the club) had no idea how to manage Scott Allan’s undoubted ability.
  9. Spiritof62

    DFCSS Email - Purchase of Shares

    As regards the possibility of us playing at Tannadice, a further twist is who owns Tannadice? Both clubs failing on the park, no assets, attendances plummeting and each with their fans distrust of their owners long term intentions. A pretty unique set of circumstances. Who is to say an amalgamated club would fail to attract a fan Base? Its easy to say that “ I won’t support an amalgamated team”, but given time and presumably some success, people would drift back.
  10. Spiritof62

    DFCSS Email - Purchase of Shares

    The UK has as many devious employers as the US does. The people that have set us back as a club are Messrs Hartley and McCann, both squandered massive opportunities to establish our club in the top flight. Its not difficult to look at the state of our cities pro clubs without coming to the conclusion that something drastic will have to be done to secure their long term future. As much as I dislike the thought of amalgamation, their is sense In having one city team playing in a new stadium.
  11. Spiritof62

    Andrew Davies - Officially Signs

    I’m just worried that the signings so far are no better than the players we are letting go.
  12. Time is not on our side unfortunately.
  13. Spiritof62

    Kamara Recalled.

    I think this is further proof that our recruitment and management of contracts is pretty amateurish. If the past is anything to go by we will accept a derisory offer from the Sevies, just to get him off our wages bill. At least it frees up a bit of cash from a player that has proved he’s no longer interested in our battle to stay in the division. If we survive Nelms needs to get himself advice on handling contracts and signing policy.
  14. I think our transfer dealings tend to follow a pattern. First we start off with alleged interest in good players like Shankland, Stewart etc. We rapdidly then reduce our expectations to guys like a Woods and Curran. Im not holding my breath that this transfer window will see the required quality being injected into our team, I do live in hope though.
  15. We certainly need a gutsy get stuck in type of midfielder, wether Jmac can get more out of him will become apparent very quickly. We now need to get serious and get in another three that will make a big difference.

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