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  1. Happy days. The Sleeping giant was another I remember. Dont think it made it past one issue though. Can anyone remember the early issue of derry rhumba or its half past four that came with a free straw ? 😂
  2. The slope at the Dump. Smell of deep heat/ralgex. Tommy Coyne ❤️. Decent away crowds. Joe Mcbrides winner in 4-3 derby. 2-1 skol cup. Full days travelling to and from Dens from Annan. Blue/Red/White bucket hats. My first Dens visit/game v Clydebank. Shoot league ladders. Excitement!!!!!
  3. Not quite. Car is full for friday game, old man and kids coming up too (there all queens fans but do come to the occasional Dee game) , was thinking of future games. I only went to a couple games last year but got a bit of the old buzz back for the season ahead. Hopefully get to a few this season.
  4. @Border Dee @Border Dee Where abouts you based Border Dee? Am based in annan and heading up on Friday night to east end for the game.
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