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  1. I never expected so many views and replies on this topic so i am a wee bit surprised but glad it stirred some debate and humour into the bargain. I am glad and proud to be a Dundee supporter and even though the club has never won anything of note and has suffered some incredible lows it is the fans who have stuck by the club that makes me proudest. this post was an open question really that it seems foolish to be trying to vote and end season in whatever way when people are dying because of this dreadful virus. If it goes on how can some clubs go on, it wont be financially possible, Aberdeen rumoured to be losing £1M a MONTH !!!!!!! We may lose clubs altogether and have to make leagues out of what is left.Which is why i felt two divisions would be the way forward. Scottish football needs to radically change not only to survive this but to flourish in its aftermath. The same old thinking will get clubs nowhere and it should not be set up as subserviant to two clubs only. Competition is healthy. What we have had up to now is not. Hope change comes for the good of all clubs (especially DFC of course). TDRS
  2. its a democracy with each clubs 1 vote carrying the same power. If clubs do vote through a reconstructed format then if it means only two old firm league games a season then that is what it has to be. clubs should see it for what it is when they vote they actually have the power to change rather than suit 2 teams agenda . In a way surely it would be more attractive tv wise if it was only two old firm league games be more of an occasion more on the line etc. TV money should be split evenly between all league clubs in any case in my opinion and not the unlevel playing field we get now. The old firm make more off shirt sales and gate receipts than other clubs in any case why should they get more tv money too. They do need an opposition to play after all. Things need to change.
  3. I was aware of insurance but wonder if it goes on indefinitely or has a cut off limit. Must be a worry for teams with big wages to cover and no means to offset it.
  4. How can you properly come up with a workable league reconstruction plan if as predicted some clubs wont be around to take part. I guess make a plan on what we have now and see what happens, any club that thinks they are immune are kidding themselves our club included. How do you continue to pay contracted players if there is no source of income? Worrying times for everyone and it somehow seems wrong to be even thinking about football when so many people are affected by this virus.
  5. Surely its a democratic vote and the big two will have to go with whatever is democratically voted on.(Sarcasm Alert)
  6. losing Bobby Connor to Aberdeen for peanuts and Iain Angus Seeing Fergie banging goals in for the Dabs Jim Duffy getting injured at Ibrox Losing John Brown Losing Keith Wright
  7. How about we just go for this set up for the SPL its what everyone want right) SPL: Celtic Rangers Play each other 44 times (Split after 36 and play each other the remaining 8 times), both guaranteed to qualify for Champions League. Remaining Leagues just have all the other teams nobody cares about in any order, because they don,t matter anyway. This would satisfy those that 'run' our game in Scotland, no more messy votes to worry about or people asking for stupid stuff like fairness and integrity. This would satisfy TV networks having so many old firm games every single week because we all watch them right. This would help Scottish National Team by having to pick only from the old firm players who are Scottish(need to check that) Money easy to split 50/50 between old firm Referees can start refereeing games fairly because they don't have to give so many penalties any more. Whats not to like
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