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  1. Yeah. See it now. Merged 2014. Ha ha ha, changed their name again a year later. Must be going for a world record. FK Smederevo 1924, since 2015.
  2. I rest my case. Omitted Sartid because they undertook a name change in 2004, one of many in their history. Now known as FK Smederevo 1924.
  3. Just to add, FC Amsterdam disbanded in 1982 in only their tenth year of existence. And here's a wee gem. DWS Amsterdam were league champions of Holland in 1963-64. Ever since, only clubs that have worn predominantly red and white have been crowned champions - Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, AZ Alkmaar, and FC Twente. Apologies for the info overload.
  4. Just had a glance over RWD Molenbeek history. I know, I know, I'm a bit of a saddo. The club took its title from a 1973 merger. Quickly became successful, Belgian champions in 74-75, same season they removed Dundee from UEFA Cup. Semi-finalists in same competition 76-77. Crashed and burned (bankrupt) in 2002. A new team formed in 2003 and they have evolved since to become RWDM47. Molenbeek, a district of Brussels, better known today as the jihadi capital of Europe, a haven for terrorists linked to ISIS. Dundee are a bit of a jinx to some of our opponents in Europe. FC Liege bankrupted in 1990s, since revived. Perugia declared bankrupt in 2010, a new club quickly formed to enter league football at Serie D level. DWS Amsterdam merged with other clubs to become FC Amsterdam in 1972, DWS name continuing to operate as an amateur club. Following the above, I reckon being drawn against The Dee in Europe is the equivalent of a potential death sentence for our opponents. Guess that makes us a club to be feared throughout Europe.
  5. Omitted from my earlier post. Twente progressed to UEFA Cup Final in 1974-75. Lost 5-1 to Monchengladbach on aggregate. Drew first leg away, 0-0. Second leg obviously a disaster.
  6. Aye. Dutch football was all the rage then at club and national level. Twente were eliminated by Ipswich at a later stage. The one name that stands out in the team that faced Dundee is Frans Thijssen. He was a huge hit at Ipswich Town in the late seventies and early eighties, and represented Holland. The following season, Dundee fell to RWD Molenbeek of Belgium. Oddly enough, RWD lost to Twente in a later round. Belgian footie not too shabby at that time either. Anderlecht won two of three successive Cup Winners Cup finals in the seventies. Bruges lost twice to Liverpool in cup finals, one in UEFA Cup, plus European Cup final at Wembley in 1978 when Kenny Dalglish scored the only goal.
  7. She must have been terrified.
  8. I have my doubts the SFA and SPFL could run the taps in my bathroom.
  9. Any Hearts defeat will be appealed at the Court of Session. That squad of players ought to win the Championship comfortably with the right man in charge. I think they have that man. All the expectation and pressure on them though.
  10. That's your oponion. Yeah, admittedly, my yoke was a bit corny.
  11. McPake has his critics but will want to prove he has grown into the job. There's no grain without pain.
  12. It's easy to forget Craig Wighton is only 23, he's been in and around first teams at Dundee and Hearts since his debut at just 16 years. I think the early hype may not have done the lad any favours and in all honesty I think he needs to focus on being himself rather than what others think he could or should be. Injuries have disrupted his career also. Just my opinion, but I didn't think he delivered enough in his first spell at Dens. He has fallen short at Hearts also. Technically, he's a decent player, maybe needs similar types around him on the same wavelength. Always thought he struggled with the physical side of the game, often appearing peripheral in too many outings. Scottish football is tough, unforgiving at times, and Craig has yet to convince that he has the mentality and hunger to take his game to the next level. It's up to him really but, in my view, he has to find that ingredient from within. He has time on his side, might be an asset at Championship level, but past performance may leave doubts in the minds of some, unconvinced of the merits of a return to Dens. I get that he scored THAT goal, and he's a Dark Blue to boot, but I think he needs to make more of an impact on a consistent basis to convince the doubters that he is the real deal. I hope he gets there though. I expect speculation over a return to Dens will divide opinion, some would want it to happen, others would be less than keen.
  13. Disappointing but hardly a shock. It's modern football. The guy wants to move on, most likely to earn more money elsewhere. Not a crime against humanity. McPake has moved quickly to secure new signings and tomorrow the sun will rise again
  14. They are increasingly referred to as Diet Huns or Wee Huns. Kickback reinforces that image.
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