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  1. 16 paid posts made redundant but 12 of the coaches staying on as volunteers. Fair play to them.
  2. Alex Bunbury. lost out on the last available work permit to Rudi Vata
  3. These coaches were working a few hours a week for what basically amounted to expenses. Unless we won’t be running any youth teams at all I can’t see where any substantial savings are to be made. if that’s the case then what happens to the money Dee Pronotions raises as its charitable purpose is to help youth development?
  4. Ian Wilson. Went on to play for Leicester, Everton and Scotland in the 80s
  5. Don’t know if it’s the same boy, but someone was doing that almost from kick off v Dumbarton the week before. Right before he scored a hat trick.
  6. I find it incredible how football fans harbour grudges these days. Some supporters even boo players who wanted to stay but were moved on. Greg Stewart was being abused while he was still a (brilliant) Dundee player. Ian Ure, Alan Gilzean and John Duncan are rightly lauded as three of the best players to ever play for the club but all of them forced moves one way or another.
  7. Was raging about Hemmings' u-turn initially but have calmed down over the past week. He turned down other offers to come back last year, probably on lower money than he could have got elsewhere, and was our player of the year last season IMO. He's never made any secret about the fact he wanted to be down in the Midlands with his family and we don't know the circumstances that led him to change his mind. He goes with my best wishes and I've got plenty of great memories of watching him in his two spells at Dens.
  8. Sorry, meant the abysmal derby run we had for years. Think it was about five years without a win inc a couple of hidings
  9. Was that the start of the run that didn’t end until the Peter Mackie winner?
  10. It appears I was not a lucky mascot. 11/08/79 if anyone remembers this game
  11. Well done to the lads who set this up. Telling that the initiatives to get money into the club at this time have come from fans rather than the people running the show at Dens. Because of that I have sympathy with some of what Prince Buster has said. John Nelms has been repeatedly show to be out of his depth over the past seven years. Keyes’ money has bailed him out time and time again. I completely appreciate the need to get money in ASAP to ensure the club survives this pandemic but in the medium- to long-term I have reservations about propping up a failed regime while Nelms is coining
  12. The ones I remember are: Derry Rhumba Its Half Past 4 The Sleeping Giant Dens Scene The Beloved Eh Mind O’ Gillie Derry Rhumba was the first Dundee fanzine and Eh Mind O’ Gillie came out as most of the rest came to the end of their run. It was the longest running by far. Derry Rhumba was appallingly racist. One issue featured a cartoon of Raphael Meade with bones through his nose, carrying a spear etc. Horrible, horrible stuff. It’s Half Past 4 was probably one of the best football fanzines in Britain at the time.
  13. Excellent news. The Academy is the easiest cut to make in tough times but as we've shown time and time again it comes back to haunt you in the long term. The club deserves a lot of credit for not taking the easy way out, and kudos to the coaches willing to work for nothing in the interim. Hopefully they are compensated for their sacrifice when things are more stable.
  14. You said you thought I was a current employee and that no one of a DFC persuasion could believe there was no bias
  15. Fair enough mate. You certainly won’t get any argument from me about the state of the media industry these days.
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