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  1. Wattie Rojas


    Would Kenny miller be able to step in as caretaker? Already on the payroll and played under some great managers.
  2. Wattie Rojas

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Is it because he is a clueless tangerine kunt?
  3. Wattie Rojas

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    I want to know why he didn't at least try to make us hard to beat by going with the 3-5-2 formation he used against Celtic, our last decent performance. Also why drop the non stop working Dales? Why not start Nelson and take him off if he's struggling for fitness? Why sign a non scoring striker? Why start a young guy vs Aberdeen when there were experienced options available?
  4. Wattie Rojas

    Season Tickets

    The only way season ticket sales will be decent is if we reduce prices and sign some players who really excite the fans. I've got mine already but out of 8 season ticket holders in my squad I think only one or two others will renew if nothing changes. The club is lacking leadership which we can be confident in.
  5. Wattie Rojas

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Confidence in the team is rock bottom. I can't see anything other than a defeat at Motherwell unfortunately.
  6. Wattie Rojas

    Under Contract Nxt Season

    I'm a big fan of his but I fear you could be right.
  7. Wattie Rojas

    Under Contract Nxt Season

    I said in a previous post I'd keep O'Dea and Jesse but now I think O'Dea has run his race. I think there's a good chance that Davies body has given up and miller can't run now so I hope they aren't at Dens either next season.
  8. Wattie Rojas

    Poty Dinner

    I've gotten myself in trouble before at this event for speaking my mind so I avoid it these days mate.
  9. Wattie Rojas

    Season Tickets

    If the club want to try to get the fans back onside a bit then they've got to be looking at reducing season ticket prices to £300. I say this as someone who already has his season ticket for the championship. Walk up prices could be pinned at £20 or £25 for the derby if United stay down.
  10. Wattie Rojas

    Poty Dinner

    I'm not going anyway but I was just wondering what people think is the best option? Cancel it altogether. Have it but don't invite the players. Have it and hope there is no aggro. Best option for me is the 2nd one. If the players, management and board are there then the atmosphere is going to be between awkward as f**k and toxic.
  11. Wattie Rojas

    Fans Meeting

    Will nelms take a 50% pay cut given that our income will be seriously effected in the fundisliga?
  12. Our piss weak midfield once kamara left was a major part of our capitulation. We'll never know if he could have helped keep us up but I suspect he would have.
  13. Fisher and Smith are 17 I think and the other 2 are 16 so younger than the lads who've been released.
  14. Wattie Rojas

    Realistic Targets

    I had a wee look at who's out of contract. (not sure if it's up to date) and who might be within our budget. A few players I think would be solid signings are Nicky Devlin RB, Jordan foster CH, Blair Alston CM/RM, Blair Spittal RM, Andy Murdoch CM, Declan McDade LW. All are Scottish, mid 20s and aren't injury prone. You've got a bit of height, pace and goals in there. I'd go for Calvin miller too. Bin the crocks and has beens like Davies, meekings and miller and build a younger, faster, fitter team.
  15. Get McIntyre away to f**k and put miller (just to keep him off the pitch) and mcpake in cherge till season ends. Play a few of the young lads in the remaining games (not all at once though). Fisher, Anderson, Mulligan, Robertson, Moore and John Smith would offer more than the tripe served up by the experienced players. We'll probably need them to play a part next season anyway. I'd offer O'Dea and Jesse contracts and bin the others.
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