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  1. Does anyone have the ear of John nelms to suggest this idea?
  2. Great result for the Derry dogs of war! Hopefully get a decent support for the Arbroath game.
  3. I've been training recently Davie. I reckon I could get past them all.
  4. The 18s won 2-0 at county with a really young team.
  5. My squad sit there already but I'll text a few occasional attendees to see if they'll join us.
  6. The trust is running a scheme whereby kids in poverty can receive football boots and other equipment so they can play. If anyone has any boots, shin pads, goalie gloves, balls etc in decent condition you can hand them into Dens. They also have some volunteer positions to fill. Contact Greg Fenton if interested. They run some excellent schemes for kids, unemployed, wellbeing, elderly etc and deserve our support.
  7. I reckon he'll bring in Finn and push Byrne further forward.
  8. Christophe berry Rogan Josh Meekings Flapjack Hamilton Oli coleslaw Tomato field Double declan Mcdaid Pint of Jordon Forster's
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