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  1. I read chat that the league could potentially start again in October. It's connected to a donation of £4.75m to the spfl for testing players etc. That's 2 months after we'd start under normal circumstances. I wonder if that'll mean no league cup or one less round of games or even lots of midweek games. Lots of ramifications especially regards clubs' budgets, streaming matches etc. It's possible we could start the season with the squad we have plus perhaps Gowser and Meekings. All the clubs would be in the same position though.
  2. Dee badge on upper arm about 20 years ago.
  3. It may be they find a better treatment for the disease. I read an article yesterday about T-cells which seemed quite hopeful that it could help the more seriously affected people.
  4. I was swithering on that!
  5. If we have to go with the squad we have because of finance what would our team look like? Ferrie Kerr Forster McGhee Elliot Dorrans Robertson Byrne Mcdaid Hemmings Nelson Hamilton Marshall fisher Ness Moore Mulligan Cunningham
  6. Can I ask any Dees who shop on Amazon to click on the smile Amazon option on your account so that the Dfc community trust receives 0.5% of the value of your purchase. Amazon pay the community trust so it's not costing you anything. It might not seem a huge amount but if we all do it, it adds up. It's also compatible with Amazon prime. The community trust have lots of great projects including Alzheimer's, mental health, kids football, keeper school etc. Ddyb 💙
  7. I can't see Hearts, Dundee, Dunfermline going for this as they all have players under contract for next season. Qots would probably go for it as they don't have many signed.
  8. I'm probably being overoptimistic because I'm really missing the futba amongst other things. Time will tell. Ddyb 💙
  9. With all the uncertainty I can see us starting the season with close to what we have already. Hamilton ferrie Kerr Marshall Forster McGhee Fisher Ness Elliot Dorrans Robertson Byrne Mcdaid Mulligan Fleming Moore Cameron Cunningham Hemmings Nelson. We'd need at least one new centre half. I could see us going for a couple of loanees to boost numbers. All the clubs will be in the same boat though.
  10. One benefit is the stands are outdoors. You could have one way arrows for toilets, no pie stall and open up big gates instead of turnstiles and even have time slots for getting into the ground. Couple of portaloos and bobs yer uncle. The pubs will still be shut I'd imagine so there will be less folk needing a pish. I work in an office of about 40 and despite trying to social distance it isn't always possible. We've not had any cases of covid19. Hopefully cases will continue to drop by then.
  11. We could mitigate it by way of PPE requirement, no away fans etc. Also, we have to trust fans to respect each others space. Emptying back row first down to front row last at the end of the game etc. The level of infection will hopefully go down too. 500 people in each stand is doable if we think about solutions.
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