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  1. Tbh Nelson did very little last season and Johnson left in January. It's conceivable that Mullen, jakubiak and possibly Murray do better than these 2 plus Hemmings.
  2. I'd be happy with someone like Devante Cole who did quite well at Motherwell last season.
  3. I think if you change a player's contract then they are entitled to a free transfer.
  4. There are more sightings of the other Nessie than our one!
  5. We need more pace in the side so I hope we do.
  6. 3-5-2 with Gowser behind the strikers?
  7. Many of his games have come off the bench. 143 starts, 56 goals isn't too bad, especially as quite a few of these have been played on the wing. He also has a decent assist record. I'm happy with this signing.
  8. About 20 Dees walked from Arbroath to the Ferry yesterday in aid of Dfc in the community raising just short of £2,000. Thanks to everyone who sponsored us. They do some brilliant work supporting all kinds of projects to improve people's lives in Dundee and beyond. It would be great if more people followed them on twitter, Facebook etc and got involved.
  9. I think we'll use the furlough scheme as long as we can. League cup starts on 6th October so we'll probably start back mid September.
  10. Over £6,000 per month now pledged by the fans. Spearmint rhino DSC
  11. I've not had an update mate but it must be getting up towards the £6000.
  12. Clubs are having to cut squads down to the bare bones and there will be hundreds of out of work footballers in the UK ATM. Players know their value has dipped dramatically and will have to accept a lot less in salary. I'm quite keen for Si to come in simply because of his workrate and pace. He's maybe not the best technically but pace causes championship defences problems and other than Mcdaid and perhaps Elliot, we don't really have a lot of it.
  13. There was some chat on the pavey mate.
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