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  1. Wattie Rojas

    Dundee V Hibs

    Madras college roolz ya bas
  2. Wattie Rojas

    The Released Players.

    Good luck sofien.
  3. Wattie Rojas

    Our Loan Signings

    Some wise words gedee.
  4. Wattie Rojas

    Our Loan Signings

    Over the last few years the likes of saintees and Motherwell have concentrated on British or Irish players and have reaped the benefits. They are used to the fast pace of our football and lifestyle/weather etc. In some cases they are possibly more used to the work ethic of our football. Under NM teams didn't even have to do anything special, they just had to work harder and we were beaten. Now teams know they are in a battle. Jmc and these players have given me my pride back in DFC. The work that guys like dales, Curran and Nelson get through must inspire their teammates as it certainly inspires the fans.
  5. Wattie Rojas

    Our Loan Signings

    Some very good loan business done either way.
  6. Wattie Rojas

    Our Loan Signings

    If it was possible which of our loan players would you sign on a permanent contract? For me it would be dieng, McGowan, horsfield, dales, Wright. All of these lads have done well for us.
  7. If Kenny looks at things dispassionately then he'll know that Nelson and Curran deserve their places in the team.
  8. Wattie Rojas

    Dundee V Hibs

    Dundee FC the Derry boys. We'll never be mastered, by no Arab b*****ds....
  9. Not convinced by Hadenius, especially in a midfield 2. Fair enough as a man marker but not against livi.
  10. Wattie Rojas

    Stephen Wright Appointmented As Head of Academy

    The programme only started in 2012 so the first graduates are only 19. Cochrane and McDonald at Hearts both went through the process I know. 16 out of the 20 under 17 Scotland squad are in the programme too. I appreciate it doesn't work for everyone but more practice and coaching has helped improve standards.
  11. Wattie Rojas

    Stephen Wright Appointmented As Head of Academy

    If you look at the latest Scotland squads there are loads of SFA schools players. There maybe is a bit of nepotism when it comes to these schools and possibly the Scotland setup too, however the extra training must benefit them.
  12. Wattie Rojas

    Livingston V Dundee

    I think we might go 4-3-3 with dales and Nelson supporting Curran. Woods, Hadenius, gowser in midfield.
  13. Wattie Rojas

    Livingston V Dundee

    Watching hadenius in the wee derby and he doesn't look good enough to play in a midfield 2. He looks ok as a man marker but I don't think livi have a player you'd sacrifice one of ours to mark. The only question is do you play him for his height knowing livi's strengths? If so who do you drop from the front 4? Does anyone know who is likely to miss out for livi? It seems like their back 3 haven't missed a game all season.
  14. Wattie Rojas

    Stephen Wright Appointmented As Head of Academy

    He has loads of experience of coaching and running academies and probably has a load of good contacts. I'd like to see us have a lot more of our youngsters going through the SFA school at St Johns as United are dominating the intake ATM. Their head scout is our old scout, Jim Carlin who seems to know his stuff. Robertson and Cameron have benefited hugely from the program.
  15. Wattie Rojas

    Arabs Humping Our Reserves

    I was hoping he had gone out on loan to see how he got on against older and bigger players. Against his contemporaries he's a stand out. He deserves the chance to see if he can do it at first team level but at a lower level. My biggest concern is he isn't the strongest laddie but that comes with age/gym work. It could be that his breakthrough is at 20/21 like Cammy/fozzy.

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