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  1. Maybe it was too much to expect what is virtually a whole new team to challenge for the title. I do think we have some good individual players and I'd be disappointed if we don't finish 2nd.
  2. I'd look to move Meekings and Josh McPake on and look for a centre half.
  3. Wattie Rojas

    Ict V Dundee

    I'd go 4-4-2 with Hazard Kerr Forster McGhee marshall Mackie dorrans Ness Mcdaid Johnson hemmings Ferrie Meekings Byrne Todd Nelson Gowser Mulligan
  4. Wattie Rojas

    Festive Events At Dens.

    How about club branded whisky and gin? Perfect Christmas present. I tried to get my son some Dee whisky but it's sold out I think. They would both be a big seller imo.
  5. Wattie Rojas

    Welcome Home Barry

    Barry used to coach the reserves I think so he does have experience of coaching youngsters. I think he used to help Stevie Campbell out with his soccer school too.
  6. Wattie Rojas

    Ict V Dundee

    I'd bring in Marshall and Ness for Nelson and Byrne. We could do with the tough tackling of Ness in this one.
  7. Wattie Rojas

    Ross Wallace

    He's left sided mate.
  8. Wattie Rojas


    I wonder if it would be better to play Nelson at no.10 behind hemmings. Mackie has shown he's better further forward. Or maybe Johnson at no.10 as he's a better footballer than Nelson?
  9. Wattie Rojas

    Signing of the Summer So Far

    McGhee has been most consistent closely followed by Marshall. Mcdaid has been a good signing too. Dorrans, hemmings are obviously very good players too. Individually all bar McPake and ness have shown that they are good players at this level. We just need more consistency as individuals and as a team.
  10. Wattie Rojas

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    May every man, woman, child and gender neutral person of a Dee persuasion sing loud and proud tonight whether Coxy, Mainer or Derry. Ddyb
  11. Wattie Rojas

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Got to watch McMullan closely. He's quick and is United's most creative player. Keep him quiet and you're halfway there.
  12. Wattie Rojas

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    United's physicality needs to be matched. They'll have guys like Watson, Reynolds, butcher putting the boot in to dorrans, Mcdaid and hemmings so hopefully the ref does his job. We need our big lads to match their aggression. I'd go with Mackie to add some strength and height.
  13. Wattie Rojas

    Derby Tickets

    Anyone who has a season ticket which isn't getting used can hand the voucher in to the ticket office to be resold. It doesn't matter if it's u12, student etc. Take in the book with the voucher though. More Dees in stadium, more money to the club. Tbh the club should have made this announcement.
  14. Shankland misses United's next game vs qots as he's away with Scotland.
  15. Wattie Rojas

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    I could name at least 50 Dundee centre halfs worse than Forster.
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