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  1. Not until there is a reliable and widely available vaccine. End of the 2020 at best but more likely this time next year, I think. I can see sporting events with crowds and gigs being the last thing to resume, unfortunately. I think the majority of season 20/21 will be played behind closed doors.
  2. Co-chair of the recon task force Les Gray saying otherwise on Sportsound today. He’s said he’s “not a lawyer” but is quite sure it will require 11-1 vote in premiership.
  3. Sounds as simple as putting a tick in a box
  4. Common theme amongst the journalists seems to be 11-1 in prem. Will maybe take a nosey at the SPFL rules / AoA to see what they’ve got in there.
  5. 11-1 in top flight and 75%+ of all other member clubs outside Prem.
  6. How many teams and how would it work?
  7. That’s strange looking league reconstruction.. Horrific.
  8. To be honest, this whole debacle is merely the tip of the iceberg IMO. Most of us futba fans are either failing to grasp the gravity of the situation the world is in just now or are in denial about it. Germany are already talking about stadiums not being open for another 18 months and / or until a reliable, global vaccination and booster program is in place. In-fighting about ending this season and deciding who’s getting what will be a distant and irrelevant memory soon me thinks. Without government intervention, I’m certain clubs will be going to the wall even when they do get this seasons outstanding prize money. We need to start again and take a fresh look at the whole thing - wages, structure, governance, broadcast rights and club ownership too.
  9. My favorite quote from the last few days... “Doncaster!!!! We’re coming for you!!!! You general praticioner looking f**k” Credit to - ‘Bears in the Big Blue Hoose’
  10. 2020 The Board of Directors of Raith Rovers are making this statement to update supporters on what has happened over the past few days in relation to the SPFL Resolution to call an end to the 2019-20 season. We had hoped to be able to give you some good news. That is not possible, however. The SPFL Board met today (Tuesday 14th April 2020) but we have been advised that as of 8pm Dundee FC had not submitted their revised vote. Raith Rovers FC and 15 other clubs in League 1 and League 2 voted in favour of the Resolution by the 5pm deadline on Friday 10th April in order to ensure the quick distribution of much needed funds to all 42 league clubs and to enable us to move to the next stage of the process – consideration of league reconstruction. We have, from the very start of this process, supported the idea of league reconstruction and have made this clear in all our communications. The SPFL documentation received by all clubs on Wednesday 8th April made it clear that declaring the season ended was the only way to achieve distribution of funds and to then proceed to the next stage. Several clubs wanted a guarantee that reconstruction would happen – this could not be given as it is not within the gift of the SPFL. Any decision on reconstruction requires a vote by all 42 member clubs. We were clear that this had to happen as soon as possible after the first vote. We would support a move to an SPFL Premiership of 14 clubs and 3 leagues below that of 10 each but will seriously consider any alternative model which emerges. Our preferred solution would mean admitting Kelty Hearts FC and Brora Rangers FC to SPFL League 2 with no clubs being relegated. This would result in 4 very competitive leagues when football eventually restarts. However, this cannot be considered until stage 1 of the process is completed. At the time of writing 80% of clubs have voted in favour, but Dundee FC have still to vote and their vote – as everyone knows – will be the deciding factor in determining how matters progress going forward. Our position is clear! We want the 2019-20 season declared over, funds distributed and discussion about reconstruction to start very soon. Any attempt to deem the 2019/20 season null and void and deny us being named as winners of League 1 and/or not promoted will be vigorously resisted. We will update everyone as soon as the situation becomes clearer, whenever that might be. In the meantime, thank you for your support and we wish you all good health during this crisis. We look forward to seeing you all in season 2020-21 at Stark’s Park.
  11. I think it’s more likely he shat it when he read Partick Thistles statement and is now seeking legal advice.
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