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  1. That’ll do me That horror capitulation against Plastic Whistle is even more frustrating now. We’d have won four games on the bounce and would be sitting joint 2nd. Onwards to Friday..
  2. Boba Fett

    Bristol Dundee Fan

    I feel bad for suspecting you were a pish stained Dab from Wormit. I apologise. Roma > Lazio though..
  3. Boba Fett

    Bristol Dundee Fan

    Entirely possible, of course. If that is the case, then they really should find a better way of enquiring about our inferior squad, sh**e manager, poor facilities and lower class fans.
  4. Boba Fett

    Bristol Dundee Fan

    Are you sure you’re no from Wormit? My advice would be to manage a different club. Us Dees will have you hounded out in no time.
  5. Boba Fett

    Derby Tickets

    If anyone that would ordinarily be paying for their derby ticket wants a free one, drop me a PM on here. Happy to provide my bring a Dee for free voucher from my season book to a fellow Dee
  6. Boba Fett

    Jack Ross Sacked

    There’s more chance of me having a fling with Margot Robbie than Jack Ross arriving at Dens just now.
  7. Whether he took Strachan’s advice or not, Nelms appointed him. The way in which every managerial appointment has been handled since Hartley’s implosion has been comical at best.
  8. So the story goes... it’s no Strachan's name above the door though.
  9. Aye... no doubt about that. It just adds to the pressure on McPake, unfortunately. For all the backing they give their managers, they seem to be absolutely woeful at appointing them. If this ends in disaster.. never mind the Americans losing interest, I’m not sure I’d want them appointing another manager at Dens anyway. We’re all in on McPake and he needs our backing.
  10. I have no idea. I don’t think he would sack him if we’re mid table through the season though. My guess is he’d review everything at the end of the season and would take a decision at that point. He did state in the same interview you mentioned that it was not “imperative” to go back up at the first time of asking.
  11. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said and completely understand where your coming from, but, I’m considering the wider situation of where we are as a club and the never ending cluster fucks of hiring and firing management teams. Entire squad turnovers, changes in direction and everything else that goes with it is absolutely killing us. I can understand why it would be classed as an unambitious or even a ‘ worrying’ view, but as long as we’re not in any trouble, I want to see what continuity and managerial stability can deliver over the longer term.
  12. He’s a Patrick Thistle man through and through. I think he’ll fancy that job.
  13. Our start to the season has been poor - very poor in all honesty. Despite the disappointing performances and results, McPake has to be given a chance to learn from his mistakes. Regardless of whether he was the right appointment or not, the guy inherited an absolute f’kin mess and he’s only six games into his first ever season in senior football management with an entirely new squad of players. I’m as gutted as the next Dee by the start we’ve made but he has to be given a fair opportunity to get his squad performing in the way he wants. ASAP preferably though please, James.
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