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  1. Boba Fett


  2. Boba Fett


    Unlikely me thinks. You never know though..
  3. Boba Fett


    Only Jerry Kerr left now I’m told. There was only restricted view fair play seats left when I was in at 12.
  4. Boba Fett


  5. Boba Fett


    Never seen him play..
  6. Boba Fett


    Got our tickets finally.. best part of three hours queuing. Mon the Dee
  7. Boba Fett


    It seems the most reliable way to get them online is to visit the main website, click on the derby FAQ tab and then click the season ticket holder link in there.
  8. Boba Fett


    Round the back of the Coxy
  9. Boba Fett


    Probably best to step aside from the pre derby frenzy and start a thread on our next match against Icey Tea in a few days! Hopefully we can rediscover the same level of performance we delivered against Aberdeen. If we do, we’ll win comfortably. Back four picking itself at the moment but it’ll be interesting to see what he does with midfield if he plays two up top (which I think he should on Saturday). Hamilton Kerr, Forster, McGhee, Marshall Finiesta, Ness, Byrne, McDaid Nelson Johnson 3-1 Dundee.. Goals for all three strikers. Kano to come on when we’re cruising. Dabs pumped at EEP and the Dee tap o the league by Saturday night.
  10. Boba Fett


    The decision by the Club to make available three sides of Tannadice to Arabs has been completely justified with fewer than 350 seats left available to the home support. With the expectation of the away team utilising their full allocation, Tannadice will be full to the rafters and is set to surpass the 13k mark, last breached in September 2014 when United beat their city rivals 1-0 in the League Cup third round.
  11. Boba Fett


    Dabs have confirmed they have fewer than 350 seats remaining. Surely the largest crowd at the Sticklebrick for many a year..
  12. Boba Fett

    Josh McPake - Officially Signs

    Billy King has been training / on trial with us for ages now. He’s surely going to be offered a deal. If he isn’t, I’d imagine he’ll be absolutely furious at the time he’s wasted with us. Does anybody know if he was injured when he left the Sticklebrick?
  13. Boba Fett

    Any Car Mechanics On the Forum?

    I’m no petrol head but I’d say no mate. Alternator?
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