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  1. Support

    Partick Thistle (home)

    Partick Thistle (home) Dundee
  2. Support

    Motherwell (home)

    Motherwell (home) Dundee
  3. Support

    Inverness CT (away)

    Inverness CT (away) Inverness CT
  4. We would like to inform our members of a policy change regarding Off-Topic posts and our method when dealing with these posts in future. While we understand the frustration to some of our members with threads going off-topic, and the subsequent moderation of these posts, we have found that sometimes the moderation of off-topic posts causes more issues than the thread going off-topic. After a discussion with our moderation team, we feel a change of direction in dealing with off-topic postings is required and we hope that the changes will help prevent the issues we had last week: We as a moderation team will not actively seek out off-topic posts, and this is for two reasons: We realise threads will veer in a different direction naturally, and may start with one topic and naturally end up in another, and this unfortunately is just the nature of forums. We as a moderation team cannot be expected to read every single post posted on the forum and in all honesty in is just not plausible. So in future, if a thread goes off-topic and you feel that this disrupts your viewing pleasure, then we suggest that you use our "Report Tool" (which is viewable at the bottom of each post) to notify our moderation team and we will use our judgement on how to best deal with the report. If our moderator team judges a thread to have gone totally and utterly off-topic, rather than hide these posts, we shall split the thread into another topic and place this into a more appropriate place. We will also create a link to the newly created topic, just for those members who wish to continue participate in that discussion. Thanks for your understanding on this matter. The Moderation Team
  5. Support

    Elgin (home)

    Elgin (home) Dundee
  6. Support

    Ayr (home)

    Ayr (home) Dundee
  7. Support

    Aberdeen (home)

    Aberdeen (home) Dundee
  8. Support

    Inverness CT (home)

    Inverness CT (home) Dundee
  9. Support

    Dundee Utd (away)

    Dundee Utd (away) Dundee Utd
  10. Support

    Alloa (home)

    Alloa (home) Dundee
  11. Support

    Morton (away)

    Morton (away) Morton
  12. Support

    Queen of Sth (away)

    Queen of Sth (away) Queen of Sth
  13. Support

    Arbroath (home)

    Arbroath (home) Dundee
  14. Support

    Partick Thistle (home)

    Partick Thistle (home) Dundee
  15. Support

    Ayr (away)

    Ayr (away) Ayr
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