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  1. You had a good innings, fair dos.
  2. Just when you thought you'd seen everything (not much of it good).
  3. Their goalie being MoM is hardly an endorsing reflection on our attacking play!
  4. parachute? More like a string vest
  5. Down down deeper and down ... yee haa. Sad that my happiness comes from the misery of others.. but it IS the Arabs.
  6. Dodgy penalty, dodgier sending off. Unbelievable.
  7. How so? There's no away goals rule. FFS, Saints, bury this pish.
  8. It's too close to call at this point. But with an almost new squad, I'd give JM the benefit.
  9. If I were us, I'd start the bus... because we're going home with nothing.
  10. Almost 2.. Kusunga again.. Jeez.
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