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  1. Scottswiss

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    I can't believe almost 40% of us think we'll lose today, according to the poll. I need a minute to compose myself!
  2. Scottswiss

    Scottish Cup

    Nothing to belittle there, bud. It was probably the biggest result in their history. Sure, Ayr were pish, but fair dos to Talbot.
  3. Scottswiss

    How To Put Someone On Ignore

    Are you making a statement?
  4. Scottswiss


    Ah, I shouldn't laugh, given how we're playing, but that was amusing
  5. Scottswiss

    Another Kenny Miller Thread

    It's Rivers.. hard to tell
  6. Scottswiss

    Another Kenny Miller Thread

    I hope I live to be 100. Then, I might actually be around to hear you say something positive.
  7. Scottswiss

    Dundee V Hamilton

    4:0 --- we've increased our seasons tally by 50% tonight. Awesome stuff.
  8. Scottswiss

    Dundee V Hamilton

    2:2 Hibs - St Mirren.. c'mon Hibs, FFS.
  9. Scottswiss

    Dundee V Hamilton

    Or St Mirren so 'good'..
  10. Scottswiss

    613th Best Team In the World

    I had no idea fivethirtyeight.com had a thang goin' on for socca'. I visit it often just to (hopefully) see how bad things are going for Trump. This is not a political forum. Terms and conditions apply. No purchase necessary. See in store for details.
  11. Scottswiss

    Celtic Game

    The players never had any tools to start with.
  12. Scottswiss

    Celtic Game

    59% possession us - 4:0 them. I dread to think how bad it would be if they had the ball even more.
  13. Scottswiss

    Celtic Game

    I thought it was more of a wind-up-merchant question.

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