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  1. Yes - agree with this. Curran offers very little defensively and not too much offensively. He is fast but ineffective. I would have preferred Cammy Kerr in front of the fullback to stop the wide threat. Curran never stopped Hayes once, not even close. The six minutes was absolutely harsh.
  2. Parcbara

    Six Minutes Added On

    The defence did very well today, all five plus the keeper. Kenny Miller's first touch is still brilliant. Midfield as it was originally also did very well. We lost cover when Sullivan went off. Then Woods late on was casual when a blooter was called for. Realistically, it's only one point dropped as we couldn't have got, or deserved, anymore. Keep up that level of performance at Paisley with Nelson up front and we should do OK. The manager got it right today, although I would have preferred Kerr instead of Curran as Celtic were trying to get wide. And its a pity that the late break fell to Jesse Curran
  3. Parcbara

    Dundee V Celtic

    Woods giving ball away
  4. Parcbara

    Dundee V Celtic

    What a joke, six minutes
  5. Parcbara

    Dundee V Celtic

    Jesse's Curran leaves Us exposed on the flank. He can't defend
  6. Parcbara

    Relegation Battle

    Next week will be the telling game.
  7. Parcbara

    Relegation Battle

    Hamilton are just a better survivor team than us. McIntyre has-been pretty well supported and has been unable to get us out of the bottom two. Hamilton will be safe now. Next week is our make or break. We have been crap this season and will I can't see us making third bottom now. Poor result last week.We will pay for that one. The Dales and Robson signings haven't paid off. Nelson has hardly played, Davies hasn't. Wright was a good signing. Curran, not so sure. Only seems effective with Nelson on the park, but that could be because we have nobody else capable of taking a goal.
  8. Parcbara

    In Hindsight

    I am grateful that Tim Keyes is here and has our best interests at heart. John Nelms needs someone more used to football alongside him to let him do the things that he is good at. That would give him the opportunity to gain experience in the football side of things. We as a club seem to struggle with customer relations. However and ultimately, the club's customers seek a decent football team, not Champions League standard but decent. Customers need a team that wins at home, where they pay their money. That failure over the last two seasons probably worsens customer relations more than anything. The previous fan model didn't and couldn't put a decent team on the park. Their customer relations was terrible, worse than it is now.
  9. Parcbara

    In Hindsight

    The club, during the Frazer and crew period was going no place fast. In my opinion then, the period after that has been better. Having said all of that, our club was better under Bill Colvin, by an absolute mile. Colvin was much more astute, again in my opinion.
  10. Parcbara

    Season Tickets

    I agree with this. IF and it is a big if. If we don't, it is too expensive, as relegation will be followed by disgruntled fans voting with their pocket. Had we been top six or safe, then maybe, but this is a bad idea in my opinion. Whoever thought this scheme up hasn't thought it through from a fans perspective.
  11. Parcbara

    Season Tickets

    The fact that we are anything but ensured premier status will kill this. The home form has been diabolical and we could be relegated. The price has to come down if we are relegated as we play less games. I won't be snapping this 'great offer' up. The product has been terrible. This is a crazy idea.
  12. Parcbara

    Relegation Battle

    We need Nelson playing.
  13. Parcbara

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    Cobra , I agree to an extent. We are the least able to battle and grind out results of the four though.
  14. Parcbara

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    No Nelson, so no hope of a goal. Mid field was poor yesterday. I think the Swede has to play before gowzer. Absolutely unconvinced by Dales ( and Jesse Curran).

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