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  1. Parcbara

    Hearts V Dundee

    Was Nelson injured?
  2. Parcbara

    Hearts V Dundee

    Long way to go but a step in the right direction. Absolutely magic. seems we were coming out fighting. They need crowd backing as well.
  3. Parcbara

    Hearts V Dundee

  4. Parcbara

    Hearts V Dundee

    This is torture
  5. Let's hope we get a central midfielder in. If we can't improve that midfield we will be gassed.
  6. Parcbara

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    I think full backs and wide players have to work on this as it is essential to their game. The safest outcome from our free kicks is the ball going out. Otherwise we get caught out as they are usually flat or short. Harkins was always great for a free kick.
  7. Parcbara

    Woods and McGowan

    Agree with this too
  8. Parcbara

    Woods and McGowan

    I agree with this. he is anything but a bad player and is a prospect. He can't be playing every week just now in a team that depends on him being 100%. If we had a stronger team, he would be carried forward. Being in this particularly poor midfield puts far too much emphasis on him. I also dont see him and Cammy Kerr as a good partnership at the moment, again because the team is so weak. Curran picking up a throw out and breaking up the park is very good. He has good pace and is direct. The laboured build up when he is continually receiving the ball tight, particularly from Cammy repeatedly causes us to lose possession at worst, and at best momentum as it goes back to Cammy who turns backwards, This is very common when Cammy receives a throw out from the keeper.
  9. Parcbara

    Woods and McGowan

    I agree with that. The whole midfield is woeful at the moment. The two wide players yesterday contributed much less than the two central ones. The midfield unit needs rebuilt.Maybe some will be retained ,maybe not, but that lineup yesterday was bloody awful, well controlled by a team from a lower league and absolutely scoofed by better teams, as we have witnessed. Add Our midfield does not protect our defence, starves and by slowing play up , makes our forwards look like absolute duffers. In my opinion, the most glaring deficiency that we have at the moment.
  10. Parcbara

    Woods and McGowan

    Deacon needs to go at the end of his contract. There is obviously skill in him, but no heart. My worry about the window is that the biggest lacking in our team is a positive central midfielder and we haven't managed to get one. The starting midfield today gave me a shudder when I heard it. We are so pedestrian in our build up. The only way we threaten is when we break quickly (rarely) and bypass the middle two. Otherwise, both of them immediately reduce our momentum. Would agree with the comment above that we somehow look worse without Gowzer, but that is because that would have normally meant Spence, Elton or Karl coming in, which was awful. Gowzer still has a part to play, but we need another option for him or Woods. QoS front men were more dangerous because our midfield again were not up to the task.
  11. Parcbara


    Impressed with them. Need to see more of Craig Curran. Difficult to judge based on the team performance of the first half.
  12. Parcbara

    Some Good News.

    Well done to the youngsters and coaches.
  13. Parcbara

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Pretty much my view. Reserve judgement on Craig Curran , but agree with post. Jesse Curran should be running riot against championship teams, but he was clueless today, bar his goal. Loads of pace but no use whatsoever when we are playing out from the back. Only seems to be comfortable when running with the ball, but that isn't too often. And why is he allowed to go near a direct free kick?
  14. Parcbara

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    We definitely need a central midfielder, I would say more than a central defender. Zero creativity just now. Deacon poor, probably as would be expected after such a long lay off. We cannot play SPL teams with Curran and Kerr on our right flank. They are a glaring weakness. When we play out down our right, we either lose possession, or end up turning backwards. Every opponent sends play down their left/our right, and no wonder. Cammy had a stinker today, but he aint up to this level. Gets an easy time but isn't good enough on or off the ball. Woeful facing his own goal.
  15. Parcbara

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Dales and Nelson both looked decent. Goalie was decent as well. Three good signings, based on the first show, although early days. Don't understand the Curran signing. We need a full back, a central midfielder and possibly a centre half. Add I don't see what Curran adds to the front line that isn't already available through Kallmann.

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