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  1. Hemmings in this league with decent service, not requiring him to drop back thirty yards because of our dreadfully ineffective build up, would score a barrow load. By the time or team get the ball into the final third, our opponents have had time to sit down for a cup of tea and a sausage roll.
  2. The team has deteriorated so badly under John Nelms' tutelage, i can see where you are coming from regarding the football
  3. I suspect that a lot of the JN talk when appointing managers was creative to say the least. He goofed the Jack Ross chase and ended up with McCann then goofed the McIntyre appointment despite being warned by two senior Dundee officials about the Dodds baggage and then had his mind made up with the third.
  4. We could do with a better keeper but our midfield is absolutely crap. A better midfield with pace and capable of getting forward and scrapping to stop opponents would see us way up this league. It is our biggest problem by an absolute mile.
  5. Hear what your are saying Iain, but surely the players have everything to do with the manager given that he brought them in. And the manager has everything to do with Nelms for the same reason. I agree with your assessment of our midfield. I feel that our midfield is the biggest failing section of our team. It doesnt defend our defence and it doesn't create for our forwards. Thats not to say that our forwards and defenders dont have their faults. McGhee and Marshall have been the only two consistent successes this season.
  6. Feel the same as you and did the same with regard to Saturday. Ended up reading posts on here and not watching the rest of the game, although I could hear the commentary. I read on other social media, comment from some Dundee supporters that there is a lot of negativity about Dundee and we should all just get behind the team and be thankful. When I was able to get behind the team, I loved watching Dundee, looked forward to it. Home and away. I would absolutely love to get back to that feeling. I just cant see it as the guy who is running the show is just getting the football side so wrong. Ergo, just couldn't be bothered forking out to go and watch on Saturday. Wont be there on Friday (unless we get a new manager before then, depending on who it was which is worrying in itself). Home games are covered by my ST. Even if I cant bear to go, they will have my support and I wont be so p!ssed off.
  7. Good post. I would say that the McIntyre appointment was immediately torpedoed by the Dodds mess. Made by a man out of touch with his customers. If I was McIntyre, I would be blaming the failure on the inability to get his preferred and known assistant. That to me lets McIntyre right off the hook. Dodds may have been hopeless, he would certainly have caused unrest, but he was part of McIntyre's team and McIntyre was under the impression that Dodds was coming with him. I dont think McIntyre was any good and I am certainly not defending his record but he was misled and that was our man's fault.
  8. Not sure what a picture of a Dundee scarf proves to be honest. Publish a picture of your season ticket as well.
  9. To me , the midfield slow build short passing is down to the fact that there is no pace. They dont make runs at defences so pass across possession and away it goes again. As much as not backwards too.
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