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  1. Parcbara


    Hopefully young McPake will hold down a first team place. He is getting rave reviews and apparently can handle himself in physical matches. But that would be at the expense of McDaid or Todd, unless one of the can play central midfield.
  2. Parcbara

    Any Car Mechanics On the Forum?

    You can test for a drain by disconnecting your negative cable from the battery and connecting a 12v test lamp between the end of that cable and the negative battery terminal. If the lamp lights, something is drawing juice when you think you are switched off. Depending if and what that was, it could help explain things. Bad (corroded) battery connections could impair the charging of the battery. All based on the alternator testing good and replacement batteries of course.
  3. Parcbara


    Agree with that lineup, although if Hemmings fit, would have him up top. Strongest 12 that we have
  4. Parcbara


    They are absolutely pathetic. They wont have sold the tickets they claim. They will be giving them out with flyers to all and sundry. The 'away team' sums up how much we hurt them. Cannot stand that sh!tey club, never have been able to. Got that from my dad and grandad.
  5. Parcbara


    Results will get the crowd up, but I agree the team looks a lot better than at anytime during the past two seasons.
  6. Parcbara

    Josh McPake - Officially Signs

    We still need a central midfielder. McPake at seventeen isn't going to be a key player. Ness and Byrne won't be fit all of the time and we drop when they are not there, particularly Ness.
  7. Absolutely. He also is prone to taking far too may touches which slows us right down. Plus when in beside young Robertson, who is still a boy, we become easily overcome in the middle. We need another strong central midfielder in to give the squad some depth and resilience. Our first eleven of yesterday, plus Hemmings and nelson is very good. When that changes, particularly in midfield, we lose our dig.
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