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  1. Parcbara

    Our Support

    I hate hearing individual players being booed. The booing (at the team nd manager) at 4-3 was more merited as we were capitulating again. McPake seems to be unable to read games and make decent changes.
  2. Our first three goals came from balls coming in from the wide areas. We take McDaid off, why not use to Todd to replace him and keep our capability to get behind their defence. Instead our midfield started pu55ing about with the short sideways passes again and as always happens we get caught. I cant make up my mind as to whether it was the McDaid subby or the McGhee one that weakened our team more. McPake's subs are almost always awful. From being out of sight we blew it big time and had everyone sweating at the end. Also felt that it would have been better to take Hemmings off as he looked like he was breathing out of his 3rse, having put in a decent shift.
  3. Parcbara

    Dundee V Dunfermline

    Hamilton didn’t look clever at either second or third
  4. Parcbara

    Dundee V Dunfermline

    Dundee midfield just too happy to pass sideways. Disgraceful show since our fourth goal
  5. Parcbara

    Instead of Booing

    Wouldn’t be able to hear the singing for the snoring in the coxy
  6. Parcbara

    Derby Tickets

    I will be hoping that we give them a doing, but am giving it a miss. Cant face another weak showing and hearing those A%seholes chanting all of the crap, which going by what's been on show this season, will be the case.
  7. Parcbara


    If i am p’d of which is very common now, i leave early so don’t boo. But to be honest i am getting to the stage where i wonder of its all worth the spoiled Saturday evenings. I am resigned to John Nelms doing nothing about it and because of that the interest is waning after fifty odd years. I am so grateful to FPS for helping the club but the team has just gone to the dogs completely under JN’s stewardship. So many opportunities including getting back into the SPL wasted. TK must be fed up of the costs but the sad irony is that better FPS football choices could have avoided that quite easily.
  8. Parcbara

    Manager Poll

    Take your point and agree. FPS (especially Tim Keyes) have been very good for Dundee and their support is greatly welcomed. The way we play is down to our manager. But is was utter folly to place him in this position. One mistake is forgivable even although it got us relegated. The same mistake again is not.
  9. Parcbara

    Manager Poll

    The Colvin family interest in Dundee was driven by Mrs Colvin whose own family, I am fairly certain, were staunch Dundee. I think that the FPS were quite keen for him to go so that they could run it their way.
  10. Parcbara

    Manager Poll

    I think that the club was draining the Colvin finances too much. That plus the travelling from the loo London area for every game
  11. Parcbara

    Manager Poll

    I agree with this. The timescale quoted ( since Harley departed) coincides with the period in which our MD or whatever his title is, has been called on to make strategic choices in football terms. Colvin picked Hartley.
  12. Parcbara

    Manager Poll

    Peter Grant is doing a fine job at alloa.
  13. Spot on. McDaid has been poor for us as a wide midfielder, presumably tasked with giving us width and providing service to our striker(s). He just doesn't do it. And our midfield are powder puff, all of them. Great at short passes. Basic skills are all that they demonstrate. So weak and easily bullied. No drive or adventure, rather turn around and get the ball away to someone else. They don't serve the strikers and they provide little cover for a not so great defence. And each week we get the same again and the same platitudes from the manager.
  14. Parcbara

    If ....

    This is absolutely the worry. I also agree about the delay which is in my opinion what got us relegated. Nelms gave McCann way to much time, or put another way, dithered for far too long. We are getting worse. The system doesn't work, the players feel that and their confidence is absolutely shot. McPake should be a coach not a manager. Learning his trade. The pressure that he is under will not develop him, more likely, it will ruin him. I have serious and genuine doubts about John Nelms' football judgement, specifically when he has to decide. His gamble with McCann instead of Ross was just so very wrong, and because he did it again with McPake, he looks stupid. I fear that he wont back down because he cant, probably both for financial and ego reasons. It's a real mess and it will kill gates, an indication being the travelling support at Gayfield yesterday.
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