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  1. Also a player who appears to be fit to play every week. Something else that we haven't enjoyed for some time
  2. I will be dismayed if we are looking to bolster the weakest area of our team with James Vincent. As mentioned above, a soft uninspiring player who contributed little or nothing in his time here. His antics against ICT should be enough to ensure that he never darkens our door again. If he is where we are at then that is a big worry and won't sell more season tickets
  3. Roundy Wolters was not the most inspired signing ever. Did he not come at the same time as Lewis Spence and Deacon. Three duffers for different reasons. Money down the pan. Let's hope JMcP fares better than these three amigos.
  4. Man management wasn't McCann's strong point. The big losers were the club. No point on dwelling on it. Hopefully McPake will have learned something from it about handling players. He doesn't come over as being so arsey as McCann though.
  5. I always thought Parish was better than Dieng. Wouldn't be fussed about him being away.
  6. Decent. Would have liked a white band on the sock turn-over. Traditional colours.
  7. Perhaps not so much ballsy, more stubbornly. Many will feel like you do and I suspect that many will PaTG, particularly given the lack of squad replenishment (albeit probably understandable).
  8. Our midfield has consistently failed us over the last couple of seasons. Far too soft and light. We need two central midfielders and one at least has to be capable is dominating in the physical battles, but ideally both.
  9. I doubt that there will be many more sold at 390. Maybe if Charlie Adam turns up to play, but otherwise, it will be PaTG for lapsed ST holders. I know a good few who haven't renewed, but will likely go every week, assuming results hold up. Poor performances though at our prices wont attract many. It might be prudent to hold the 360 if signings are coming in. Might attract some more sales. Also, as it stands, we don't have a squad. Chicken and egg, but once the squad assembles, if the standard is decent, it might entice some back. 390 is a step too far in my opinion. Does the ST cover playoff games? if not, all the more reason to set the ceiling at 360.
  10. Our last three years of disaster were much more to do with choice of managers than targeting top six. Our resources entitle us to target promotion. Surely it is reasonable for us to be upsides bloody Hamilton and St Mirren rather than QoTS. Prepare for defeat and it will surely happen. Our manager needs to pick players who can at least help us challenge realistically. That is his job.
  11. agree with this. Right age. Relevant experience. Physical centre back.
  12. We absolutely have to be targeting promotion.
  13. All at a good age as well. Came in ready to go.
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