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  1. Claims there is 500ml inside but actually only 250.
  2. Like it. A dark blue Arsenal strip.
  3. Absolutely agree with this. If the fourteen decision arrives, and I think it will, we should be claiming compensation for being denied a chance to play in the playoffs. Anything other than doing so would be meek acceptance.
  4. Yes, I would agree with this. We would have thrown away a golden chance by not being in second place by now, something that should have been achievable for us.
  5. The SPL next year might not be a safe place to be.
  6. It will be the 14 club solution. SPL will be tough next year as it will go back to 12 the year after, so 3 down, 1 playoff spot.
  7. Tommy Coyne had a great start did he not? Scored a few against Dunfermline.
  8. This is what I think will happen. The needle here is that if we had gotten our act together, we could have got back in the SPL in a year.
  9. Yes, credit where credit is due. They can my keep refund for the season ticket, if hopefully, the season will be nulled. Won’t miss it now. Denying the crap across the road will be ample recompense.
  10. Great player affected by health problems. Would have him back.
  11. Let's not forget Jim Steele and Dave Mackay to name but two. Plenty of hard men from north of the border who could play a bit. Take that Bowman name off the list. He has bad history.
  12. Jim Steele and John Brown, Ian Ure and Jim Duffy, Cabby and Pirie. Gilzean and anybody. Gordon Wallace and Hemmings.
  13. I hate there being not Scottish football. I have been an Arsenal fan (of sorts) since the seventies as well, going down to see them when possible. Don't hate Spurs, in fact quite like them because of Gillie. Been to that derby but there isn't the same needle for me personally, as the Arsenal feelings are nowhere near the Dundee ones. Miss seeing Dundee big time - that after being so p'd off with them earlier on this season.
  14. Brown or Jim Steele, and Caballero. Brown or Steele for midfield control and Caballero would be unplayable in this league
  15. Hopefully it isn't 1 million to the twins and the rest get the scraps.
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