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  1. Parcbara

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    If McPake didn't ' headbutt someone' , ' the daft little lassie' might be liable to a defamation or malicious falsehood action. You can't just post any old tripe on social media nowadays without risk, particularly if it is not correct.
  2. Parcbara

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Mcpake inferred he wasn't involved. Maybe he had a quiet pint. Hence the statement about not lying. Maybe a mountain out of a molehill. Lots of maybes. Maybe it will get thrown out by the PF. If it gets to court we will find out what actually happened.
  3. Parcbara

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    And if this is the case, then the manager didn't lie. Still involves the club with bad publicity but counters the lying charge. Also this version of events heard and related by Wattie is absolutely typical of events that we have all witnessed. Doesn't excuse anybody but is hardly sensational.
  4. Parcbara


    Byrne, Ness and DOrrens and we will do alright.
  5. Parcbara


    Byrne is our best defensive midfielder. The manager needs to capitalise on his strengths and not play him out of position.
  6. Good result. Slow play doesn’t help. What a difference when that changed.
  7. Parcbara

    Jack Hamilton

    Never comfortable with players getting verbals on the park to be honest. If doesn’t help them if they are not having a good game. As far Jack Hamilton, I think he has been fine for us this season and undeserving of such abuse in any case.
  8. Parcbara

    Arbroath Game.

    if Ness was fit i would bring him in for McDaid, with the option of Nelson dropping back into a wide 5 if it gets tight. Agree that Nelson offers us something in terms of pace and aggression that none of the others do. Would like to see Byrne in that setup sitting deeper.
  9. Parcbara

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    all just my opinion, but McPake and Robertson on Friday night for example. The young lad can't play back midfielder in a four. Not fair to him in the slightest. Both excellent players but not in such games.they cant be expected to dig us out of a hole. They should get a chance but at the moment we need to put up a fight.
  10. Parcbara

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    This totally sums up where we are and why. It is folly for McPake just as it was for McCann. He doesn’t need to play less experienced players if he plays his experienced players where they usually play. He signed them and many are decent signings. He needs to stop ferking about accommodating youngsters. They can play once we have powered up, not when we struggle repeatedly. i really want him to succeed in a job he should never have been given. In fact, we are all desperate for him to succeed, but he needs to stop farting about and play to his players strengths. Strongest first.
  11. Parcbara

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    I think mcPake has made some very good signings. He has to stick with them and play them in their positions, not play them out of position. If he tightened up away from home and played Ness and Dorran with Byrne behind them ( which is where Byrne played at Livi) and give that three time, we will have the best midfield in the league and should be more capable of grinding out results. Then win his home games with the same setup. He can have Nelson wide which would give him two very dangerous attackers as well. But he has to do better. He will not get time with poor results at dens particularly. The fans will crucify him, no matter what anybody says. After fifty odd years going to Dens I would be astonished if our supporters turn into mild applauders. It wont happen. The arabs in our league ensured that. He has the players, must of which he signed, backed very well by TK. His audience is a tough one though.
  12. I would agree with all of that. 4-4-2 particularly away from home does us absolutely no favours. At least not with the personnel we have tried. Nelson could play wide left which adds a direct wing player to the experience. At least until we get out of the rut.
  13. Parcbara

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    He would be quite right if he got results with his selections. Perhaps he needs to examine what is going wrong with these experienced players. Young Finlay as an example can’t play defending midfielder as I would say was shown on Friday. Nothing to do with age whatsoever if the player does his job. Away games are different and more difficult. Horses for courses.
  14. Parcbara

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    Dont think we need or should expose them every week though. We have four experienced and when fit decent central midfielders on our books as well. Plus three experienced wide players if we include Nelson who can be effective wide. We can, and in my opinion should utilise five across the middle more especially when we away from home. Plus two very capable front men in KH and DJ, either-or for me away from home. The youngsters are in for the long game. lets get stabilised first and then get the youngsters stepping up to ninety minutes when suitable.
  15. Parcbara

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    Dont think that is all to do with the strikers. They feed on absolute scraps. We line up with two wide midfielders and get very little into them with them facing the goal. The two wide players for whatever reason then dont provide the advantage intended.
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