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  1. The foundation sounds like a good idea. No politics, just supporting the club.
  2. Jim Steele in my time. Boy could he dish it out and take it and had plenty skill as well.
  3. Yes. No youngsters in at centre back. We saw what a difference Berra made. Would rather lose Meekings to make sure that we kept Hemmings.
  4. I wonder if there is any chance that we may lose Hemmings. Hope not.
  5. I stopped getting the courier every day due to their sensationalised coverage of Dundee's woes. Absolutely biased towards them.
  6. Most clubs will be in the same position. The arabs will definitely be. There are mumblings about another major figure there looking to move away as well {not a player, its a guy who 'makes all of their signings'). Who knows, but down in tinseltown the grass is no greener, perhaps not even so green. Here's hoping that they get the worst of luck in whatever form that chooses to take though.
  7. No refunds for me. Tried ticket website this morning, creating a new account., but cant see any way to renew or even buy a season ticket. All it tells me is that there are no special offers on just now. All for online ticketing but that site ain't good as it stands. Add Better when I go from main website. The link given when account wascreated took me to a page which offered me the option to buy, but that took me nowhere
  8. Sadly but typically so.
  9. Credit to the excellent Mr Robertson and his department.
  10. It would have avoided this whole mess. I suppose it got caught up in the understandable scare mongering about the virus, but the SPFL have made a complete @rse of things again. All we have now is bad feelings and desire for revenge. Not healthy for an already ailing product.
  11. No not suggesting that Riots County are trying to do anything. Just saying that MacGregor has no interest in the betterment of Scottish Football and his remarks are patronising to Hearts and even more so Thistle.
  12. Totally agree with @Alexis. He doesn't want change because it suits his club, a club whose travelling support would struggle to fill a dugout. A very selfish, perhaps understandable view. The 'take the medicine' statement is patronising to say the least.
  13. I still think that John Nelms was mugged.
  14. Ridiculous headline. Is it not the editor who decides that?Whoever did so is a half-wit and clearly not a Dundee supporter. But then again the ET is full of absolute drivel and makes the Sunday Post look like a serious newspaper, which says it all.
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