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  1. About sums it up for me. Probably for others as well. I am devoid of hope regarding our team. This manager, in my opinion and taking into account the league he is supposed to be competing in, has been far worse than McCann. Can't see how he will fix it. It has indeed been a farce of a season. Every day since Saturday, I have been hoping for the news that McPake is out. Until that happens I can't see us having a chance to turn the corner. Motion will have us sussed on Saturday no doubt.
  2. Colvin appointed Hartley. Nelms only assumed control when Colvin left as far as I am aware
  3. I fear that the McGhee nonsense might be something more. No information, just gut feel. Strachan's mate. Also that McPake and Nicholl is no longer a match made in heaven. Just body language of Nicholl.
  4. Utterly depressing that he hasn't been sacked yet. We won't have a chance to improve whilst he is still in charge. Dundee are going nowhere fast as it stands. Frustrating given that there is still a chance, albeit reducing by the week, of getting second place.
  5. Successful mangers play to their players' strengths and their opposition's weaknesses.something McCann and mcpake don't do
  6. Agree with the overall post . A manager can be stubborn only if his way is working. McPake has failed. Nelms is playing with his trains and hoping this will go away. It wont and will worsen. Nelms has to get the deed done and pursue a playoff place.
  7. Agree with this. McIntyre was torpedoed before he even got going. That was never going to work. An absolute cluster!!!! by Nelms. McPake isn't improving. He tries the same trick every week and now every team knows how to beat us. He has to go today.
  8. Could it be something we are all quite keen on?
  9. Not so sure about the Barry Smith bit but advertising would be good.
  10. Or a picture of them at least. Where's williamtwice when you need him?
  11. Boy needs to get out more. His claim to fame is sneaking on this site. Pap.
  12. every time we are on TV, pundits comment on its ineffectiveness. Yet we carry on. What does our manager see in this that nobody else does? Peter Grant was a player that I hated to see play against Dundee. But he speaks sense, has an excellent football pedigree and has served his time as a manager and a coach.
  13. Dorrans is totally wasted playing so deep. Going by McPake's comments last night, is the the player or manager choosing for that to happen? And the young lad should never have been included in that team. Bad judgement.
  14. If he picked a decent manager, then that approach would be perfectly acceptable. But his choices have had him crucified. McCann and McPake are two of the worst managers I have seen in my time as a blue nose. The McIntyre one was just a complete mess with the Dodds saga.
  15. Will he accept, can he accept that he needs help? He has made a right pigs ear of our football team with his managerial appontments. Wasting well appreciated funding.
  16. Iain, I think the additional worry is with regard to John Nelms choosing a replacement. Before that though, will he do anything at all?
  17. The boy is not at fault. It is he/they who picked him in such circumstances.
  18. He has completely blown it since the 15/16 season. can’t see him holding his hand up though. But nobody apparently argues with him. Don’t know why we have s board. He seems to be the idi Amin of club CEOs or whatever his title is.
  19. And she refused because she didn’t want to damage her reputation.
  20. Hughes isn’t out of a job because he is considered a good manager. Sorry but no.
  21. Or problem is that John Nelms isn't nearly football-wise to be running the football side of the club. His decisions on managers, which are very important to our club have all been awful for one reason or another.
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