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  1. I thought that he was a decent player when we stop the McPake madness of the first part of the season.
  2. There was always one to read in the Hansom Cab on a Saturday night.
  3. Playing on Drumgeith that day. We were getting updates as the goals were going in. Magic until we heard that they had score two at the end.
  4. Much easier than the streets of gold.
  5. A fine poster was/is Ivan.
  6. I was one in the seventies. At that time loads of guys came up to pick up bags of teles from The grand old High School of Kirkton. Then hopefully get a freezer on the 1B and up into God's country to deliver them. edit to add. On the bus for nothing, not an Indesit.
  7. I used to deliver them from Sandy's. Was a right pain having to go back after 6 for them. But a great paper none the less.
  8. Dolly Menga. Sounds like another McCann selection.
  9. Do IT Yourself by the Seahorses Brilliant album
  10. Very few I would imagine. Being a 'zero' with Dundee fans must be a very difficult problem to overcome.
  11. Letheren would be a better choice in my opinion than either.
  12. I feel that Ferrie is a bit on the small side for a keeper.
  13. There are photographs now of some of the lunar landing equipment still on the moon. I dont think they are fixed as they are not american source.
  14. Keyboard warriors just because some differ in their opinion on Craig Wighton? Nah. I must be one because I think there are other types of players that we need before giving a decent wage to Craig Wighton. An out and out striker and a goalkeeper come to mind. If there is money left , then fine but he is a million miles away from what we need next.
  15. McCann's management was awful.
  16. For me, this sums up where we are. I appreciate greatly the backing of FPS , but John Nelms’ football decisions, particularly McCann then waiting too long to bin him, got us relegated. These decisions cost Tim Keyes a lot of money.
  17. Interested to read your views @BCram. Had a discussion with my drinking buddies over a couple of beers in a beer garden recently. We felt that Covid has been politicised and both the Scottish and British government have been economical with the truth. I am no fan of Sturgeon or Johnson to be honest and certainly not looking to start a political argument. Interesting that we all see things different.
  18. I have Tesco Mobile which uses the O2 network. Their support is fairly decent by phone. Never have much trouble with the O2 bit either.
  19. Two German players who played in the 1966 world cup final played for Cologne that night. Overath and Weber. I was in the TC keay end right behind the goal to see the Bobby Wilson winner ‘dreeble’ across the line. Then came the explosion.
  20. @harry94 I would agree with you there. Plastic pitches as well. A tough league.
  21. Hear what you say but if wages are tight. I simply think that we should spend them on a front player rather than taking a chance on CW who is never going to be a line leader. He would struggle to get into our midfield as it stands as well where we are short of bite, something else he doesnt have.if he was free and his wages wouldnt prevent us getting a striker then fine, otherwise I would say no.
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