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  1. kemback1997

    Josh Todd Away.

    Shame for the lad to sign for a club only to arrive a find a different manager who didn't really want him. Never a winger in a month of Sundays but played well in the Aberdeen game slightly narrower. Football's brutal at times though and good luck to the guy for agreeing to leave when he was on a decent contract. Let's hope the replacements like Callachan prove to work better................
  2. kemback1997

    Some Winger V Dees!

    Wow - what type of sport is that? A guy running at pace for 60 yards and beating defenders one after the other, maybe we should reintroduce that at Dens this season!
  3. kemback1997

    Lest We Forget Lapel Badge

    That's been discussed before and maybe even got as far as the fund-raising stage. Perhaps we are waiting for the Nou Campie to open first! If the DABS can produce a statue of the BHC then surely we can create a plaque to some of the players listed above!
  4. kemback1997

    Lest We Forget Lapel Badge

    Wattie has answered most of your queries but thought I'd add...... Great badge but names taken from an old list compiled by Kenny Ross, so not quite 100% accurate. I've done some (a lot of...!!!) research for a book on Dundee players but I can't seem to find the time to get it into print.....maybe one day!!! Anyway, to add to Wattie's work...... Alex Halkett was one of two brothers to play for DFC and he died in 1917, never having met his infant daughter. John Barbour is better known for his time at Queen's Park and he featured as part of a Teuchter TV documentary last year. He was killed in 1916, attacking enemy trenches on the Somme and his name appears on the famous Thiepval memorial. David Glen was also killed on the Somme in 1917 - he's a Brechin City legend. David Martin was killed by a shell in 1917. Jim Hamilton was from Broxburn and is not properly credited in Norrie Price's bible, TWTDB. He was killed attacking well defended German lines at Ypres in 1915. Bill Cox was wounded in France but died in a military hospital in Birmingham. Don't know John Young. Wilf Toman played for Dundee Football and Athletic Club pre-1898 but deserves a place on the badge. I think goalie William Masterton should be on the list but need to confirm via research. Tom Smith and Arthur Baxter were killed in the Second World War and other players were injured in WW1 such as Milne who lost a leg. Guys like Bob Crumley and Eck Troup also served and suffered trauma as a result. Lest we forget, indeed!!
  5. kemback1997

    The Derby

    Never underestimate the power of Dick!!!!!!!!!! Makes our draw in Smokieland seem decent!!!!!
  6. kemback1997

    The Derby

    I'll take that! Stops the derby rot, four games unbeaten and only three points behind ICT. Pity we couldn't pinch the game at the end to shut the mongrel pusses but the players were dead on their feet. Still need more quality and urgency going forward in 2020 but the only way is up!!
  7. kemback1997

    The Derby

    HT thoughts.... Butcher is aptly named. Dirty barsteward has made four clear yellow card tackles and not even been spoken to. Poor ref on the whole. Yes, Gowser was lucky to escape for his push in the corner but Hemmings fouled all over the place, Mackie shown yellow for head knock but not their man for same thing and Shankland tugs at McGhee but our man ends up with a yellow. Maybe the ref will change shirts from dayglow orange to honest Dark Blue for the second half!! Looking closer to home, our shape is poor and they are owning the wide areas. Case in point, the first goal. The manager's asking too much of Gowser to get back and cover Cammy in that situation. Also, quality wins football matches and Mackie and Meekings are lacking in that department. However, the contest is not over and stranger things have happened than the Dee coming good in the second half. M'on boys, we can do this!!!!
  8. kemback1997

    Favourite Moment At Tannadice

    My first experience of the allotment was the game where the jug-eared, Judas, club killing pr1ck scored his penalty so included that and stills of a few decent moments since!
  9. Hemmings is almost back to his best and his hold-up play was superb. He also got the assist so MoM for me. Honourable mentions too for Cammy and Dorrans.
  10. Great result to keep us within sight of second but another 'meh' performance. Still got big problems with the midfield not supplying the forwards with enough ball - far too many passes that should go forward quickly, go sideways slowly. Dorrans showed some signs of class featuring slightly further forward and Gowser worked hard but the midfield area is still a big concern. On a positive note I thought Johnson was good for an hour, Hemmings was excellent with his hold up play and Cammy Kerr performed well. The rest of the defence and 'keeper were not great but that Plastic Whistle performance resembled one of their manager's trainers!!!!!! Lastly, the sooner Mackie goes back to Leith the better!!!! Merry Christmas to all Dees and let's hope we somehow nick a point from the Dump on Friday!
  11. LOL - certainly some rubbish on the park yesterday needing put in the trash!!!!!!!
  12. kemback1997

    Motherwell At Home In Scottish

    Really p1sh draw - not much to get excited about. Won't be a huge crowd, maybe moved to Sunday in order to suit the DABs, against a team we've played regularly and will probably lose. At least we won't have to queue for tickets!!!!!!
  13. DEElighted with yesterday's three points at a venue managers would describe as a 'tough place to go' but I'll predict that fairly poor Ayr side won't make the play-offs!!!! Generally far more positives than negatives last night but centre half still gives me a worry, Forster in particular. Thought the new 'keeper was very good, barring one flap in the first half, and the full backs were OK. Dorrans was head and shoulders above the Ayr players in the first half but faded towards the end, which was perhaps not a surprise given his lack of game time recently. Nelson has to start if he's fit because he works his socks off not giving the opposition any time to think and Gowser was simply magnificent. If McDaid learns to lift his head and add end product to his game (yes, I know he scored) he'll prove to be a real asset. Byrne did his job with little fuss but I thought Hemmings was man of the match, piping Gowser. The DAB destroyer's hold-up play was top-notch and the Ayr players were just bouncing off him, whilst he made some very strong runs. It has been said that Hemmings took a while to get up to speed the last time and it looks like that may be the case this time, although he (and the other strikers) still need more ammunition from midfield and wide positions to get more goals. On the whole, I'm a happy Dee this morning!
  14. Where to start with that then? Perhaps with the performance that wasn't the worst. Plenty of possession, created a few half chances and played more than enough sideways and backwards passes to get Neil McCann excited. On another day we would have won. Unfortunately, it wasn't another day and things still haven't quite clicked. When we play 4-5-1 there's not nearly enough happening in the final third and when we go 4-4-2 we completely lose the midfield. Maybe things will happen once Dorrans gets up to speed - which might take a while!!!!!
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