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  1. Agreed. You need better than average keepers to win the 1st Div.
  2. Big half time team talk coming up! Get GS called down from the stand and show McPake how it’s done.
  3. Dunfermline are looking like a very good confident side. We are having a howler don’t get me wrong, but I have a feeling Dunfermline are away to be a surprise package like Falkirk a few years back.
  4. No competitive international in atleast 15 years has had less than 30,000. The argument goes out the window right away. Only friendlies could possibly taken around the country as already happens.
  5. It’s worth noting the Tynecastle pitch is the smallest in Scotland and when playing at Murrayfield the laws of the game state the surface has to be the same as their registered usual home. The dimensions of the Hampden pitch if used at Murrayfield would be almost the same as the rugby field and be much closer than when Hearts play there.
  6. Phenomenal signing. Though as a reality check I do hope it’s not an all eggs in one basket piece of business.
  7. She’s not a bad shout, but it wouldn’t be a job that can be part time or shared with another position.
  8. Couldn’t agree more. It needs fresh ideas from people well out of the toxic loop.
  9. I actually completely agree with him. Anyone who is already poisoned with Scottish football especially is a bad choice. A Chief Excutive is there to run a business not fan boy over sport.
  10. Load of whining from McCann imo. Its a deadline for everyone and any fool could see we were losing Hendry in this window. Should have been better prepared and had a contingency plan.
  11. Hopefully not a panic addition from losing a centre half and a guy that was already being considered.
  12. Was speaking to a boy I work with the day about this very situation. Basically said when Wilkie signed all he had to do was prove himself willing to put in the effort for the team and he won them round. I’d hope we will view Murray in the same way as it’s only fair on the boy who has to make a living like everyone else.
  13. The sooner folk in message boards admit they know f**k all the better. this deal might happen... it might not. Ultimately no one on here has any idea.
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