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  1. Found a couple of lapsed season ticket holders to take them them.
  2. I have 2 adult stand complimentary tickets courtesy of a Dee Promotion win, no use to me i'll be in the Coxy as usual so if anyone wants them get in touch.
  3. Went into the shop to get Aberdeen cup tickets but they are waiting on an IT guy to fix a glitch in the computer so no tickets available just now.
  4. What an erse this man is, be a shame if it all went t*ts up at septic.
  5. Happy with that, he is one of the players i would keep.
  6. Yes i will be renewing i have been going to Dens for over 50 years no point in stopping now, that's what Saturdays are for.
  7. Yes i remember the 5 minutes added at the end of the match seemed to go on forever.
  8. If we play like that till the end of the season scrub the play off spot we are gone.
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