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  1. The dabs won’t make the playoff,so no need to worry
  2. If it was duthie then it just shows what a bell end that he really is
  3. mitch

    The New Scott Allan

    Why can a team run out of steam after 45 minutes iI
  4. mitch

    GTF Please

    I’ll agree we that..that performance was a f**cking total brain fart
  5. Know exactly what yir saying..can’t listen
  6. Maybe no a bad thing,as it would save us dees listening to your sh*t
  7. mitch

    Next Two Games.

    Would u come to a team like us who r in fecking free fall
  8. Jim Spence on the radio saying the dabs need money and they need it right now
  9. There's no many teams give them 4 though
  10. Your right,but they definitely add to that problem
  11. mitch

    All That Matters Is Dundee FC

    Your dead right..Dodds will not make me stop going to watch Dundee
  12. mitch

    All That Matters Is Dundee FC

    The reason for nelms wanting Dodds to come in is that he couldn't give a flying f**k what happened 8 years ago,and I too couldn't give a flying f**k who comes in as our number 2,cause this club is going from one total farce to another.There won't be much to sing and dance about until this total circus comes to an end..I'm sure there was less sh**e on Noah's Ark

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