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  1. Mcpake won’t play him if he doesn’t think he will do a job..surely
  2. Robertson only had one season with the arsewipes doon the road
  3. Have the dabs became a good team in the last couple of days,cause the last I knew they were total gash,so I definitely don’t see them running away with the league
  4. My hatred for those Arab Cnuts is slowly becoming unhealthy
  5. If eh missed something here,cause every feckin story eh read are saying how good yinited are and how they’re gonna take this league by storm blah blah blah ...they are f**cking sh**e and we know they are
  6. Do we have another left back as good as Ralph that I’ve forgotten about?
  7. Hope that means he’s staying put,but we’ll wait and see
  8. Don’t know about Ralph,but I’ve heard a strong rumour that Nelson has a relegation clause
  9. Well if it is,get ready for another long hard slog(IMO)
  10. Ferguson is an A grade froot who hates us,so a big NO fae me
  11. If some fowk on here think staying in with or going out with the wife on Saturdays is better than drinking with yir mates before and after the game then hey ho...no meh cup o tea
  12. And the dabs got slated for doing and saying the exact same as some on here...thought us dees were meant to be the most loyal out the two???
  13. While I’m here,what the feck is a support ticket and do I need to que twice
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