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  1. No,no,no and f**cking no again..I’m better than wighton and I’ve no played for years..joking aside he’s never done a thing for us when he has played , could count on one hand the good games he’s had for us..only my opinion though
  2. Bit extreme ..sure we’ll do fine withoot him
  3. Bet the filth still tried giving away freebies
  4. mitch


    And a fecking Walter Mitty...notice you’ve no peddled all this keech on Dee mad ..how come?
  5. How will we suffer
  6. mitch


    Did they no steal Robertson fae queens park
  7. I’d go with the 2nd part
  8. They’ve no written anything remotely half decent about us since the voting scandal, and to me they are getting worse, all they want to do is blow as much smoke up the other lots arses as possible..so I’ll say it again..Arab fuckwits the lot of them
  9. If that’s the case, somebody at Dens has done a massive sh**e in their porridge
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