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  1. I would be happy with Berra, we are sh**e at the back
  2. Gowser is not a McKinnon or Butcher type player, no where near. Opposition fans hate him but that's as far as that goes. I would love someone to boss the midfield and be aggressive and bully boys on the park. Can anyone remember the last midfielder we had like that??
  3. Happy with this signing, welcome to Dens Danny
  4. My Dee TV not working for audio 🤔
  5. Is Kevin Nesbitt still available? Decent amount of goals last season albeit a lower league
  6. Happy woth this signing although he does look like he has put a bit of weight on but hopefully its just his big jumper
  7. Blair Henderson from Edinburgh City would be a good signing I think, unproven at this level but worth a shot
  8. Good because I saw someone suggested it was max of 5 on a Facebook post which obvs concerned me
  9. On how many loan players are in the squad or playing at any one time???
  10. Brilliant result, on to Saturday 👊
  11. Well Marcus Fraser has been poor tonight but I have seen him have a play well on few other occassions
  12. I hear Andrew Davies is a target of our, I thought he was good a few years back but not seen him play for a while
  13. About time! We now need an experienced manager in
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