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  1. Blair Henderson from Edinburgh City would be a good signing I think, unproven at this level but worth a shot
  2. deefly78

    Is There a Limit.

    Good because I saw someone suggested it was max of 5 on a Facebook post which obvs concerned me
  3. deefly78

    Is There a Limit.

    On how many loan players are in the squad or playing at any one time???
  4. deefly78

    Hearts V Dundee

    Brilliant result, on to Saturday
  5. Andrew Davies has left Hartlepool by mutual consent
  6. Welcome to the better side of street Craig
  7. Well Marcus Fraser has been poor tonight but I have seen him have a play well on few other occassions
  8. I hear Andrew Davies is a target of our, I thought he was good a few years back but not seen him play for a while
  9. deefly78

    New Manager Required

    About time! We now need an experienced manager in
  10. deefly78

    That's Got To Be It

    Has to go now
  11. deefly78

    Jack Hamilton

    Not convinced when he signed and not convinced now, get Parish back between the sticks
  12. deefly78

    Kenny Miller

    He is better tgan anything we have upfront just now so his age doesnt matter. I do think that McCann will have to add more than Miller to appease fans though especially if Wighton goes
  13. Good deal for us to get 250k for Wighton with his contract at an end soon. Wighton has not been great this season and I personally think he needs to move on to try and fulfil his obvious potential which is is not doing/getting the chance to do at Dens. Good luck to him if he goes
  14. deefly78

    Kenny Miller Worth a Punt?

    Would take Miller in a minute, 100% improvement on anything we have at the moment
  15. deefly78

    Managers Have Been Sacked for Less

    McCann says the same thing every bloody defeat. Has David Hopkins fot a job yet???
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