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The Dark Blues
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  1. I would get a loan keeper in and send Hamilton on loan. Don't even have him as back up. He has no confidence and needs to go I think. I would just cut our loses. We are not going to resign him. He will need to somehow get a new contract at the end of the season. So why not let him try now. His wage is expected so play hard ball. No one will sign a keeper who hasn't played for a year. Time for the club to step up.
  2. 1, one daisy cutter. Lets not make up stuff. I counted 24 times that we sent the ball back to Hamilton to kick up the park while under pressure from an attacker. That's a fair wack. Why put your goalkeeper under pressure like that? He has learned not to be smart and take anyone on, credit to him, and clear it up the park. It's hard to aim a ball when it's not a dead ball situation. Some of the best keepers in the world struggle with distribution at kicks.
  3. Correct. The basics need to be right. But he set up the team, same way we have played pre season and went for it. It didn't work. He changed it and we looked better. Hearts then changed again. We can't keep changing. Sooner or later the 11 V 11 either need to win or not. It's not a tinkering exercise. We weren't the better 11. We aren't the best in the world. We will loss.b
  4. Maybe change 1st thing to rate it out of 5. 2nd choice, do they stand out positively or negatively, 3rd choice, all negative options. I think he done well and changed it. Just a thought before I vote.
  5. Doesn't seem to be learning but addressed the problem at half time and forced Neilson to change his tactics to get back into the game.
  6. 1. He could have been sharper. 2. Great shot. Doesn't see it. 3. Penalty. 4. No one is saving that free kick. 5. Charlie Adams walks away from his man and gets a great shot, again unsavable. 6. Everyone has given up and AH gets a free shot at goal. Again placed in the corner. People are quick to blame a keeper. The ball, gets past 10 other boys first. If they do their job the keeper could smoke a cigar. But they aren't. And instead of addressing the problem of hearts having a free for all, everyone is blaming Hamilton. (who again I think needs to go anyway).
  7. Our midfield was horrific. Dorrans and Adams can't be the speed in a holding role. Adams slack marking cost us a goal, maybe 2. He isn't immune to criticism here. To many Dundee fans seem to have that view. Bryne or Finn need to be the linchpin in midfield who sit in front of defence. I was screaming for us to play a diamond and replace McGowan for the Celtic lad. His names escapes me right now. 5 4 1 with Mullen roaming.
  8. I can name a few wowsers with league winning medals haha.
  9. Question. Can people identify which goals were his fault last night? I think he is mince but you cant blame him for last night. 1 goal, at a push. The 1st I feel, he should have done better and been more alert. Other than that, we are looking for a scapegoat here, again. Charlie Adams was at fault for as many goals unfortunately. But that won't suit the narrative. P. S. He needs replaced, his time it up. But that's not the point.
  10. Right first half is done. Hearts still pressing but we look better. Stretching the game. We are getting chances. Changed sape. Seems McPake realised is mistake and fixed it. Let's wise up.
  11. I know, but we need to keep the skull here.
  12. Let's just chill a bit. Everything that could have went wrong as. Long season ahead. Hearts were always gonna be hard. Let's not f**k things after 45 minutes. A pen, a great free kick, a defending error and a excellent strike. Not like we have threw the ball in the net 4 times.
  13. Dundee are nervous. They will calm into it x
  14. Bbc making a chunt of this. Can't hear presenters for music and idiot saying teams to know one!
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