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  1. Always surprises me how some fans have morals over some football issues. Take dirty money? No way? Sing songs and taunt people regarding pedophiles or rapists? Yeah that's OK?
  2. Check that Arabs IP address please.
  3. Judge him in his own merit. Derby's are not the end of the world. People need to understand that.
  4. Wow, just wow. Seems he is the right man when on a run. 4 months he has been given and his team looks better than both previous managers.
  5. I honestly not sure what you do on football manager lol
  6. We have had to sell twice what they have? Surely that should come into consideration
  7. Can you just run it without playing. I've never played a football game in my life.
  8. BBC is nonsense. I'll never financially support it. Have never played in my life.
  9. Seems the 10k fans who were voicing anger about united keeping tickets have sadly passed away.
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