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  1. Derry Drummer

    Steve Martin Gone?

    Could have been anywhere or anything. Point is it was costing them nothing.
  2. Derry Drummer

    Steve Martin Gone?

    No. Funding can be used on facilities for said teams. So a reserve plastic pitch for our games etc. Pipe dream now. Possible that the decision wasnt made by Steve but I just cant figure out why they said no.
  3. Derry Drummer

    Killie V Dundee

    Madness people want to move the whole team to cover left back. Clammy at left back, curren push back and other crazy ideas. Replace that position with someone who isnt playing atm. It's not ideal but why weaken every other position just to have a weaker player than before
  4. Derry Drummer

    Steve Martin Gone?

    Just guessing but could it be possible that he just wasn't contributing. If he was say 10% of FPS at the start of the takeover and invested X amount. If the Americans continued to invest but he didn't have the cash then surely only 1 way to go. He cant continue to own 10% at a lower rate while the Americans pump in more money and he puts in nothing. Just a total guess btw but i did hear that he was the source of many leaks at the start of the tenure. DFC in the committee isnt that great tbh either. The club said 2 years ago that they were setting up a ladies team and approached me and the other coaching staff at Tayside ladies. We offered them the team on a plate and they knocked us back. This would have got the Hundreds of thousands in funding from the Scottish Government for multi level teams. Dundee United ladies have went on to back to back promotions and getting lots of funding. Missed opportunity again as usual.
  5. Derry Drummer

    Half Time Today

    Was there a collection? If the was today would have been a good day.
  6. Derry Drummer

    Development League No More

    Yeah Sunday would be decent.
  7. Derry Drummer

    Development League No More

    More on the reserve league with main league. When Dundee are home put reserve away. Meaning peoole who can't make away games can still see their team. Stadiums being used, staff given hours. Players getting games etc. Would that work?
  8. Derry Drummer

    John Nelms On Spfl Board

    Will never happen
  9. Derry Drummer

    Today's Attendance V Dunfermline

    Will never happen.
  10. Derry Drummer

    Special for Tomorrow

    Bottled it
  11. Derry Drummer

    Today's Attendance V Dunfermline

    How could u see that.
  12. Derry Drummer

    Special for Tomorrow

    The snug or the dump.
  13. Derry Drummer

    Full DFC Kit.

    Here's an idea. Ditch the brand and we can get tops made for £7 And sell for £40 making the club profit. They will be rubbish quality, badly designed but we can get a bargain And the club can make a fortune. If no one buys them it's not a big deal. Club only loses £7.
  14. Derry Drummer

    Special for Tomorrow

    Now it's full of Arab c**ts.
  15. Derry Drummer

    Special for Tomorrow

    Dare ya

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