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  1. Politically, Patel couldn't hold a candle to Abbott....
  2. "Always look on the bright side of life, de dum, de dum de dum de dum" etc.
  3. Last season's crowds...As per Worldfootball.net.. Dundee....5277 Ross County...4664 St Mirren...5376 Fermers...4091
  4. "Duppies"...wonder how long ago this little word slipped out of common usage? Certainly takes me back to school buses/football/getting dragged Doon the Toon on a Saturday morning..
  5. No wonder there's a run on toilet rolls, with the amount of sh**e produced!!!
  6. I've read Nine and a half weeks...Different bone, though....
  7. Will he need a defence that can handle crosses?
  8. Possibly not the best choice of words?
  9. Balerno 1956..Douglas 57 to 62...Grove 62 to 67...Same class as Iain Phillip.
  10. 192 for 4 isn't a bad first day...I went shopping during the rain delay.
  11. Robin Grimmond does these...He of "Eh Mind o'Gillie" fame.
  12. Comes from the days that Tommy Gallacher was the Sports Editor..He certainly leaned to the Dark Blue side...
  13. Suspended for the Partick away game on 11/1/20.
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