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  1. The whole league is sh**e even this Dabs. Worst the league has ever been.
  2. The rest of the league make them look no bad. Cause the rest o the league are crap. The worst it has been for many a year. Arab [email protected]@t**ds
  3. I’m 69 years of age and couldn’t afford a scarf. Couldn’t even afford to pay my way in . It was mister can you get me a sneaky in and right under the turnstile. Then gather as many beer bottles as you could many licensed grocers around the top o the hill would exchange them for you. Used to go to Soutars at the top o Rosebank Street up from Harry Dick the Butchers and Boab Batchies the Bookies. Who else remembers they days.
  4. Can we get back to the original topic. and stop having a whale of a time. Yir just a load o sharks.
  5. Liquidation without a doubt. There scum and embarrasing to the city. They bring nothing to the city at all.
  6. A good few tinneys o tennents. A good few
  7. Put it at the tap o the Law Hill. Away oot the f**k ing road looking over the dump. Sure the tourists would like it. That’s if they knew who the f uck he was.
  8. Almost 60 years. Who else in the city was there to support. The sh*t across the road was never ever a talking point. They still are sh*t.
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