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  1. Are sh**e were sh**e always will be sh**e.
  2. The team who wins the Championship must go up automatically surely?
  3. 5 years too young to remember him playing but surely Jocky must be up there? Id agree that in my time watching the team it would be TC.
  4. It could be argued that the concept of “marginal gains” , which has been so successful in cycling with Team Sky, was first developed by Dundee’s cup winners and their triple weave woollen shorts. The Clydonians wore a more traditional quadruple weave tweed and the weight differential between the two enabled the Dark Blues heroes to run an average 14 miles an hour quicker than their west coast adversaries. Sadly, and a little known fact to boot, the first incarnation of Deewok suffocated under thousands of cloth caps when the winner hit the back of the net. I need to get back to
  5. Haven’t read the entire thread but I’ll lob my tuppence into the mix. I look back on the Bonetti years fondly but we were terrible underachievers. I blame Ivano for that. He was a guy that could get the players in but neither his nor his brother’s tactics were up to much. Nemzadze, Artero, Sara, Cabellero, Rab,, Billio, all played in the early games under Bonetti and had we stopped there it might have worked but we must have had 10 guys in the stands all earning decent money and contributing nada. Once DeStefano arrived there was only one outcome. Still gives me the cringe when
  6. There will be plenty footballers without a club down south as clubs cut their cloth. There will be players better than Murray available who would normally be out of our wage bracket that we might be able to get. I’d much rather go with a smaller squad with a bit better quality next season. Our squads over the last few seasons have been bloated by too many bang average players
  7. As far as Aberdeen are concerned it could be the case that their policy ran out in April and was due for renewal? The insurance company would be unlikely to offer renewal pandemic insurance cover to anyone after early March. Lets hope we took ours out for the year in February if that’s the case.
  8. Sweden will be one of the markers as to when crowds are allowed back I think. Their policy of no lockdown allied to their death and infection rate should give us a better idea on how effective lockdown is. If I’m honest, I think it will be this time next year before we see restrictions lifted
  9. Exactly the statement I was expecting. The froth on Facebook has already started 😂 Im pretty comfortable with the situation and amazingly I trust Nelms to see us through this. Never ever thought I’d type/say that.
  10. I’ve read some of the utter tripe Ceres posts on his Facebook page. The guy is a total loony
  11. Aye just saw the other thread. I’m awa back to bed 😂😂
  12. Am I that far behind? 😂
  13. https://spfl.co.uk/news/spfl-clubs-to-vote-on-curtailment-of-ladbrokes-s Here we go
  14. Can’t see it tbh. Huge gamble if they did and if they came straight back down it could finish them. I don’t think any club bar Celtic will be spending much and even Celtic will not spend anywhere near what the might normally. If they keep Shankland which I feel they might they might just go with roughly what they have
  15. I get the argument regarding the 44 club idea but no one is looking into the future even by a few months. id guess that there are several clubs very close to going bust today never mind next month. I’d imagine some of those clubs are in the top two divisions. Our insurance policy should ensure that we can make it until football eventually starts again. Its probably pointless at the moment to decide what is going to happen as too many variables have still to fall into place. I think a 16 team league might end up being the best option.
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