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  1. They’ll win the league by 20 points. If we were in their position we’d be talking up our chances next season with or without Shankland. It would be funny as phuck if we somehow managed to go up too though.
  2. No idea who many of my first games were against as I was too young to remember being 3 or 4. Most of the games I went to I’d be sitting on the wall at the front of the stand enclosure. I think I’d be about 10 when I first set foot in the Derry
  3. He’s already been watched by a number of clubs apparently so we might be lucky to have him next season
  4. Darius equaliser against the DABS The 4th goal at Easter Road after being 4-1 down. Not a goal but the Ivano Dario 45 minute 12 inch Andy Weatherall remix at Tynecastle
  5. With the high winds forecast it will probably come down to which team (if any) handle the conditions. Maybe not the day to play the aimless possession shecht that’s been served up so far under McPake. Hopefully go a bit more direct with 2 genuine wide players supporting Hemmings. Got a wee feeling we will score a few so hopefully a win. 3-2
  6. I’d love to see the same topic on Dabmad. Loads of unheard of Angus primary schools then out to work the fields from 12 years on 😂
  7. Naw Unfortunately The Pole is my younger brother. 😂 A proper Dee who never even considered crossing the road like loads of “mates” did.
  8. Each relegation we’ve suffered has put us back at least 3 years each time imo. The financial shortfall each time meant cutbacks to playing and especially backroom staff. It means we have had to start again several times whereas Motherwell and Killie have been able to reap the benefits from the youths for example. If my memory serves me right we’ve cut back our youths on more than one occasion because of 2 admins and several relegations. Id say our situation is more similar to Hamilton or St Johnstone. We’ve all been yo yo teams over the last 40 years although Hamilton and Saints have both dropped into the 3rd tier in that time iirc Both clubs appear to live within their means at all times whereas we always seem to operate out with our means when we are in the Championship. Without the payouts given to various management teams as well as countless players over the past 5 years or so we would be able to invest in the playing squad giving us a better chance of promotion. Hanilton and Saints stick with their Manager and it certainly works more often than it fails. I am now supporting McPake till the end of the season regardless as it is utterly pointless to get rid after allowing him to sign players in the window. Our model hasn’t worked and will continue to fail until the club and fans accept where we are. The sleeping giant pish is so untrue at the moment that it’s laughable. We’ve won 5 major trophies in just under 140 years for god sake. I wanted him sacked when we lost at Inverness before Xmas but.we have to stick with him till at least the end of the season now. We make exactly the same mistakes every time and it can’t go on.
  9. Mullen deal will go through. We’ll end up stumping up no doubt
  10. Midfield is the problem though. Slow play with slow players. Midfield definitely needed improving in at least 3 of the 5 positions imo
  11. Rosebank primary on the Hulltoon then on to the Harris 1982-88 Many more Dees than Arabs in my year at the Harris
  12. I reckoned he should have went after the game in Inverness and have not seen any improvement apart from 45 minutes against the DABS since.But ............ It is senseless to allow him to sign players in this window then sack him a couple of weeks later. McPake is going nowhere soon imo. Its now up to the Manager to get the team sorted out and performing ASAP or this situation will only get worse. I really hope he can and this last six months acts as a crash course in management that sets him up for a good career at Dens but I’m not seeing anything at all that gives me any hope so far. Over to you James .....
  13. What tactics? id be interested to know what you think McPake was trying to achieve in that game.
  14. Maybe delete the photo of the text as this could get him in trouble with Hearts
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