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  1. SouthsideDee

    Team v St Mirren

    Good to see most of the loan imposters are out. Probably already half way down the road to wherever they came from already
  2. SouthsideDee

    Who do you think will be next?

    Would defo be worth picking up the phone and having a chat with
  3. SouthsideDee

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    SSN saying QPR have offered Dieng a new contract
  4. SouthsideDee

    Who do you think will be next?

    Chris Coleman just been sacked by Chinese club. Former international manager. Just saying likes....
  5. SouthsideDee

    Who do you think will be next?

    Bob Bradley was at Swansea. Lasted about 10 minutes. What about Brad Bobley from Soccer AM?
  6. Good. Time to draw a line under this shambolic season. Onwards and upwards
  7. SouthsideDee

    Darren O’Dea retires

    Good luck to him. Him legs seemed to have gone in the last couple of seasons, but as he says himself, his commitment could never be questioned. Getting ready to join the coaching team when JM inevitably goes???
  8. SouthsideDee

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    JM says “consistency levels have not been there”. We have been totally consistent last 10 games.
  9. SouthsideDee

    What Would You Change About the Club Right Now?

    Our league position
  10. SouthsideDee

    How Did They Become Pro?

    I'm 53 and we have been sh*t for nearly all the time I have visited Dens. Unfortunately it gets to the stage where some fans are just fed up banging their heads off the wall. As we all know once the habit is broken many of these guys are lost for good.
  11. SouthsideDee

    Scottish Cup

    First experience of an English game was West Ham v Spurs at the old Upton Park as an away fan with a Spurs supporting mate probably 87/88. Never seen anything like it - the tube stations were like battlefields. Scary scary stuff.
  12. SouthsideDee

    The Warning Signs Were There.

    3.17 in Madianga and Moussa's "miscommunication". Oh dear
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