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  1. SouthsideDee

    Scottish Cup

    First experience of an English game was West Ham v Spurs at the old Upton Park as an away fan with a Spurs supporting mate probably 87/88. Never seen anything like it - the tube stations were like battlefields. Scary scary stuff.
  2. SouthsideDee

    The Warning Signs Were There.

    3.17 in Madianga and Moussa's "miscommunication". Oh dear
  3. SouthsideDee

    Free Kick Trivia

    That’s the game I’m thinking about.
  4. SouthsideDee

    Free Kick Trivia

    Did he also not get one at Dumbarton?
  5. SouthsideDee

    Free Kick Trivia

    Greg Stewart?
  6. SouthsideDee

    The Released Players.

    Spence to County Deacon to Sutton Nabi to Crete Haber to Pacific FC Any idea about Moussa, Elton, Mendy and Mandiaga? The fact the don't seem to have been picked up probably says all we need to know about the "quality" of our summer signings.
  7. SouthsideDee

    Adil Nabi

    Article about him on BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47006218
  8. SouthsideDee

    Ryan McGowan

    Thought he was our best player today. Talked all the way through as well. Maybe the calm head kasunga needs beside him
  9. SouthsideDee

    Hamilton V Dundee

    JM did
  10. SouthsideDee

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    I meant you cant legislate for the constant brain farts, but agree JM needs to do something going forward. Inniss and Kasunga must have cost close to double figures in goals so far. I think we are unlikely to see much more of Inniss.
  11. SouthsideDee

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    Not defending the team selection, but when you have defenders giving kamikaze back passes I don't see what JM can do. We have been killed all season by stupid individual errors and the players need to take responsibility for the hole they are in. Not sure many of them are prepared to do that. In the last week we have lost 5 goals. One a flukey own goal and three down to our mistakes. That's a big reason for where we are.
  12. SouthsideDee

    Queen of the South V Dundee

    Whatever is going on, this is making me depressed as f*ck
  13. SouthsideDee

    Queen of the South V Dundee

    We don’t have a midfield
  14. SouthsideDee

    Turnover of Players

    Nabi was only on a short term 6 month contract and all the others on loan, so there would be no pay outs on them.

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