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  1. I see Leigh Griffiths scored a hat trick as well. Can’t believe we let him go.
  2. Also John Duncan, did exactly the same. Everyone on here, would do exactly the same if they had the chance to triple, or quadruple their wages. Fans boo player, outrage when player bites back. Never understood that to be honest.
  3. How do people get in with wrong tickets? Are you saying adults are using concessions? If that’s happening with us, it must be happening just about everywhere.
  4. bp33


    We’ve already beaten Ayr twice this season.
  5. Do we need another thread, with folk giving reasons why they won’t be buying a season ticket?
  6. Wasn’t really taking the pish. I was told he definitely trained with ST Mirren before training with us. I would imagine that lack of budget stopped us signing him. I’m sure Deewee would confirm this, if he is who, I think he is.
  7. He trained with St Mirren, before training with us. I’m sure Deewee, will confirm.😉
  8. In my opinion, we played well in very difficult conditions. Defence looked solid, and Hemmings was very good. Thistle weren’t good, but you can only beat the team in front of you, and we did that comfortably.
  9. What’s your thoughts now. You stated that it could be a blessing in disguise if Hemmings was injured, to let Nelson get a run in the team?
  10. I can understand why you would want to get rid of McPake, although I don’t understand why you would attend games hoping we(your team) would lose. I certainly don’t understand why you would want rid of our owners, who have backed the club continuously since they took over. Granted JN has made mistakes, in his time here, but without their money, I would be very worried for the future of the club in its present form. As far as I’m aware, there is no one waiting in the wings to take over.
  11. I’ve never wanted Dundee to lose a game in my life. You definitely are in the minority.
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