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  1. Dondeh

    Seny Dieng - Officially Signs

    Yep. And to think his signing might not have been planned ?.
  2. Dondeh

    Hearts V Dundee

    JM says it was tactical as Hearts had changed to an extra man in midfield . He said he was about to make the change before the second goal. Thank phuck he didn't .
  3. Dondeh

    Hearts V Dundee

    Have we lost a game playing in the white tops?.
  4. Dondeh

    Hearts V Dundee

    All available new signiings start. What now for Kallman?.
  5. Exactly . They hold all the aces and don't need to do a thing.
  6. Dondeh

    Hearts V Dundee

    Top scorer on the bench. Interesting .
  7. Dondeh

    Emiliano Sala.

    Apparently the flight was arranged through a Scottish football agent by the player himself .
  8. Official has it the other way round . It says midfielder who can also play in defence .
  9. Dondeh

    Hearts V Dundee

    Same starting X1 except Nelson or Dales for Deacon?.
  10. So. Same squad for the Hearts game it seems .
  11. You would think any new signing having a chance of being in the squad for tomorrow would need to be announced today. 72 hours ago JM was 'hopeful' of getting 1 or 2 in.
  12. That's what I was hoping and they then went and signed McCormack.

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