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  1. No one is asking them. Not in pre match interviews anyway.
  2. Due to desperation I guess?.
  3. Hence the signing of McDaid?.
  4. Indeed. How long has it dragged on?.
  5. All this May talk reached a crescendo on DEETV last week. It was like the Stevie May show and I thought at the time is was premature at best. Now just cringeworthy
  6. TBF. That came from Charlie Adam''s mates on Talksport live on air.
  7. Looks not quite as good as Randy Wolters did Has scored 3 goals in the last 4 years.
  8. So the Blackpool signing on Talksport was rubbish. And these guys always have Charlie on the show
  9. Dondeh

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    A win at home would be quite something (ie. 3 points in 90 minutes).
  10. Perhaps it is trying to be used but the potential recipient(s) are pissing us about?.
  11. Dondeh

    Pars V Dees Tix On Sale Now

    Agreed. Playing these 3rd and 4th tier diddy teams is doing everyone's nut in
  12. From those 'in the know' on here had previously stated deals had been struck some time ago with Aberdeen, for either a loan or transfer.
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