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  1. Dondeh


    Fantastic chance for Hemmings. But no.
  2. Dondeh

    Crowd V Motherwell

  3. Dondeh

    Crowd V Motherwell

  4. Dondeh

    Crowd V Motherwell

    Exactly. But no surprise.
  5. Dondeh

    Crowd V Motherwell

  6. Dondeh


    Here we go. Buckle up folks.
  7. Dondeh


    Think we did a good job against Aberdeen in the league cup tbf.
  8. Dondeh


    Jesus H Christ 😒
  9. Dondeh


    Ness and Byrne. Interesting. Premiership players are back in for a game against a top flight team team. 1 up top is not all that surprising. Is Nelson injured?.
  10. Dondeh


  11. Dondeh

    Scottish Cup

    So, only possibles now are :- Dundee to beat Motherwell Hibs to beat DABs
  12. Dondeh

    Crowd V Motherwell

    Probably about 20% of the attendance of DABs v Hibs tomorrow. Incredible 😟
  13. Dondeh

    January Window

    How so? Preparing for 2nd tier (hopefully), again next season seems reasonable imo.
  14. Dondeh

    January Window

    2 weeks left. But so far Seems like Nelms/JMP are preparing for the 2nd tier (hopefully), next season.
  15. Dondeh

    January Window

    Certainly . It's been all of 5 months since the last one.
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