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  1. Dondeh

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    Not seen Davies myself. But I've seen the other two. How was Davies
  2. Dondeh

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    Then get rid. Just like the DABs did.
  3. Dondeh

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    But caveat. See #80
  4. Dondeh

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    How did he do for the DABs in the 2nd tier?.
  5. Dondeh

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    Still think that Davies can do a job for us next season. Only problem with those that are left is Hamilton. Would not want him as the #2.
  6. Dondeh

    Jim Duffy

    All day long this ^^^^^ And said it before. Fans at home seemed to be accepting of the inevitable this season ( non vocal). IMO McIntyre could have been away before it was too late.
  7. Dondeh

    Now the Season From Hell Is Over....

    I would keep Nelson and Ralph and hopefully Davies can do a job for us in central defence.
  8. Dondeh

    Who do you think will be next?

    Don't know the answer but instead of throwing money at less than average players on good contracts window after window (which has failed spectacularly). How about throwing money at getting a half decent Manager who might be around for more than a season?.
  9. Dondeh

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    And a new defence.
  10. Dondeh

    Team v St Mirren

    Yep. He wants to weakly palm the ball away most of the time instead of a punch or catch. Dire.
  11. Dondeh

    Just Watched the Highlights.

    Adams or Lennon?.
  12. Indeed. DFC comic cuts central for DCT's.
  13. Dondeh

    Deetv: St.M Highlights & Interviews

    Cancelled my DEETV subs a few weeks ago, but O'Dea has routinely come across as the best interviewee. Consistently shone above the other players (not difficult), McIntyre (not difficult), and latterly McCann (who eventually lost the plot with the interviewers).
  14. Dondeh

    Team v St Mirren

    Hamilton is certainly not good enough for the Championship imo. Absolute stinker of a goalkeeper.
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