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  1. Dondeh

    Graham Dorrans

    Well, he did a great job of denying everything - but then again the 'meal' was supposedly 24 hours later.
  2. The DABs had 20 attempts on goal. Unlucky.
  3. Dondeh

    Graham Dorrans

    JMP said on Thursday that he talks to Dorrans every week.
  4. I'm sure Irene (and a few other ex posters), would have used the 'said' button, if it had been available
  5. Dondeh

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    He's definitely not a waste imo. It's a waste we don't have the system or playmaker(s) further back. Yet, he's scored 1 in 3 starts (?), and has had a number of attempts on goal.
  6. Agreed. But a bit concerning to rely on a 16 and 17 year old?. And with Hemmings and Nelson on the bench. But. If it means 3 points week on week - I'm in.
  7. Aye. But we've got Hemmings and Nelson to come on. And we got 3 points.
  8. Glad you can say that Harry without any bs coming back
  9. Indeed it is. I said earlier in the week I'd changed my mind about leaving 2 of our 3 strikers out of the starting X1 against any team, as long as we get 3 points (every time). 3 points is all that matters. And credit to Hamilton for saving the pen and at least 2 points. He's faced 10 (?), so far this season and saved one and the one that mattered the most.
  10. Dondeh

    Alloa On Saturday

    Ness has an ankle injury and Meekings a family issue .
  11. Dondeh

    Alloa On Saturday

    Nelson and Hemmings on the bench and Ness in the stand. Let's do this .
  12. I'm a big fan of Nelson. Don't know the stats but he's already scored 4 this season - 2 from the start and 2 off the bench.
  13. We have the strikers. The performances haven't been good enough We need to find a way to create chances for them. Cannot disagree with anything The Manager says ^^^^
  14. Dondeh

    Graham Dorrans

    Indeed. But JMP did say something like .... if this had come up 6 weeks ago, could have been different.... (?) It was the Dorrans DEETV pre match this week. (tbf JMP did a reasonable job fending the Dorrans questions off with a straight bat). Not that long ago a pre match DEETV was all about Stevie May
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