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  1. I'd prefer Nelson to stay. But can't see any mileage in both. So why the 'rumours' ? Fear for Nelson.
  2. Could be a decent foil for Hemmings for another season in the Championship. But where would that leave Nelson?.
  3. Trying to access DEETV content on freeview 😉 DEETalk. Good start.
  4. And not followed by the SNP MP in self isolation after flying home from that London.
  5. It's not like the flu (yet). Parts of the population have built up immunity from the flu over decades and we have vaccines to kerb it. Looks like we won't get a vaccine for this virus strain until next year.
  6. Dondeh


    Confusion. Much. All will be revealed at some point...............................................................
  7. Maybe a virus outbreak in a care home. Perhaps in Dundee?. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/dundee/1194634/coronavirus-cases-linked-to-broughty-ferry-practice-force-closure-of-local-health-centre/?utm_source=twitter
  8. Indeed. But for once, the favourites of our sectarian ScotGov, just got thwarted by the usually complicit SPFL. Incredible times.
  9. Let's wait and see what happens closer to home first wrt JMP. (Although the way things are going, if we ever get into a play off against a top flight team - it won't be the mighty Hamilton).
  10. Glad to be not losing goals of course. But if we continue to not score more than the opposition, then we are resigned to this division.... at best.
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