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  1. Dondeh

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Hopefully Tim Keyes will not take this 'set back' to heart and continue pumping his millions into the club.
  2. Livingston: 8th W10 L12 GD+1 Pts 38 Dundee : 11th W4 L20 GD-38 Pts 18 I know where I'd prefer to be at this stage of the season. The one that is an incredible 39 (Thirty Nine) goals and 20 points better off.
  3. Keeping it down to 1 is a plus. Surely?.
  4. I think it was really telling that JM called out our attacking move that failed to convert in injury time, yet said nothing about the lazy pass straight to the opposition that led to their move for the winner.
  5. Defended well. But In the upcoming games where we simply have to get 3 points, JM will not set up that way again. Will he?.
  6. Dondeh

    John Nelms

    Nelms is at the Club, presumably hand picked and trusted by Keyes, to look after his investment. Nelms is most certainly complicit in where we are now with falling attendances, massive year on year losses and on the brink of relegation. Nelms has failed in the operational aspect and cost Keyes a small fortune and surely he should be 'let go'?. But Keyes would surely want a replacement to look after his multi million investment. Who and how does he chose that person?. And that person will be on at least the same salary.
  7. Dondeh

    In Hindsight

    Having worked with Yanks for decades. I cannot understand why the feck Keyes has not fired Nelms years before now?.
  8. Dondeh

    Season Tickets

    Tim Keyes must be shi**ing himself. If not, the games a bogey.
  9. Dondeh

    Season Tickets

    "........Dundee Managing Director John Nelms has admitted Dundee season tickets are going out earlier than expected but Nelms states that season tickets sales have a major impact on the managers budget and Jim McIntyre has already started to make signings and identify targets for next season......"
  10. Dondeh

    Reception for Scott Bain

    Think we should focus on our own performance and hanging on to 11th spot in the division.
  11. Dondeh

    Relegation Battle

    What are these good things you speak of?.

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