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  1. Whatever the FM is 'reading' I buy 👍
  2. Church. Surely 3 strikes and out - or keep? When was the last time Marshall kicked a ball?.
  3. Yet JMP is giving him a trial. Must be a shortage of players at this time - Jesus H Christ.
  4. Dundee United, the SPL team? Holy feck - they still rate him.
  5. May as well turn the Nightingale hospitals into Unemployment Benefit Offices 😟
  6. Not so sure we need a 'big striker' . We just need a striker - like Hemmings imo.
  7. Dunno. If he can run about for 90 mins every week and Dorrans is the supplier...?
  8. https://dundeefc.co.uk/match/montrose-pre-season/
  9. Indeed, Discussed in this thread
  10. 1) Tommy Coyne, Alan Gordon and Iain Scott were all class acts imo. 2) Everyone since then can do one. 3) As for Shift Key. See (2) above and then some.
  11. Fine. But I would prefer any punt, targeted on a keeper. Unless JMP has got one lined up already.
  12. Perhaps shows where our budget is now, even with loan signings.
  13. The Hamilton boy looks like a total punt. Perhaps even more so than anything NMC ever signed?.
  14. Nicholas Hamilton nears Dundee loan deal as they remain keen on Nadir Ciftci https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/nicholas-hamilton-nears-dundee-loan-22706993
  15. The $1,000,000 question. Also speculated in the Best X1 thread. Before he arrived I thought Adam would play deep and allow Dorrans to push further forward.
  16. There are vile DABs and than there is this individual.......
  17. Interesting. Dorrans behind Adam. Assumed that signing Adam would allow Dorrans to play further forward?.
  18. 63' | 1-0 Sub for each team - Dundee - Lyall Cameron replaces Jakubiak
  19. More worrying than that. He is/(was), playing up front beyond any other strikers. 🤔
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