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  1. Sorry Gedee, need to make myself clearer...I don’t fund that extortion racket also known as the bbc licence fee.....so if ye DON’T mind.....im no putting you doon for two
  2. The BBC licence revolution is still ongoing in the janny household......massive con of which I will not take part.....
  3. Janny62

    'Abused By My Girlfriend' BBC

    Hi Chomp, growing up I probably witnessed more than any kid should ever had to ...often the kids are also brought into situations through no fault of their own but how it affects them or how they can deal with things can stay with them through their lives. As for myself I've always try to turn negative experiences into the positive ...that is something that has just evolved in me , but I I think any situation that life throws at me never fazes me.....I might be one of the lucky ones, others are not so fortunate but no doubt domestic abuse can be far reaching.
  4. Janny62

    'Abused By My Girlfriend' BBC

    Hi Gedee, didn't see any of the programmes myself but I did read about the boiling water etc....as you say. ..horrific to think the poor guy suffering like that. How ANYONE can think they can do this to other human beings and think they can get away with it is hard to stomach. Having been brought up in a housing scheme in the sixties I would say that domestic abuse was rife in that the men went to the pub every night , no one was awash with cash back in the day and if the women said anything it was a swift backhander or two for them. I have in a drawer in my house an Andy Capp annual of which I was trying to describe the supposed humour to a young male teacher where I work where Flo hits Andy over the head with a rolling pin after coming home pissed and I failed miserably when I tried to balance things out by explaining it's ok because andy usually bangs her in the puss. The shocked look on the young guys face was of astonishment that this passed as humour back in the day but one thing was clear that this was normal for many at that time. Sorry Gedee if I'm maybe rambling on a bit but people don't have to put up with treatment like that ....there is help out there for people....getting them the courage to take the first step to getting help is another thing. One final note Gedee , I wouldn't be too hard on yourself as we all say things about our good ladies and they are taken in the manner they are meant to without meaning to offend.
  5. Janny62


    Hi Cornerstone, I don't recall supporters outside Grounds at Hamilton,Livingston and Kilmarnock protesting about Astro being installed or players refusing to sign for those same clubs because they played on the stuff but truth is that if our owners told us we were installing one we would probably roll over and accept it.
  6. Janny62


    Hi Billy, it's true there were a few slips today but I could also point out a few free kicks from Woods over the bar on grass the last few games or Dales snatching at the ball on grass as well plus I still don't know how Wright missed that sitter from close in when it looked easier to score. I'm starting to get worried that people must think I'm an Astro turf salesman by the amount of comments I'm making about the surface but bottom line is I think it's too easy to blame the surface and we are talking about Professional players here who should be able to deal with this comfortably. Also one last comment from me....what do I prefer ?...no doubts....it's grass for me .......ps..appreciate your comments though.
  7. Janny62


    Thank you Bjs, my sentiments exactly...I think I found myself defending Astro more than I felt I should have but one thing I was sure of was that for years we all said there wasn't enough facilities for kids training...we now have a generation of kids being brought up playing on it...last time we played livvie, we lost FOUR headed goals...that was nothing to do with the pitch and more to do with poor defending,recently we lost a screamer of a shot from Dobbie at Q of South which was nothing to do with the pitch again but in my opinion was a brilliant strike.We are supposed to have better players but only complain when things don't go our way eg it's an unfair advantage playing on Astro ? I have never had a problem playing on it In my playing days,neither controlling a ball,running on it or even shooting at goal on it so it might be more a reflection on those that don't like it. Just for the record,after today's win...how many folk will come on today and condemn the pitch after today's great win....the pitch is soon forgotten when you get a win......
  8. Was a great celebration but I hope someone shows the wee lad getting lifted up by Ryan McGowan ? Best celebration in a while ....woods giving it his best as well...great stuff.
  9. Janny62

    St Mirren V That Lot

    There are "leaders" and there are "followers" in life and as you started the thread ,you made that decision to lead the thread from the front.....yer decision making is fine
  10. Janny62

    St Mirren V That Lot

    Ach , dinnae be so hard on yerself Dandy...at least you have seen the error of your ways....has been an interesting topic but your decision making will get better.............WHEN YOU GET OLDER.
  11. Janny62


    Thing is Barkblue, you find yourself going when sometimes you don't really want to go , it's a habit/passion that's hard to break but you find yourself getting nearer that breaking point of how much more can I suffer ? Hopefully we are turning the corner as you say....makes it a better week at the work as well.
  12. Janny62

    St Mirren V That Lot

    Respect your views CBH ,but i rue the day you enticed me to these dungeon places..I've come to realise that sort of activity is painfull and Its not for me and no longer want picked up last Friday of the month ....but back to the topic ...on reflection....I agree ......phuck yinited !!!
  13. Janny62


    Good morning Gedee, firstly would like to say that I think some of us were getting concerned for your well being for a while as there wasn't much coming out from your keyboard....strange thought were running through my head like "has Margaret sewed up the gusset of Gedees long johns and he's in trouble " or perhaps another dive off the shed roof again.....your mind goes into overdrive at times but it's good to see you back on form. I think that most of us were a bit underwhelmed with JM s appointment but most of us have come round to him having seen what he had to work with and how his dealings have been in the Jan window. We are no long being outmuscled on the park and as you say..."work hard and keep it simple " added to win your battles and we will get further up the table.
  14. Janny62


    Good morning Mr Chomp, for most of the season I've been sitting at games thinking "what am I doing here" and slowly falling out of love with fitba ....but with the signings in the January window showing a bit of passion like you say and giving us more flair it's renewed my passion for my club. The attendances at away games have reflected what's been happening on the park ...eg 100 odd for QoS to nearly 900 against Hamilton....give us something to get excited about and the fans will turn up........the feel good factor is on it's way back .

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