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  1. Janny62

    Re Scott Bain's Fallout At Dens....

    No problem with you giving your view on him but i think you're wrong....Bain is a far better keeper than anyone we have had in goal since he went. Not saying that he was faultless in what happened but put yourself in the same position if it happened to you in your workplace, would you cave in to your manager if you thought you were being hard done by...in my opinion the Dundee support turned on him and pushed him towards the door......one thing i do know is that we might not have been in this position today had we cut him some slack.
  2. Neither would i have him back......found myself thinking he could have done better at a lot of our goals.....too often for my liking.
  3. Janny62

    We Must Improve Dens Atmosphere

    The songs jimmy nicoll knows will probably get the Derry marching rather than bouncing......
  4. Janny62

    We Must Improve Dens Atmosphere

    wouldn't fit in with the young guys.......his voice has broken.!!! so i'm told.
  5. Janny62

    The Play-offs

    That would be just plain nasty!!.....I do like the idea though.
  6. Janny62

    The Play-offs

    They also got a lot of breaks through the play offs,decisions favoured them massively.......can't be as lucky again....can they ?
  7. Janny62

    The Play-offs

    Hi Chomp, would say the two central defenders look a bit slow and were getting pulled all over the place, add Booth to the defence and then things are not looking quite as some would make out....Sow doesn't look half the player he was made out to be and Safranco their main goal scorer is on his way home to his parent club so wouldn't get my knickers in a twist about them.....of course it's up to us to get a squad to challenge them but we have cleared the decks (again) so we might have a freshness about the squad by the time the league starts.....have to take those blue tinted specs off ....
  8. Janny62

    Josh Todd

    Hard to say where they went wrong but they did have some good players last season, after the two games against us I would have been happy to sign a few of their players.....although I bet they wished the could come up against a bombscare defence like ours every week.....still trying the get the Palmerston game out of my mind.....I did not enjoy that one bit !!!!
  9. Janny62

    Josh Todd

    Pretty sure it was Todd who got the man of the match against us , do agree with you In that Dykes was a real handful who I thought was the better of the two.
  10. Janny62

    Dfcss Appeal

    Re-signed up this morning having lapsed for a while.
  11. Sorry Gedee, need to make myself clearer...I don’t fund that extortion racket also known as the bbc licence fee.....so if ye DON’T mind.....im no putting you doon for two
  12. The BBC licence revolution is still ongoing in the janny household......massive con of which I will not take part.....
  13. Janny62

    'Abused By My Girlfriend' BBC

    Hi Chomp, growing up I probably witnessed more than any kid should ever had to ...often the kids are also brought into situations through no fault of their own but how it affects them or how they can deal with things can stay with them through their lives. As for myself I've always try to turn negative experiences into the positive ...that is something that has just evolved in me , but I I think any situation that life throws at me never fazes me.....I might be one of the lucky ones, others are not so fortunate but no doubt domestic abuse can be far reaching.
  14. Janny62

    'Abused By My Girlfriend' BBC

    Hi Gedee, didn't see any of the programmes myself but I did read about the boiling water etc....as you say. ..horrific to think the poor guy suffering like that. How ANYONE can think they can do this to other human beings and think they can get away with it is hard to stomach. Having been brought up in a housing scheme in the sixties I would say that domestic abuse was rife in that the men went to the pub every night , no one was awash with cash back in the day and if the women said anything it was a swift backhander or two for them. I have in a drawer in my house an Andy Capp annual of which I was trying to describe the supposed humour to a young male teacher where I work where Flo hits Andy over the head with a rolling pin after coming home pissed and I failed miserably when I tried to balance things out by explaining it's ok because andy usually bangs her in the puss. The shocked look on the young guys face was of astonishment that this passed as humour back in the day but one thing was clear that this was normal for many at that time. Sorry Gedee if I'm maybe rambling on a bit but people don't have to put up with treatment like that ....there is help out there for people....getting them the courage to take the first step to getting help is another thing. One final note Gedee , I wouldn't be too hard on yourself as we all say things about our good ladies and they are taken in the manner they are meant to without meaning to offend.
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