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  1. A step back a division might be just what he needs to get his career back on track...could be a good move for him.
  2. Janny62

    Video Assistant Referees

    Agreed, it is pathetic...
  3. Janny62

    Video Assistant Referees

    No but I do believe the have "Hawkeye" you know that camera thingy they have that decides whether the ball is touching the line at any point . Pretty sure there is a few corners though although my knowledge of tennis is sketchy at best...
  4. Janny62

    Have You Had a Bad Experience From Drink

    Think we may drink in different types of establishments.......
  5. Looked a perfectly good tackle to me....
  6. Janny62

    Video Assistant Referees

    Just another case of players pushing rules to the boundaries.....don't know when this actually changed but back in the day when I played I never once felt the need for another couple of inches to make it easier to put in a cross from a corner....it's possible this evolved from the tennis at Wimbledon ...not sure but it does my head in....
  7. Janny62

    Have You Had a Bad Experience From Drink

    Hi Islay , I've had to live with the burden of being an under age drinker for the last forty five years but as the years go by it's currently at around five hundred and fifty in my list of things I shouldn't have done....possibly the word "irresponsible" can be pinned on a few of us on more than a few occasions.....there is also a trawler rum from Fraserburgh which is pretty decent as well.....Only in an emergency though.
  8. Janny62

    Have You Had a Bad Experience From Drink

    Hi Islay, have been drinking Ovd since 1973....I was 13 years old when an uncle came out of the pub in Leith walk ( playing Hibs that day )back to the car saying "get that down you" ....took to it right away and still drinking it to this day. Back then, there was a few others on the market...black heart ,banana rum....windjammer I think ? all pretty vile ....
  9. Janny62

    Jesse Curran

    Hi Wattie, I think most of us realised early on he was not a defender . One thing in his favour is the management team seem to rate him . I honestly don't know what his best position is....I don't think he's tough enough for rwb or able to tackle for that matter and would be a waste of a shirt on the rw as he doesn't get enough crosses in or on target for me. ...I do hope he kicks on but I'm starting to pull my hair out with him....
  10. Janny62

    Video Assistant Referees

    Throw in wrestling matches at corners as well....nae wonder the blood pressure goes through the roof at times........it is funny when folk go into a rant about things that are trivial at times before finally calming down....most of us have done it at sometime or other usually helped along with a few beers inside us.
  11. Janny62

    Video Assistant Referees

    How can we expect VAR to work when the officials ON the pitch can't even see that the ball is OUTSIDE the arc at corners every feckin time ..these are probably the guys that will ultimately monitor the cameras.......going away to sit in a darkened room to calm doon !!!!
  12. Janny62

    Craig Samson

    Thought Hamilton was settling down a bit the last couple of games ...prefer to back him rather than boo him myself .....getting his confidence back is important.
  13. Janny62

    Jesse Curran

    All over the place at Motherwell as well. I agree when he's running at defenders he looks dangerous but then tends to over hit his crosses...too often for my liking.
  14. Janny62

    Jesse Curran

    Although Deacon is hot or cold at times I think he is the better option of who is available....we're now touching on another problem....the current squad or lack of options.
  15. Janny62

    Jesse Curran

    Jessie Curran in my opinion put across 2/3 good crosses last week...but if someone can teach him how to head a ball,tackle and to be more aware of what's happening around him that would be great....for me, at the moment he is not worth a starting place in the team...he may or may not develope into a decent player but to quote him for international football at this moment is a bit early (again my opinion only) he has a few things to work on in his game but when you're bottom of the league you cannot have any passengers in your team....that is what he is at the moment.....it would be fair to say that I'm not a fan of him.....I hope I'm wrong , but going by some of the previous comments about him there are a few people who seem to rate him....we all see things differently I suppose.

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