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  1. Whilst i think i understand what blm is all about, i'm not really buying into the branding of it. It appears to be that" if you're not with us fully...you're against us" seems to be the opinion of many. My personal opinion is that ALL lives matter and racism in any form is completely wrong.....no doubt i will be castigated for my opinion Cobra, but will watch with interest when the first individual doesn't go down on the knee in support.....toxic it will be.
  2. Watched the second half....thought utd were clueless.....
  3. Correct Charliedee, think you've just posted this as i was writing much the same....let's starve Dundee of our cash is a good one...pretty sure that came from down ibrox way when everyone was against the Rangers....
  4. Hi Napper, my jambo mate was a wee bit nippy with me regarding the Dundee vote and sporting integrity...when i mentioned about their German manager working for free then ousting him for Neilson without even telling him until the deal was done...different story then... they are a bitter bunch no doubt...in fact you could easily be mistaken that you were on the follow follow site...much sameness...
  5. Had a look at the site last night.....pretty entertaining....talk of boycotts ,targetting certain teams who have voted them down, calling each other "scabs" if they go to away grounds......everyone hates them ...etc......much infighting . keep it coming lads !!!
  6. Who hasn't owned a foot spa at some time ?.........warned the mrs janny that it was a waste of money at the time......cannae tell them !!!!
  7. Thanks Chomp, think i'll drop my content insurance and if anything goes wrong i'll try that crowdfunding thing....apparently folk will give you money for anything these days !!!
  8. We played Queens Park in the cup at Hampden a few years ago, anyone who was at the game would have noticed Robertson tearing up and down the park for the ninety minutes...he was outstanding...
  9. Janny62


    Lets just say the story and spotting who the celebrities were, far outweighed the acting on show.
  10. Janny62


    Who could forget Sylvester Stalones performance that game against the Germans........that one performance surely inspired thousands of kids to play in goal....inspirational i say !
  11. Janny62


    The film with the ultimate feelgood factor after you watch it.......the original Jungle book ....could watch it over and over.
  12. Would tend to agree with you Harold.....think the long sleeve spoils a good top, delighted at the red socks making a comeback as well as the first strip being a dark blue as it should always be......went into the shop last year to get a top but didn't bother as i hated the shade of blue....ended up buying a couple of the training tops instead.
  13. Agreed Rumple, simple back to basics design and the right shade as well.....thumbs up from me.👍
  14. Can only take your word for it Gedee that it was only the one game .......
  15. Keigan Parkers overhead kick/ volley at the end of the season in the sunshine at somerset park a few years ago was a goal that everyone who saw it applauded...Dundee fans included.
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