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  1. Mr Sensible

    McPake Must Go.

    He should never have been appointed... I expected a challenge this season, with the bare minimum a play off spot.At this rate we will be over 20points behind them by May.... If the board were going to invest heavily in the squad, why on earth risk that investment with a rookie manager. Makes no sense whatsoever.
  2. Mr Sensible

    McPake Must Go.

    Why did the owner/board push the boat out and spend over our budget in signing Hemmings/Dorrans if we weren’t realistic about winning the league? Surely it wasn’t just to finish in the lottery of a play off spot that we will most likely not go up from... Id understand the fear factor regarding our neighbours across the road if they were blowing everyone away week in week out. There a decent side but very beatable, the problem is we haven’t put a glove on them in two games...
  3. Mr Sensible

    McPake Must Go.

    Sunday Post... All he had to say was the better team won, spouting nonsense about it being a tight game was farcical... Fosters most revealing quote ”I will never question anyone’s desire to be a football player or win games. But in my eyes, we got beat far too easily.”
  4. Mr Sensible

    McPake Must Go.

    His interview after the match was a disgrace to be honest, saying the game was "tight" when if we are all being honest we couldn't have complaints if it had ended 0-3 0-4... Compare that to Fosters comments that after the game which were spot on....
  5. Mr Sensible

    McPake Must Go.

    Said that in a previous post, United got players round Shankland when they attacked, we left our striker totally isolated as all our midfielders love to play deep and take the easy option.... Remember when the kid O’Hara used to take stick at Dens, oh for a similar type player now, one that runs beyond the striker, that takes a gamble, and one that ultimately puts pressure on opposition defences.
  6. That’s what happens when you have a 745 ko on a Friday night, yes the reaction to the couple of shouts from the ar53 in the Arab end was disappointing but nothing compared to what the Shankly has endured over the years...
  7. The players had gave up that was the problem...
  8. Loads left from every part of the ground, and again who would blame them... The finger of blame for me is on the pitch definitely not the punters who shelled out £26 to watch such a dreadful performance...
  9. Thought you were making the point of certain fans only going to certain games? Apologies if I picked you up wrong. Can I ask when it is reasonable to leave a ground when your 0-2 down and your team looks like it would be playing all night without scoring?
  10. I left with 20 to go.... there most weeks, don’t consider myself a better fan than anyone that’s able to get up to Dens when they can.. Walked up provy road with a lot of angry fans though, who were disgusted with the performance of the players on the night.
  11. See to score a goal, you need to have a shot at the bloody thing.... 73 minutes in before we had one by all accounts... The fans gave up. Because they seen the players had.
  12. We weren’t scoring, we barely got near there box, it was an embarrassing derby performance.... Only saving grace, it wasn’t 4 or 5
  13. Do you blame anyone for leaving after 2nd goal, ffs we could still be playing now and not have scored... The one group of people we shouldn’t be blaming for Fridays debacle is the fans... We turned up in our numbers, backed the players despite the pitiful performance... The real culprits were the players and the coaching staff.
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