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  1. Mr Sensible

    Hearts V Dundee

    Just back That was more like a DFC performance that we expect Guts skill and more guts.... no failures but kusunga outstanding
  2. Mr Sensible

    Scottish Cup

    A draw on Wednesday against Hearts will definitely give fans hope, and give some of our players belief we can get out of this. Agree on your 2nd part... We are still in the cup, and hopefully team will be stronger come the replay...
  3. Mr Sensible

    Scottish Cup

    No one on here is deluding themselves far from it... Hamilton should have beat us? Was 4-0
  4. Mr Sensible

    Scottish Cup

    Agree that league is far more important.. But winning or even drawing breeds confidence.. Say we draw with Hearts, draw with Motherwell, last thing we need is a heavy defeat to Queens because we have played all the misfits and charlatans... Hopefully by the time we play Queens some more will be added so we can maybe rest Miller for example, but no way should we be playing any players that have been told they can go.
  5. Mr Sensible

    Scottish Cup

    We havent got a squad because the utter dross mcann signed like Mendy,Elton, Moussa etc arent fit to wear our shirt... Hopefully Mcgowan is nowhere near our starting line up at Hamilton, cause if he is then we havent made signings we desperately need in the middle of the park.
  6. Mr Sensible

    Scottish Cup

    They basically dont put much effort in... Not a sackable offence... Unfortunately
  7. Mr Sensible

    Scottish Cup

    You couldnt sub 5
  8. Mr Sensible

    Scottish Cup

    Boys like Mendy, Elton, Madianga and Moussa are finished with the club... They put zero effort in training... FFS a tuesday night in Dumfries with those wage thieves in the team doesnt bear thinking about.
  9. Mr Sensible

    Scottish Cup

    Say we play a team of kids and get a 8-0 9-0...what does that say about our club? Then we lose to Hamilton anyway with a "rested squad" Play the strongest available team in both matches... The day we want to lose in cup games is the day to put the ball away.
  10. Mr Sensible

    Scottish Cup

    The day we start putting out weak teams in cup matches like the big clubs in England, will be the day our game has gone up here...
  11. Mr Sensible

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Year long loan...
  12. Mr Sensible

    Woods and McGowan

    Madianga isnt interested An utter wage thief
  13. Mr Sensible

    Woods and McGowan

    No sure why you think United are getting there act together, 9 points from there last 21 tells a different story.... Always low crowds in early rounds of cup with season tixs not valid plus a hard time of year for many folk.
  14. Mr Sensible

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Tbf a junior team could have beat a Neil McCann team...
  15. Mr Sensible

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Many Queens players would we take off them? One Thats the reality... Although i agree anything can happen in a one off

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