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  1. Does one of Hartleys relatives not own Cove hence the reason he’s there. An unmitigated disaster at Falkirk.
  2. The man who said the derby was just “another 3 points” then got 6 going on 12.
  3. No worries..... Calling people “roasters” maybe not the best response whether you agree with them or not.... But happy to pass on any tips...
  4. Constant criticism . One line Give you a wee tip Don't reply to me then Cheers
  5. It’s a good deflection for the Government after their disastrous week on Education.... Agree regarding the idiocy regarding the players, sure their wage slips will be lighter for the next two weeks.
  6. Government interference by the looks of it.
  7. Be very little away fans this season if any.
  8. Just need to agree to disagree.... I was one of the 200 hardy souls at Dunfermline in January, where I watched a young kid thrown under the bus, then got hooked at half time, that kid never played well that night but he burst a gut to get around the park... Our highest paid player that night looked liked he would rather be anywhere else than East end Park, barely got out of a jog, waved his hands in the air, and basically looked like he couldn’t have cared less.. It was nights like that when you needed guys like Hemmings to dig the club out a hole, bust a gut, and help the young kid who was going through a tough time....
  9. Said in a previous post, no problem with Hemmings going if he thinks it’s in the interest of him and his family, will probably double his wages going back to England.. My take on it 24 hours later is probably an unpopular one, but I think we may have got lucky here, Hemmings was the highest earner at our club by all accounts, he wasn’t buying into the wage cut, he was an unhappy employee. His first spell was magical, albeit helped by Stewart, where everything he touched seemed to go in the net, his 2nd spell was nothing like the first, he looked slightly heavy at times, laboured and occasionally disinterested, possibly due to the fact of the slow pedestrian build up, whatever reason his heart just didn’t look in it on many occasions. A happy dressing room is vital, we need everyone pulling in the same direction.... 2 or 3 more signings if budget allows it, and I will be confident of having a decent season....
  10. Interesting tweet from pie n bovril, saying St mirren were desperate to sign him but priced out the move, by all accounts a good signing.
  11. I was guessing at a Celtic loan
  12. Signing imminent by all accounts Any guesses?
  13. Any truth in the rumour it’s a young striker coming in.
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