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  1. Mr Sensible


    They reduced odds cause people were backing him at 1/2
  2. Mr Sensible


    Boys backing Goodwin at 1/2 will obviously force price down even shorter.... When managers go as short as this it’s more than likely he will get the job... Just wonder if the St M job will be up for grabs soon.
  3. Mr Sensible


    According to bookies it looks like he’s the man. 1/5 now.
  4. Mr Sensible

    Jim Duffy

    Correct another club that has underachieved.
  5. Mr Sensible

    Jim Duffy

    46 years without a trophy If that’s not underachieving I don’t know what is.
  6. Mr Sensible

    Neil McCann

    Really not sure how any serious football club would take McCann on, an absolute disaster at Dens.... A lower league club yes, but his ego would stop him from getting his hands dirty at a part time small club.
  7. Mr Sensible

    Who do you think will be next?

    He will have a top 2 budget....
  8. Mr Sensible

    Team v St Mirren

    Agree Not saying both haven’t got question marks... But if they both stay fit, definitely a decent pairing at that level.
  9. Mr Sensible

    Team v St Mirren

    A fit Meekings and Davies walk into 90 percent of Championship sides... Lets hope they are both fit and raring to go come July. After this season from hell, I’d rather focus on the positives.
  10. Lot of guys that have been out the game for a while would see it as a way back into the game..... less and less opportunities now, more and more younger coaches coming through. very easy to get forgotten about.
  11. Mr Sensible

    Team v St Mirren

    But 90 percent of championship teams would take them in a heartbeat
  12. I think mcpake has played a blinder all week, 7 days ago I would have said the last thing we needed was a rookie boss, but if it is him he will have the support fully behind him from day one... I think McCall is the best qualified out of all the candidates that the club is looking for... Gotta feeling Nelms has already chosen who he wants.
  13. If mcpake is the new manager He must have an experienced assistant..
  14. Mr Sensible

    Team v St Mirren

    Dundee and United/St Mirren will comfortably have the biggest budget
  15. Mr Sensible

    Team v St Mirren

    Inverness and Dunfermline are slashing there budget...Ayr will lose there best player Think having Meekings Davies Ralph P.mcgowan Nelson C .Curran Miller are players that most Championship teams would take... Think having so many few players actually helps the new manager, nothing worse being stuck with a full squad that he doesn’t want...
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