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  1. Mr Sensible

    The Cost of Watching Scottish Football

    Would posters find £20 more acceptable than the present prices?
  2. Table looks a bit better tonight... Alloa no mugs and will take points off the better teams... Desperately need a different type of midfielder.... This result though should get there confidence levels up....
  3. Mr Sensible

    Bye Bye

    My take on it.... If we believe we are one of the 6th/7th biggest clubs in Scotland then the players have to take the rough with the smooth. Playing at dens is far different than being a player at Livi/Hamilton etc where there is a poor support with little expectation. We as a fan base put the expectation on these players as we perceive ourselves to be a fairly big club in Scottish terms. Id rather have that, where players are under pressure to perform every week rather than an easy ride at say Livi... Always remember the challenge cup final at Mcdiarmid when the players went off to a chorus of boos and abuse, we had over 6,000 fans there who were letting these players know it just wasn’t good enough....the rest is history. I hate the shouts 2 minutes in....especially the personal abuse at the usual suspects, but if these players representing our club are perceived as not pulling there weight or performing poorly, then us as fans are well within our rights to criticise at half time say to give them the message “it’s not good enough” Anyway still positive about the season ahead, and hopefully far more cheers than grumblings....
  4. Mr Sensible


    Couldn’t agree more, as I’ve said in previous posts, if they had suffered half of what we have went through as fans then there club wouldn’t exist. As for yesterday, I wasn’t there so can’t comment on the performance, but I think the 6-2 result the previous week had an influence on his team selection yesterday, if we had drawn at Tannadice for example I am convinced he would have played more kids to give them valuable experience against a senior team... Unfortunately the performance was poor which now puts real pressure on players and manager alike to put on a positive performance Saturday against a very stuffy side.... Im desperate for Mcpake to succeed, but he has been backed well by the board, and he needs now to be earning his wages and getting the best out of these players starting Saturday.
  5. Mr Sensible

    Elgin On Sunday

    Would imagine Nelson will be gutted not playing today, on the bench with a bunch of kids and a centre half who is there for cover.... Every right to feel aggrieved
  6. Mr Sensible

    Elgin On Sunday

    Strange that Nelson not getting a start....
  7. Mr Sensible

    How Many Times

    The only glimmer I can take from that last night, is that the manager must now know that he still needs players in too help the squad.... Too many players coasting through games at the minute as they are practically guaranteed games....
  8. Mr Sensible


    One would do me.... suppose what way you look at it... going on a different tangent, our owner who I’ve backed in the past, why did it seem he had begging bowl out in paper today... strange strange timing on the eve of a derby.
  9. Mr Sensible


    My point is mate, we have been the bigger better club for longer, grasping at straws yes, but our proud history never started in 79 like them.
  10. Mr Sensible


    If natural order means history of both clubs Then let’s not just take last 40 years Thats when Arabs think history started not us
  11. Mr Sensible


    Mate we are 5-1 down and the day trippers are ripping the piss East fife came to Tannadice, were organised disciplined and made there punters proud... We were a laughing stock tonight, and as I said previous an utter embarrassment
  12. Mr Sensible


    Possession stats mean rock all they pumped us 6-2 they put handbrake on 2nd half
  13. Mr Sensible


    Maybe if you were there you would understand the hurt and anger.
  14. Mr Sensible


    A bad result is losing away to Morton Thst was horrific, embarrassing, a total slap in the face to every Dee there tonight. players should be utterly ashamed of themselves.
  15. Mr Sensible

    How Many Times

    Does this football club want to kick its fan base in the teeth.... Absolutely gutted.
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