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  1. On whether to go Friday, especially with it being on the telly, but it’s one of the better away grounds we visit.... So heading through against my better judgement, but hopefully we see a far better performance than we have of late... everything crossed 🤞
  2. How can this be true though We couldn’t afford Wighton 😂
  3. Signs on for 18 months... good news.
  4. “ I wish our fans could make more of an effort” last season arabs home support 5190 (despite not being 20 points behind) dees average this season 5526 Can you explain the “more of an effort” when slagging off our fans but praising there’s?
  5. Oh dear someone is getting angry 😂 And there “large travelling supports” ”wish we could be like them” Deary me..
  6. But what you said wasn’t true. So had no relevance.
  7. Did you not say “my brother told me” When it was pointed out to you that your inflated predictions of Uniteds home support last season was wrong. Why any Dee would be interested in the arabs home support is baffling to say the least.... But hey ho....
  8. Just thought his word was gospel on all things.
  9. Not going to bash Wighton, he’s a youngish kid, a local lad who supports our club, been critical of the club of late on and off the park, but if Hearts were wanting us to take on a huge chunk of his healthy wage for a player who wouldn’t be guaranteed a game then the club has came to the right decision.....
  10. Some still haven’t recovered from that night in May....
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