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  1. No goalie expert, but also imo some save.
  2. This is what i find slightly confusing, where there is a big effort to have social distancing at workplaces. There has been zero social distancing going on in the NHS since this started.
  3. All depends on personal circumstances Some people are genuinely struggling out there. But if others can afford to send some money to a good cause then no losers. Hope the vast majority do.
  4. That’s the thing, he’s not some wet behind the ears chief executive parachuted in from America.... So naive. Now made enemies of clubs for no reason.
  5. Agree100 percent. Why did Nelms honestly think he could change this mindset?
  6. I agree look after number 1 at all times. Reconstruction was never happening.
  7. That’s why the championship is a basket case financially, every season in it is a disaster.
  8. No club would risk hundreds of thousands of pounds in reduced prize money, no matter if relegation was less.... it is all about money nothing else.
  9. But if you bring two teams up with those prize money, the 12 becomes 14 and everyone’s money is cut.... An SPL team is guaranteed 1.1m in prize money if they finish 12th would be a lot less if two teams were brought into the fold.
  10. Ha ha no worries mate.... I just knew there was a huge difference if financial cake was spread out
  11. Just had a look at difference in prize money 1.1 million for 12th spl 475 k for 2nd top in championship thats reason they didn’t want more teams in with there partly prize money
  12. Yes but there’s far more chance of getting less prize money if there’s 14/16 teams in league. The difference between 12th position prize money and 14th prize money is huge
  13. The less teams in the SPL, the more tv money for them.... That's why reconstruction was never going to happen. Spreading the tv money to add more teams was like asking turkeys to vote for Xmas.
  14. Wonder how many of the fermers 4091 were home fans
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