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  1. Think we have all been pi55ed of with DFC these past 18 months (some more than others admittedly) But I’m missing this club and football dreadfully, can’t wait to see life back to normal and us losing last minute goals as this is mind numbing.... Obviously other things far more important right now, but when we are back, and we will be I hope it’s the catalyst for giving the club a break and maybe a more positive outlook on our great club..... Hope everyone is well 👍
  2. Arabs be in meltdown soon 😂
  3. That’s all leagues in England below national league null and void.
  4. The prospect of one club in the city was there long term aim back then.
  5. Couldn’t agree more Connor was as smooth as silk. But Brown was the ultimate enforcer for us back then, plus the scorer of some incredible goals.
  6. Bomber all day long for me What a player.... An absolute colossus in the middle of the park.
  7. They are 13 points behind with a game in hand, they win that it’s 10 they still have to play Celtic twice, it’s reasonably feasible that they beat them twice. 4 points behind with 6 games to go. Rangers wouldn't just fight tooth n nail they would go to the highest court in the land if they think they have a good case which imo they do. If they conceded title to Celtic( which they 100percent won’t) the backlash from there support would be incredible....
  8. Rangers will never accept it though Rangers can still win the league however unlikely. That is there strong argument in any legal challenge.
  9. Anyway mate, far more things to worry about.. genuinely hope life returns to normal soon, and we get this season finished but I have my doubts especially stuff I was seeing today...
  10. Livi? They might make a decision.. But expect Rangers to take them all the way in the courts.
  11. Aberdeen avoided relegation because Falkirk ground I think wasn’t up to the criteria of playing in SPL. Dundee become club 12 because a team in SPL ceased to exists. Think the rules were followed in these instances. If your stance was relegating Hearts I could understand it, but you can’t have Celtics final position as valid but not Hearts.
  12. How can you count Celtics final position but not Hearts?
  13. So we count the league winners but not the teams that finish bottom
  14. The game is finished if that happens
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