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  1. Mr Sensible

    John Nelms

    Your coming round
  2. Mr Sensible

    John Nelms

    I enjoyed thegame today apart from the dagger thro the heart at the end but would never have paid £30 for the privvilege Like i said its decent value if you can make every game, but not many people can unfortunately.
  3. Mr Sensible

    John Nelms

    Thats the point You can afford one now The guy on minimum wage cant and has to pay more at a later date If you can go to every game then the season ticket is decent value compared to the ridiculous gate prices.
  4. Mr Sensible

    John Nelms

    Who is on about feeding kids Il try again Who is more chance to buy the super dooper early bird the guy on minimum wage? or the guy on high wages? I would say the guy on high wages. So the guy on minimum wage has to wait longer when prices go up or even worse take it on monthly, hence this offer is no benefit to him, only people with money in there pocket...
  5. Mr Sensible

    John Nelms

    So there are no season tickets holders at Dens on minimum wage? I know a few.... We can both agree its a deeranged ticketing policy from the club....
  6. Mr Sensible

    John Nelms

    Thats my point... They cant afford it.. Well done
  7. Mr Sensible

    John Nelms

    Just wish the club would think out the box on pricing... like these prices have been rushed out at the worst possible time...
  8. Mr Sensible

    John Nelms

    Basically a guy and his wife on minimum wage who have two kids over 12 wont be able to buy the early bird tickets.... But I stick by my original post....benefits guys with money in there pockets.
  9. Mr Sensible

    John Nelms

    Correct, it benefits affluent fans.
  10. Mr Sensible

    Season Tickets

    Do we have a fans rep? Does he post on here?
  11. Mr Sensible

    Season Tickets

    Only benefits fans with money in there pockets... Who on gods earth are advising these people?
  12. That Killie goal was huge last night, we were in deep trouble if they had scored on one of there breakaways... Probable outcome is that we are 1 point ahead or level with St M going into that match, with ST M having slightly harder fixtures after that... Hopefully a big noisy support down at Paisley to get us the vital win we crave.
  13. Mr Sensible

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    Wasn't there so cant comment on the game, but it was a big opportunity missed, we need to be picking up points from these type of fixtures to give ourselves a fighting chance to stay up, hate this reliance on other teams to keep our heads above water... Next week is a practical write off, but I would say we need minimum 5points from last 3 games before split to give us a reasonable chance. Most likely outcome for me is 11th and id probably take that right now....
  14. Mr Sensible

    Dundee V Hearts

    Very windy here
  15. Mr Sensible

    Dee Experience V Arab Experience

    Id happily queue six times and pay £50 a game than watch that mob.

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