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  1. If we get relegated surely the board would have to decide if JM was the way forward for us or if to bring someone else in
  2. gblue

    Relegation Battle

    I hope you are right Cobra but I am not so sure
  3. gblue

    Relegation Battle

    Cobra we can’t score, we can’t defend we don’t have the bottle for a relegation fight, St and Hamilton are fighting for their lives where we just seem to say our fate won’t be decided by us getting beat by Aberdeen, Rangers etc, will someone tell St and Hamilton that as they seem to go out and beat these teams where we just accept defeat as well wait till we play St or Hamilton that will see us safe, we’ll i am afraid it won’t who says we will beat them. If we do manage the play offs I just pray it’s not against the Dabs
  4. gblue

    Relegation Battle

    We are phucked simple as that
  5. gblue

    Dundee V Hearts

    FFS beat at home again from a poor Hearts team
  6. gblue

    Dundee V Hearts

    Can’t defend can’t score what a mess we are in
  7. gblue

    Dundee V Hearts

    The defence are sh!t
  8. gblue

    Relegation Battle

    I think what you have said sums it up, We had the best form of the three teams at the bottom, and we are only 1 point ahead of the bottom team hence we need to rely on them both to drop points to help us
  9. gblue

    Relegation Battle

    Don’t think we will handle the pressure Cobra
  10. gblue

    Relegation Battle

    Phucking sick of us having to rely on other teams
  11. Definitely bad team selection tonight

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