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  1. If we win our case against the insurance could we not sue the insurance company for compensation for the fee we have missed out for Hemmings?
  2. a fee for Hemmings on last season’s performances? NO why should we pay a club to take him
  3. Don’t know much about the guy but see he played 7 league games for St Midden and didn’t score a goal.
  4. So is it definitely confirmed Hemmings has gone because it’s not on official?
  5. FFS, we always have problems, gutted he’s gone
  6. Think I read somewhere that a lot of the smaller clubs in our league can’t afford the Covid tests they have to do all the time not only for the players but other staff, if the tests cost about £60 per person everyday and no money coming in that is quite a cost to the clubs. Plus the clubs would have to take players off furlough.
  7. Players said they didn’t notice any difference they thought the fans were there
  8. Why didn’t we have any flyers at the Dabs game, oh wait a minute hardly anyone would have seen them
  9. Loved the interview that came up after that where James says it was a mistake to go to the Dabs and apologies to the Derry, says he is a Dundee FC man, Brilliant once a Dee always a Dee
  10. They voted to do us damage. Damage that we would not have been able to withstand without backing from our benefactors and Budge/FoH/fans. We need to kill them in the first half, desecrate their corpse in the second half, and then torch the remains. Every single player who pulls on a Hearts shirt (especially the ones who were so utterly sh**e for us last season) needs to understand what the Hearts support want when we play these *****. The support will take care of itself. o ma sides
  11. Hearts away twice as we all predicted, far be it for me to say it’s fixed.
  12. well that was a shock, glad we have them first game let’s get right into them
  13. Hearts & Partick Thistle relegations confirmed by arbitration panel
  14. Agree it’s now or never
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