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  1. They can get to phuck with that idea
  2. I read that why can’t it start same time as spl?
  3. It’s so easy to sort out Celtic and Rangers play each other every week for a season that would please Sky, us and Hearts play in the premier Sorted 😀
  4. Budge saying She maintains NO clubs should be punished by the league’s call to cut the campaign short due to Covid-19. Do you include teams like us and Ayr in that, don’t think so she’s all for saving her own team and phuck everyone else 😡
  5. Great player for us
  6. It’s like I said if we can afford it, but it can equal itself out we could potentially get good players cheaper now when we have the upper hand (it’s not often nowadays clubs have the upper hand) rather than wait till this is over, there will be lots of players wanting security now (imo I think the season will start on schedule only time will tell) than having to compete with other teams for players and possibly have to pay more in the long run. At the end of the day it’s up to the club to decide what’s in the best interest for our club.
  7. Agree with what you are saying but we can pick up a few bargains if we can afford to sign some players now, they will be desperate to get a contract at this time
  8. Cobra what’s happening with the joy division league, is it getting made void, what about promotion relegation and play offs. I think we should have a vote on what’s going to happen ps would I be able to change my vote so I can hold the rest to ransom? 😬😂
  9. I am hopeful we can win this league next season but we must get off to a good start so we are not playing catch up.
  10. That was exactly my thoughts, I was hoping that was Nelms thoughts on Changing the vote but obviously not.
  11. The only way is if Hearts want him off there wage bill but not to hopeful
  12. I said that all along no reason why the playoffs can’t take place, I was hoping that’s what Nelms was trying to negotiate when in talks with Doncaster But obviously not opportunity missed imo
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