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  1. I would love Kerr to sign another contract with us
  2. Like I said in another thread, we had over 100 applications for the managers job and apparently whittled done to about 10 candidates, then after a few weeks if true we end up with McPake, makes me wonder if he was going to get the managers job all along, with possibly Nelms making it look like we were going down the route of looking and interviewing candidates because of the backlash he had with McIntyre saying he had a list of managers and he was top so he got the managers job. i will back McPake but we definitely need experienced guy along side him.
  3. It’s would be so much Dundee Fc if we take all this time to appoint a manager and it is McPake
  4. I think if they are not a very good manager I agree, but a good manager won’t as they have too much to lose our club is a good stepping stone not only for players but managers a few years ago I think it was Cardiff that wanted Hartley who would have him now or McIntyre for that matter. If we get experienced good manger who does well with us then he goes on to a bigger club all imo of course.
  5. Not sure about this PB but could you not just get a new lens in the glasses?
  6. Agree and don’t forget both clubs run by Americans who love to be winners, going to be an interesting season, they won’t want to be second best.
  7. First thing a good manager would ask is what budget do I have to overhaul the club if he gets backed which our other managers have then there is no reason why a decent manager won’t take us on.
  8. I know what your saying but this is all about our future get it wrong and could cost us a lot more in the long run, if we bring in GS I will be more confident about Goodwin
  9. The thing that gets me is they say we had over 150 applications for job and if we do end up with Goodwin what does that say about quality of the other applicants
  10. Mmmm not to sure about this if true another trainee manager, just hope GS comes in too.
  11. Yes possibly, hope it was the club and not the player
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