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  1. gblue

    Ict V Dundee

    I’ve heard all about your tomatoes Gedee I would never get them as good as yours, anyway I don’t know my tomatoes from my plums
  2. gblue

    Welcome Home Barry

    Can we not get him playing again
  3. gblue

    Ict V Dundee

    I think we will leave it now I have had my Saturday entertainment, was bored because we didn’t have a game today
  4. gblue

    Ict V Dundee

    Yes with proper management, unlike you who’s saying we’re maybe not good enough
  5. gblue

    Ict V Dundee

    Mmmmm maybe not good enough sorry to disagree but we do have a good enough team that could win this league with proper managing
  6. gblue

    Ict V Dundee

    Your saying that not me never said we go into every game saying that, but what you are also saying is our team are not good enough for this league bizarre
  7. gblue

    Ict V Dundee

    If we couldn’t be up for the Dabs game, then what makes you think we will be up the Inverness game
  8. gblue

    Ict V Dundee

    I hope we do win Gedee but as you and the rest of our long suffering fan know it’s the Dundee way one step forward two steps back you can never predict how we play
  9. gblue

    Ict V Dundee

    The problem with above is us if there was ever a team to play when you are having a bad run it’s Dundee, we will make sure We get them back on track
  10. gblue

    Ict V Dundee

    Sadly I think we will get beat I think Inverness will be up for this game unlike us
  11. gblue

    Please Play 2 Up Front

    The tactics for the players we have is wrong
  12. gblue

    The Title

    With a Rookie manager sorry but NO
  13. gblue


    I’m with him get Jocky back
  14. Inverness 3 down saving grace for them is they play us next week
  15. These players are so called professional football players, I would be very surprised if they let what was going on with McPake interfere with there performance, the 6-2 grubbing should have had the team fired up, so it is either they don’t give a phuck or the managers tactics. Get rid of JN get an experienced manager in McPake as his assistant so he can learn his trade with a manager that know how to tacticaly play these players.
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