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  1. Absolutely superb, just signed up. If everyone on here convinces 1 person to sign up this weekend we'll be at 1k+in no time.
  2. Agree and think JM can use the same mentality against them, plus as a former Hibee will be up for getting one over on them anyway.
  3. I think JM will stick with 352 as worked well towards the end of the season
  4. Good idea! i would also be interested in seeing @Deetox ' s vision for transport options from the city centre and any creative solutions to the road access issues to the new site. Maybe some kind of tunnel collaboration project with Elon Musk? Get Photoshop fired up Bob!
  5. Agree mate, as frustrating as his headless chicken approach can be to watch at times he is better than Nelson and can score goals in the Championship from the bench and gives the option of 2 up top. He might even drag defenders away and create space for Hemmings and spreads out the goalscoring responsibilities a bit. Can do with a winger/number 10 type if there's room in the budget too to help with goals and assists as well.
  6. just got mines and thought i would bump this up for anyone else looking in thinking of getting it on finance as it expires tomorrow.
  7. You'd think Hemmings and Dorrans especially would be loyal to our manager. Could see Nelson leaving if he has other options as doesn't seem to be favoured. It makes sense to deal with the players already at the club 1st of all and then setting the budget. I'm sure the manager knows who he wants and will be ready to make moves if possible.
  8. Cheers for that mate, that's great news. Think any others will leave?
  9. Not a bad shout especially with JN leaving, it would give us a big boost if he signs and reassure some of us that that things aren't as bad as some of the rumours.
  10. Agree mate, the only way i can see him ending up here is if Hearts pay him off then he joins us a free agent. If not he will probably go on loan else where, you'd think he'd get a premier league club. Apparently he is is keen to come back but would think we would struggle to get him with our pay cuts and Hearts won't be doing us any favours! They might be easier to deal with over Wighton as seem to want rid of him but Neilson coming in could change that if he rates him. It is now really important that Jordan McGhee stays and Marshall or we are pretty much needing a new defence.
  11. Fair play i can understand that too and it would have been a nice gesture after how we have supported him. I can't say I'm too bothered as would rather he was playing against us than for us personally. If Meekings is the best player we lose i'll be delighted as get the fear every time open this thread that we'll lose a good player.
  12. Sure i read some where that ICT were in for him, could see that happening as they've lost a lot of players. You'd think he has something lined up to turn down our offer. Agree he's poor and I'd be happy if he was playing against us next season.
  13. It would be a noble thing to do but that won't pay his bills. If he can earn more else where either at another club or outwith football then he has the right to do it. We'll sign another defender and chances are they'll be better than Meekings.
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