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  1. nemsadzDEE

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    I think it's a mix of not being quite match fit and maybe lacking a bit of confidence. We all know the quality he has and sure he'll come good. We haven't been particularly good but are only 4 points off top. If we can find away of getting Johnson and Henmings to play together without getting over run in midfield we'll be set. We just need to stay in touch for now until it clicks which I'm sure it will. Getting Dorrans in even until January would give us a massive lift amd the creativity we're crying out for.
  2. Just got in to see Johnson scoring, great cross from Forster!
  3. He has contributed more than Todd, just remembered he was unlucky not to score in the 2nd half with a header actually. He along withe other attacking midfielders / 'wingers' should be judged on number of assists and goals at the end of the season, he will fall well short as his end product is poor same with McGowan as much as i love him!
  4. I'm not writing him off mate, and he did have a few good runs like you say. I just find him very frustrating to watch, it's maybe more a tactical issue that that he is cutting in. I loved watching Stewart in that inside forward role and he was always a threat cutting in and seen glimpses of that from McPake but not McDaid. If your playing with 1 forward in a 4231 you need goals and assists from the 3 regularly i just don't see McDaid having enough end produc same as McGowan and Todd.
  5. Maybe worth trying but i like Nelson up top pressing as unsettles teams and doesn't let them build from the back. 433 would get over, 352 was a disaster at Dunfermline but could work with more work in training.
  6. I would have taken any win before the game especially if i thought United would lose! Today was an improvement on the last few weeks but i'm still far from convinced. 4231 isn't a negative formation but it's reliant on the midfield dominating and creating chances for the striker. I thought Johnson was excellent, he used his body very well and manages to role defenders easily and is always a threat. McPake was good as well and done well to beat his man and get a good cross in for the 2nd goal. McDaid is very frustrating to watch, he does have ability but was continually cutting inside but it rarely came to anything, i'd rather see him hit the byline and get crosses around the 6 yard box like McPake done. Mcgowan puts it a power of work but can't shoot and lacks creativity, we'll struggle if he is our no10 as won't score or provide enough assists to justify only playing 1 forward. Robertson is a class above, he gave the ball away a few times in the 1st half but looks our best player. Byrne wasn't great again and looks no where close to Fin which is a bit worrying. We have a big problem as 3 of our best players are strikers but we are having to bench 2 while poorer players are playing (McDaid, Gowser) due to the shape. Not really sire what the answer is to be honest but we need to find away to get at least 2 of them on the park from the start.
  7. nemsadzDEE

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    I think there is money left for the right player but definitely can't afford to sign players just to boost numbers. We need a creative player who can make an immediate impact and solve out biggest problem. I think if JMP thought King could solve our creative problems he would have already signed. If it is a cash issue though maybe we had to pay Davies and Curran a lot more than we would have liked.
  8. nemsadzDEE

    Welcome To Dens Sean Mackie....

    I thought he sounded like Spud from Trainspotting at last week's presser sounds like we'd have been better with Spud at left back today!
  9. nemsadzDEE

    4-4-2 / Accommodating Players

    I agree with what your saying mate but find it really concerning that we can't play 442 and dominate against a lower league team. Any team should be able to play 442, if not it's a clear sign of an unbalanced squad. I think our big issue is lack of creativity and think resigning Hemmings has given us a headache as Johnson and Nelson would do fine. It looks like we've spent the bulkkf the budget and i doubt there's money left for a number 10 type. We'd be in a far better position if we spent the money on a creative player rather than Hemmings.
  10. nemsadzDEE

    Elgin On Sunday

    I thought the same, looks like JMP wants to try 4231 to me and Hemmings needs games to get match fit and a goal or 2 would be good for his confidence
  11. nemsadzDEE

    Elgin On Sunday

    We might get away with 433 against poorer teams / teams who narrow but we'd get picked off by teams who place with pace and width. It works for Liverpool for example but Trent Arnold and Robertson are outstanding full backs who can defend and attack offering width. If we kept Ralph he would have been able to but Kerr on the last few seasons performances can't and Marshall looks limited, no idea about the lad from Hibs. We do have major issues with balance in the team though and really not sure what the answer is with the current squad.
  12. nemsadzDEE

    Welcome To Dens Sean Mackie....

    If you like parties where half the people speculate about proven quality turning up to improve things before midnight then you would have loved it!
  13. nemsadzDEE

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Fits the bill , cheap and bulks out the squad. Think anyone expecting a singing like Dorrans, Stewart or Hendry is in for a bit of a shock!
  14. nemsadzDEE

    Where do We Go From Here

    A 6-2 defeat in your 1st derby can certainly build character! Just watched his post match interview and was impressed that he never blamed the disallowed goal for the defeat. It was freak result in a freak game so i'm not in panic mode yet. The biggest worry for me is that we looked like conceding when ever a ball was played into our box. I think JMP got it wrong tactically and we should have went 451 but if you can't do the basics right it doesn't matter how you setup. United are no world beaters but there a good bit ahead of us and will win the league easily.
  15. nemsadzDEE

    Perspective Needed

    PM your dealers number please mate
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