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  1. nemsadzDEE

    Gordon Strachan - Technical Director.

    Strachan would be a great appointment in that role and give Nelms support with football matters so he can concentrate on the stadium project. Developing our own players is key to becoming successful again in the long term. I think I'd prefer Goodwin to Mcpake in this role as has more experience. Mc Pake assistant manager and ideally ready tp take over from Goodwin when he goes to a bigger club after winning the Scottish cup!
  2. nemsadzDEE

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    I'd keep Cammy and Ralph and offer McGowan a contract for a year. They are all more than good enough for the championship and i think it's important to keep a core group of players rather than signing a whole new squad again. I'd also give Waddell a chance in pre season / cup games to prove that he's good enough. Davies and Meekings are under contract so will still be here unless anyone is willing to take them off our hands / keyes pays them off which is unlikely. If they can get and stay fit they should walk the championship as long as their not expected to play out from the back.
  3. nemsadzDEE

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    I would have kept Parish over Hamilton too. The problem is Hamilton is under contract and i don't see teams lining up to take him off our hands so think we are stuck with him. A new no1 should be a priority along with a new midfield.
  4. nemsadzDEE

    Who do you think will be next?

    That's the sensible option so expect Miller 1st team coach and Bomber Brown director of football announced when Nelms finishes his corn flakes and scoffs down his last pop tart.
  5. nemsadzDEE

    Who do you think will be next?

    Spot on, if true it looks like we've learned nothing from the previous failures. Sounds like the cheap option so Keyes maybe wasn't keen on adding anyone else to the wage bill after the previous pay offs.
  6. nemsadzDEE

    Who do you think will be next?

    Appointing Miller as manager would be the most Dundee thing to do! Just as we are all relieved that JM got the punt the sucker blow comes. it would be a risky appointment and highly likely to see us looking for a new manager again before the end of next season. Hopefully just the Daily Records putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5.
  7. Hi @KennethRoss sure your relieved as the rest of us and the pint you owe me and pie you owe @GregTeamDee is a small price to pay ?
  8. Well done to the board on acting now, no point prolonging it. Feel a bit sorry for Boyle as he looks to be the real victim of Dodds gate stepping up from managing the development team. No rush, it's vital we make the right appointment. Criteria: No DAB's A good man manager / motivator who can get the best from the players we have A good tactician who can set the team up in different way and change things if things aren't go our way Has good contacts / knowledge of players which he can use to build a good squad Any others?
  9. nemsadzDEE

    Kenny Miller

    I agree, he'd be way to a risky appointment. I'd keep him as a player for a season but if it's player manager or nothing then we should let him go.
  10. nemsadzDEE

    Kenny Miller

    Thats true, we'll need to find a young Harkins type player for next season!
  11. nemsadzDEE

    The Way Forward for DFC (note to FPS)

    I've edited the post above with the link if you fancy a nosey. It seemed to split opinion, most were against it but there was a good few who didnt seem that unhappy about it. The general consensus seems to be anyones better than Levein, how naive can they be!
  12. nemsadzDEE

    The Way Forward for DFC (note to FPS)

    There's a thread on jambos kickback about it. Soneone supposedly ITK said McCann would be their head coach next season with Fat harry potter moving back up stairs. Seems unlikely to me but you never know. https://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/182924-neil-McCann/
  13. nemsadzDEE

    The Way Forward for DFC (note to FPS)

    If McCann ends up at Hearts next season as has been rumoured we might see him back on loan!
  14. nemsadzDEE

    The Way Forward for DFC (note to FPS)

    I've seen this mentioned a few times as well but really don't know what his best position is which is part of the problem? He hasn't got a regular games for Hearts either so it's not just down to McCann. He is still young enough to kick on though but i've not seen enough to suggest he will.
  15. nemsadzDEE

    The Manager

    I felt the same way as felt like the club were forcing us to renew at premier league prices knowing there was a very good chance we'd be playing in the championship. If that isn't taking fan loyalty for granted i don't know what is. It's still not too late for the club to backtrack and that combined with a decent managerial appointment and some good signings would definitely see a surge in sales. I have been on the fence the last few seasons about renewing and have down it out of blind loyalty even although I've enjoyed about half a dozen games at Dens over the last few seasons. My optimism has been ground down to almost nothing now so need some positive news coming from the club this summer.
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