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  1. nemsadzDEE

    Dundee V Peterhead Sat 20th July 2019

    That performance was as bad as the score suggests, absolutely brutal to watch. No creativity, no one prepared to take risks just safe tippy tappy passing back towards our own goal constantly. Robertson was excellent and good to keep another clean sheets but that's where the positives end. We really missed Ness who o felt drove us up park last week and played some intelligently forward passes. Nelson looked like a lost laddy up front getting bullied by their centre halfs. He was very isolated to be fair and was getting the ball with his back to goal constantly. Starrting to get a bit worried as we need 4-5 quality players in or we'll finish in the bottom half of the table. Lets hope we get some reinforcements in before Caley next week and show major improvement or it will be a very long season!
  2. If we sign May then great but if not hopefully he doesn't end up across the road. I watched the United Hertz game last week and Shankland looked isolated but think he would be great with someone like May doing the dirty work d and creating space for him. I think he would be good with Nelson also though. United are going balls out so wouldn't be surprised if they push the boat out for him as it strengthens them and weakens us so double win.
  3. I don't think he'll be taking a pay cut, would imagine Aberdeen are asking for a fee so they can pay the difference in wages to May between what he will get else where and what he was already getting.
  4. Good players are going to have a lot of options, might as well aim high. We need about 4 players but there's no point panic buying players just to make up the numbers. That's what previous managers have done and it's resulted in costly pay offs. I like McPake's approach so far, we just have to be patient. Not convinced May is worth pushing the boat out for but depends who else we can get for similar outlay. I would be telling him to decide this weekend though as it's turning into a bit of a farce.
  5. nemsadzDEE

    Raith V Dundee

    Haha i wasn't quite drunk enough to try and start it! Did hear a rendition of the McCann version on the train but they had changed it a bit!
  6. nemsadzDEE

    Raith V Dundee

    I agree with all of that, except don't think we need a new right back. Cammy is more than good enough for this league and McGhee can cover there if needed. I think we need a right midfielder though and that would help Cammy as well if they helped protect him defensively. He was hung out to dry last season with Curran in front of him half the time.
  7. nemsadzDEE

    Tv Games

    That's a shame but not surprising going by the crowds they were getting for their play off games. Lets hope they get off to a bad start to the season and struggle to sell their tickets and then come crawling to us!
  8. nemsadzDEE

    Raith V Dundee

    Just sobered up, what a day that was! Great start to the season, hopefully it's a sign of things to come. We normally struggle in these games so to win 3-0 is impressive. We looked head and shoulders above Raith from the start and dominated them in midfield with Byrne and Ness controlling the game. We were always in control but it could have bee 4 or 5 if we really went for it. McDaid and Todd were quiet with most of the play going through the middle of the park to Nelson. Delighted for Curran getting a goal and for Hamilton keeping a clean sheet, hopefully they can both keep it going. The players looked well drilled and everyone knew their job which is refreshing after lasts season. The hunger and determination was great to see as well with everyone fighting for each other. Great support from us, i think it looked about 2000 so think Raith are at it as other have said. I'm looking forward to our 1st home game next week, hopefully we get a good crowd and performance as it's important that we have good home form and make Dens a place teams fear coming to. I think we are 2-3 players away from challenging United's over paid diddys for the league. Our signings have been good so far so i trust JMP to get the right boys in.
  9. Let's hope Nelmsey had no input to the striker list!
  10. nemsadzDEE

    Dundee V Blackpool

    Not for me, Marshall and Kerr are our stronger wing/full backs and would be surprised if they both didn't start on Saturday.
  11. I'd imagine we'll go with a front 3 with McDaid and Todd either side of Nelson if we don't sign another striker before that. I'd rather we hold off than panic sign another Moussa though.
  12. Pretty sure Davies will be away and the plan was for Turner to get his wage. There must still be budget for a few more players without moving boys on I'd have thought.
  13. McPake has said there is money available for the right player, Hemmings would definitely fall into that category. Doesn't seem likely but you never know, worth asking anyway.
  14. I'd imagine clubs would equal the wages United were offering but sounds like they blew clubs out of the water with the signing on fee if true.
  15. I love your optimism can't say I'm 100% convinced though! Nelson was good when he 1st signed but didn't look the same after his injury but hopefully just down to fitness. If he can find his initial form again and we can create chances then he's capable of smashing this league. Although I'd have loved yo have signed Shankland I'll be happy enough if we sign a good striker and a creative midfielder type. A Hemmings type and Wright back on loan will do me.
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