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  1. As depressing as it is this is my thinking too, don't see any football getting played in front of fans at Dens this year if i had to take a guess. Social distancing will be in place at least in some form until either there's a reliable and widely available vaccine or antibody testing backed up by science/research.
  2. I think he has the ideas and shared those with clubs as part of the negotiations and they indicated they would support it in exchange for our vote. It wouldn't be right for Nelms to carry it forward and i think he has done his bit.
  3. If he brokered a provisional deal on league reconstruction as part of the negotiations over outr vote then he can't be the public face of it surely?
  4. Agree that it should mate and sums up everything wrong with Scottish football but if the same clubs who wanted it this way have to vote to change it then it's not happening unless i'm missing something?
  5. That's true but we could boost home crowds by a fair bit by carrying on where we left off before the world was put on hold. If we are winning games regularly and playing decent football our sleeping fans will respond. I would rather see us run away with a league full of teams with poor away crowds than play 2nd (or worse) fiddle to Hearts or United again.
  6. Exactly my thoughts mate. We went from being a club with a single vote to being able to set the agenda going forward. Are there any 100% guarantees we'll get what we want? No but it's looking like the closest thing we could have got and massively over achieved with the hand dealt. Where would we be if we voted no? probably moving towards another vote along the same lines anyway. I don't understand all the negativity tbh, United were always going up and we can't complain as they're miles ahead. People can say we should have voted no to prevent United going up but i don't see any possible scenario where that was likely.
  7. I'm in the A camp at the moment, achieving what's best for us was key of course but helping other clubs and looking to improve Scottish football over all is an added bonus. Time will tell, we'll need to see happens. I think in 22 days time we will have a better idea one way or another.
  8. Yes your right, it will need the premier league teams to vote 11-1 in favour of it. I don't think it is too much of a stretch to think that the last 5 days of talks have been between the clubs seeking a consensus for league reconstruction that would pass. I don't think JN/TK are naive enough to vote yes without thinking there is a good chance of a positive outcome.
  9. Haha, your right that Doncaster can't be trusted and that's what has me nervous about this whole thing. They do hate us right enough but surely it's in their interest as they are always in a relegation scrap so would give them more chance of staying the in premier league long term.
  10. Because it's provisionally been agreed which led to our yes vote and they are the 2 most trusted to deliver it?
  11. What i would want? 16 or even 18 with some form of split / play off structure What is most likely to pass with the 11-1 voting structure? 14
  12. Yeah that's it, just got to see what unfolds. I'm definitively concerned but need to just sit tight and see what comes out tomorrow.
  13. It's a bit tabloid / sensationalist if I'm being honest mate especially as no don't know option. We need more information before deciding IMO.
  14. Not voting as don't know as we don't have enough information at this stage, got to trust that if it's true we have done it for the right reasons / greater good. Honestly i'm 50/50 just now.
  15. Things are a way to get proper messy! On the face of it i'm not happy but need to hear the rational behind it from JN 1st if true.
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