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  1. nemsadzDEE

    Dundee V Celtic

    Possibly something like this? Dieng O'dea McGowan Kusunga Horsefield Woods Robson Ralph Wright O'Sullivan Miller Unless JM tries to play O'dea as a defensive midfielder again?
  2. nemsadzDEE

    Reception for Scott Bain

    We are getting pumped either way, if shouting abuse at Bain makes some 1 feel better then fair play!
  3. nemsadzDEE

    In Hindsight

    Never thought of that! It all depends on what % of income goes to the club as if it was a large amount then the club would suddenly be more attractive to potential buyers. Maybe Keyes plans on making money by selling a club that makes a profit in a brand new stadium? Seems far fetched though.
  4. nemsadzDEE

    In Hindsight

    I agree mate, if the new stadium falls through you've got wonder how long they'll stick around for.
  5. nemsadzDEE

    In Hindsight

    Agree with all that, FPS definitely better than being fan owned. What we need is to appoint a director of football to oversee everything at the club and to implement a long term strategy. It's not sustainable to keep paying off players and managers every season, it's scary to think how much we (Keyes) have spent on payoffs.
  6. nemsadzDEE

    In Hindsight

    There's no denying that the Keyes family have backed us well financially. The problems are down to terrible management of the club from top to bottom so the buck stops with John Nelms who is responsible for the day to day running of the club. Tim Keyes has been loyal to John Nelms but i think it's been to the detriment of the club and think we could have progressed under proper management. I'm not saying JN should have no involvement but definitely think he needs help from someone with experience.
  7. nemsadzDEE

    Season Tickets

    It's scary how out of touch our board are. I would have been unlikely to renew my season ticket anyway as haven't enjoyed the last few seasons at all and bought a season ticket out of false optimism/stupidity! Most of my mates are the same and this announcement will drive others away. I agree with dark blue that it would be difficult to justify paying at the game for the majority of games as well. The club seem determined to drive paying customers away and once out of the habit it could be for good.
  8. nemsadzDEE

    Dundee V Hibs

    I Don't think JM would go 433 against Hibs, we'd get slaughtered in midfield. I think 4411 with Wright behind Curran in a free role. We are reliant on Wright for creativity/goals with Nelson out so hopefully Hibs don't man mark him out the game after last weeks performance.
  9. nemsadzDEE

    Hamilton V Dundee

    Looks like 451 to me too, seems a bit negative benching Nelson and Miller as Curran is hardly a prolific goalscorer. Hopefully there's goals in the team. The game plans maybe to keep it tight and then bring on strikers to nick it last half hour.
  10. nemsadzDEE

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Motherwell

    I think he would have been on the 'discard pile' in an ideal world but we would struggle to name a full bench at the moment without players like Deacon. Agree that he doesn't seem like a JM player and expect him to be away in the summer.
  11. nemsadzDEE

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Motherwell

    Another frustrating afternoon at Dens! We should have taken at least a point against a poor Motherwell side. There wasn't a lot of quality in the game but we had the best of the chances especially in the 1st half. Nelson should have scored in the 1st half and if Dales was more composed/made better decisions we could have scored more. We were poor down the right hand side i thought, Deacon and Kerr was a clear weakness for us. Our main problem is in the middle of the park, Gowser and woods are way too similar and don't offer any creativity. My priority before the end of the window would be a central midfielder who can make forward passes / drive us up the pitch to play alongside Woods. Curran has great work rate but don't see him scoring goals, not convinced Miller should be left out as he is our best finisher. Nelson showed signs of being a good player but will take time to adjust to the pace of the game i think. I was pissed off leaving dens yesterday but on reflection it's not a complete disaster. We have more fight now and matched Motherwell physically so think we have enough to stay up. We don't have to be good, just less sh!t than St Mirren and Hamilton!
  12. Rangers will now try and get him for around 50k! Would it be a be a bit extreme to ask Glenn to train with the youths and isolate him unless Rangers make a good offer by the end of January?
  13. It would make sense as he will be on a good wage and can still do a job in the Championship. I'd rather keep him as backup but i think the budget will be tight as don't see Moussa etc leaving anytime soon so we need to find the money from some where.
  14. nemsadzDEE

    Dundee V St Johnstone

    Can't fault his effort or desire, he always wants the ball but his end product is poor. I think there is a player there but don't think we'll stay up if we're relying on him every week. He was never seen as our 1st choice right midfielder at the start of the season, he is only playing now as he is better than the other options. An experienced right midfielder would be my priority with Curran used as an impact sub against tiring defences.
  15. nemsadzDEE

    Dundee V St Johnstone

    Yes unfortunately! He was poor against Livingston but he is far from stinking. He's far from perfect and is poor defensively but is a lot better than Curran. I'd be surprised if JM brings in a left sided player as think we are well covered there so should be focusing on the right hand side and spice on the team imo.

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