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  1. Just because the Hearts manager doesn't fancy Wighton, it doesn't mean he is coming to us. He will be on a good wage and Hearts will want the majority of it covered, they may soften their stance towards the end of the window if they need to free up money for someone else. If we covered the majority of his wages, i would guess that would put him among our highest earners. We need someone who can come in and make an immediate impact and add pace, creativity and goals/assists to the team. I doubt Craig could do that, as needs games and has never provided end product consistently. For me it depends who else is available, if the manager can identify someone with a proven track record who can come in and hit the ground running then i'd prefer that to CW. If Hearts were to lower their demands and the outlay to us was low and left budget others then i'm not against it. I think the best thing for Craig is to move to a team where he will play week in week out in a technical league without the pressure he would be under at dens.
  2. He could follow the Si Ferry route and get his his own youtube channel and punt clothes!
  3. It would definitely give us more options down the right, could also play 352 if Rooney can play wing back with Cammy on the right of a back 3 where he isn't exposed as much.
  4. I agree and think Johnson is capable of scoring goals, he was excellent as a lone striker against Aberdeen. The Hemmings money could have been better used on adding a creative player or even 2 to create chances. As Hemmings is on a longer contract though, we now need to stick and find players to get the best out of him i think which probably means Johnson has to move on unfortunately. Having to bring in players in this window to try and build a team and system that is effective is far from ideal but not impossible. We should just be looking to add a bit of quality to strengthen but that's down to the failures in the last window and players not contributing in the way JMP expected.
  5. Johnson leaving makes a lot ot sense to me. It doesn't look like he can play up top with Hemmings and will want to be playing every week. We need to bring players in to strengthen in areas and to try and find a balanced team but that likely means moving players out 1st so tough decisions like this will have to be made. Like others have said a big target man who Hemmings could play off would likely improve our team ad DJ snd KM are too similar. We also need an out and out winger who can get crosses into the box along with McDaid. I don't think Wighton is the type of player we need, he would be better going some where with less expectation/pressure where he can play regularly and needs games at his age. Even if that means dropping down a few divisions, he could come back a better player. This is a huge transfer window for us, lets hope we get it right.
  6. Good post mate, i don't get the fans are to blame argument. I don't boo during games but think it's justified at the end of games if we lose in the manner we have been at Dens recently. When JMP was appointed he asked for the fans backing and said he would restore some pride and give us a team to be proud of. Despite a few terrible seasons we have sold a very decent number of season tickets so have done our bit but week after week the team isn't even showing the minimum which is to give 100% and leave nothing on the park. If the players give their all and compete and JMP can set them up in a way where we have a chance of creating chances and winning the fans will respond. We as a support have been more than patient IMO but can't see people continuing to hand over good money on match days or for season tickets unless there is a huge improvement.
  7. Spot on mate, i don't like being negative but really struggle to understand people who don't see the problems. Why do we go to watch football games? for me it's about entertainment so a bit of excitement, creating / scoring goals, players playing for the jersey and putting in challenges etc. and showing a bit of passion. We had a half decent crowd today for the time of year but you can take at least 500 of it for next and about 1500 off it for the cup game. People aren't going to keep paying good money to watch spineless performances like this at Dens.
  8. It's probably the only way forward, which is a shame. I thought JMP had turned it around last week and finally got the players playing for him but after a glimmer oh ope we're back to square one. Lets be honest though he should never have got the job as wasn't qualified so hard to see it as a failure on his part, i'm sure he is trying his best but doesn't have the experience or knowledge to succeed. We have good players but he doesn't know how to set them up to win games and to motivate them so giving him another transfer window window to try again with different players is mental. JN has to go 1st though as if he is involved in appointing his successor we'll end up with a bigger disaster!
  9. I stayed to the end at the Queens game full of anger to boo but left 5 mins from the end today, apathy has well and truly set in which is worse. It's worse as there was a glimmer of hope last week after a good performance but just don't understand how we can go back to that p!sh again. The players didn't look up for it from the 1st whistle which was the opposite from Caley who pressed high and battled for every ball and deserved to win comfortably. We had no link between front and back, the defenders play it among themselves then to a midfielder who plays it back to them then to the keeper who punts it at Hemmings! We then commit players forward with the front 4 or 5 stand with their backs to goal wanting the ball at feet making no movement and lose it with slack passing and get hit on the counter. There can't be an easier team to play against in world football than Dundee. The buck stops with JMP and his staff, what do they do it training all week? The same problems are there week in week out.
  10. Hemmings deserved a goal for his work rate / performance in the derby so lets hope he gets his reward with a goal today.
  11. I think Mcpake signed the boys he wanted and had an idea of how he wanted the team to play. Not all of his signings have worked out which is leaving us weak in a few areas. I'm sure James will have earned a lot and now know who he can rely on and the areas and characteristics needed to improve. I would think anyone coming in will depend on players going out so I'm not expecting a bunch of signings as soon as the transfer window opens.
  12. I understand where people are coming from but the way i see it is United fans paying in at dens cancels it out.
  13. I doubt it too, unless there is a cheapish release clause as clubs aren't going to pay 1m+ for a player who has only ever scored goals in the Scottish championship.
  14. From when i was -6 months, my old man said i was heard singing Jimmy Mclean's a baldy headed c*nt at the 12 week scan.
  15. should have put that in quotation marks mate!
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