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  1. Do you still have the spare tickets?
  2. I've almost resigned myself now that this is going to be a mediocre season, it's not that I'm trying to be negative but realistic. After last season it's not unexpected, at the same time we have to be very careful with consolidating this season or we will be dragged down to the lower half and be fighting relegation, after today's and last fridays result I dont think you can blame me for thinking that way. I love this club to bits but we are no where near challenging for this title, long way to go and if we make the playoffs that's a huge bonus in my opinion.
  3. Look its painfull but no as painfull for them when we put them doon, this is there karma they think! Long way to go and things will change. Take a while to get over this but let's kick on we are no a bad team, f**k them
  4. Thing is with me is my young lad is 14, seen the doon derby and the cup win over the dabs, it's a shame. I'm used to it being a Dee but wtf has happened here, how are we supposed to kick on! We are down again and even I'm struggling to figure it out having the 6th biggest budget, we shouldn't be struggling againt relegation with the budget and the fan base, my young lad will always be a Dee thanks to me but he and all of us doesn't deserve this.
  5. Well something has to change, watching the dabs v county yesterday and the they were saying what a prospect a Dundee derby playoff would be, nobody wants it on either side but think this may happen
  6. I've said from a previous post and I dont post much just watch. We looked like relegation material early on and it's not changed. It's not manager or players its owners and this has been a few seasons now we have scrapped by. Hopefully this time we do again but us fans deserve better, we should have kicked on since the doon derby but those yanks dont get it, no feeling or history for the club. Here we go again!
  7. Miss management and a clueless bod, the last 2 seasons we have scraped by to avoid playoffs and relegation but just made it. Has been a huge opportunity for us to establish the club as the top team in the city but it's not happening, we are going down believe me.
  8. Is it not the managers job to install some belief and confidence into his players. He said he can't do that! McCann just gtf
  9. Can't believe what just happened there, we played well and 2-1 up against 10 men, managerial mistake! we are in the s*it, confidence will be shot now
  10. Second half not good enough for him so no day off! The slackers will be booted out with him
  11. Seen McCann coming out early and looked really p*ssed off, he sets high standards and that's not surprising after we got safe last season and they gave up, small man in stature but not taking any crap! That's what we need but I firmly believe this team has potential
  12. Could have been more goals, their keeper was good, bit shaky at the back at times, didn't come away disappointed tho, early doors and stuff to improve on, much better to watch than last season, see how it goes
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