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  1. No change, at all,ever, for any reason. Message to players ,please put them DOON and you will make a man very happy with loads of ammo for work.
  2. Was sitting in the house with the Radio on having broke my leg the Sunday before,Seek then and still seek now, never had a broken leg a the times they tanked us
  3. Do the DABs put £££££ in the pocket o referees, I know its not true but just seems that way, but it phucking happens far too often for my liking, every game they get a game changing decision (incorrectly). Not disputing penalty just sending off.
  4. You get a price reduction in the rep for a young person under 26, not sure why tho.
  5. So sad, buying a 50/50 will never be the same again. RIP lovely lady.
  6. I remember a game at Dens when Cooper was at Rangers,he was playing against a very young fullback (McKinlay I think) and getting nowhere as the young lad had blinder,game goes on and young lad puts in a tackle,Cooper lands on top of him and starts to punch phuck oot o him, ref does nothing, enter Cammy Fraser, within minutes Cooper 10 foot in the air and Cammy walking to tunnel before ref even blew his whistle. Hated Cooper after that as he was a shitebag, loved Cammy Fraser even more though.
  7. Good thing days have moved on,eh remeber Buy some tins on Friday,put them in the fridge Get up Saturday morning(nae matter whaur you found yirself after Friday night). this bit is important. Take tinnies out fridge. Get on train and drink tinnies, Get aff train and hae a couple o pint, Head out tae Ibrox, Pay in and watch game, Head back to glasgow and hae a couple o pints. Buy some tinnies, Get on train and drink tinnies' Get aff train go to pub. Far too complicated,much easier now wi a the technology.
  8. Or you could seriously question Hartleys motivational skill by not getting the best out of a very talented player, I would suggest neither are correct, could it be Thomson has gone, Harkins is injury free and hit form and Hartleys has made up his mind about his best position. WIN WIN WIN.
  9. Watched it when I got home from game,did not look intentional to me,clumsy at worst,Sutton making mountains out of molehills for no reason.
  10. Standing with my old man,been a long time dead but not before he taught me how to be a DEE.
  11. Integrity. That's me, must accept that it is a Phuck you Jack I' m all right culture.
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