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  1. That's it, he's got to go. Starting to feel like I did when John Brown was in charge.
  2. Ignore. I didn't see the little 'match' button
  3. Help. Can't get stream when I click on Matchday LIVE. I'm logged in and should be subscribed to international monthly
  4. Today was BT sport feed. 100% better than the 'old equipment'. I assume it will be the same network connection with the BBC feeds so am at a loss why many people had network/buffering issues? Worked great for me.
  5. I'm on the stream and for once I have nothing to moan about. It's been excellent so far
  6. ***UPDATE*** Good news on this front! Morning Garry, Thanks for your email, For some time now we have been aware that the output we have with the resource available to us has fallen behind what some other sides are offering. As such we have been in discussions to have a complete overhaul of the system for a number of months now. The current plan is to have this upgrade happen in the summer for next season although I am pushing for this to happen as soon as we can. I’m really excited for this to happen as the output will be fantastic for our subscribers. This would include producing a service similar to the one Partick run (i.e. using the broadcast feeds) for the live matches and will also give us this footage for the Full match replays and highlight packages. I’m confident things will move on in the next few weeks with our discussions and hopefully we will have something to announce very soon. Thanks, Tommy Tommy Young Head of Media at Dundee Football Club
  7. Despite having much less revenue than DFC, Patrick like many other clubs in Scotland provided excellent live coverage today for £5.99. Top quality streaming, multiple camera angles, action replays, decent commentary. Come on Dundee, pull the finger out. We're the worst in Scotland for streaming games by a long shot!
  8. Like the other week the site is down again therefore no Deetv again. Completely amateurish doing IT connections on the cheap. Get someone in who can sort out this sh*t once and for all. Worst streaming in Scottish football
  9. Yes. Just came on to see ball in our net
  10. Error loading media, file could not be played
  11. Darren Odea and James McPake just followed Josh Meekings on twitter. Make of that what you will
  12. I think discounts for the military should only be offered at Ibrox. They have a very strong tradition with United Kingdom armed forces who pledge allegiance to her majesty. Rangers also make a massive effort on armistice day and are very loyal to all things queen and country. The majority of our military also have a preference for Rangers over other teams. Their fans' song repertoire also shows how much they care about the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, it's armed forces and their history.
  13. Craig Burley managed to get himself sent off in his only league appearance for us
  14. An overhaul of DEETV. Something half as good as Partick's service would be appreciated
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