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  1. HK Blues

    Bye Bye

    Speaking of the dislike option now, on another forum (non football) we discussed whether to bring in or not and the vast majority said no on the basis it makes it too easy for posters to score petty points regardless of the actual content and, ultimately, could lead to people deciding not to post as we're all sensitive wee souls at heart. My opinion was that if someone wants to disagree thet should do so by replying. It's jo big deal but i personally don't see the positives of it. P.S. i am expecting a few thumbs down for this post, hopefully as a piss-take!
  2. HK Blues

    Alloa On Saturday

    We all would Cobra, we all would!
  3. HK Blues

    Highlight of the 2010s

    I think the significant difference between HK and the remoter regions of China is that the eyes of the world are on Hong Kong and therefore, any action by the Chinese would have a knock-on effect globally. The Philippines. Duterte. What can i say? He's an interesting character and undoubtedly has the interests of the country at heart and maybe his style of leadership is what is needed here as the status quo hasn't helped anyone but the richer families who run the place. My wife is a Filipina hence my decision to come here. All in all, it's not so bad (my place I mean) and doesn't suffer from the same problems as the two bigger cities here (Manila and Cebu).
  4. HK Blues

    Welcome To Dens Sean Mackie....

    We are thin on the ground in terms of numbers so a squad player isn't exactly a luxury. If he weren't a reserve player at Hibs, a team in a division above us, we wouldn't be able to get him in on loan. It's early days.
  5. HK Blues

    Highlight of the 2010s

    Good to see you back posting Cobra! I'm in the Philippines now -we left 4 years ago. Actually, I see it a wee bit differently in that I don't see this as any attempt by the Chinese to have greater influence in Hong Kong, rather a well-intentioned but politically crazy attempt to introduce an extradition policy between China and Hong Kong. In itself it's hardly unreasonable but, as always, the people of Hong Kong see anything to do with mainland China as evil and will oppose regardless of the topic. Poor leadership in Hong Kong has allowed the situation to escalate to where we are now. The Chinese are showing restraint and i reckon highly unlikely they would send in troops to resolve things.
  6. HK Blues

    Highlight of the 2010s

    I had already moved to Hong Kong and haven't been back home for a good few years so all i have to go on is my memories from the years before that. Some good and a lot of bad but strangely it's the good ones that come to mind first!
  7. HK Blues

    Davies Is Away.

    You'd be surprised - I worked in Human Resources for 20+ years and came across a good few employees on long-term sick who were able to do 2nd jobs as the fitness levels/requirements of the 2nd job were different.
  8. HK Blues

    Davies Is Away.

    Let's be honest, putting everything aside how many of us would tell our employer we were leaving whilst we were on the sick and being paid?
  9. I don't think they will win the league with relative ease on the strength of the kinda freaky Derby but based on the fact they have a strong squad and have come through unscathed against 4 of the better sides and are free scoring. I just cannot see any of the rest of us being able to maintain a strong challenge over a whole season. It won't be as much of a stroll as many think - they are not that great - but will have it sewn up with a few games to go. I'm like many in that I will count a play-off spot as being acceptable based on the state we were in - how Utd do shouldn't really change that as it's not like they are a lower-ranked team having a purple patch and "stealing" one of the coveted play-off spots from us. I'll add, I hate to see Utd doing so well as much as the next Dee but I'm not so blinkered by the dark blue specs as to not be able to see how this season is panning out. No disrespect to Dees who see it differently - I hope they prove me wrong x 100!
  10. HK Blues

    Slavering Obsessed Arabs

    Hey Sinky, how you doing mate?
  11. HK Blues

    Slavering Obsessed Arabs

    I remember it quite well - probably more for the "Hegarty, Cheat, Cheat" than anything else. It was just one in a long line of Derby defeats (at least it seems like that). I wonder if this was the game that was scheduled for the Saturday but postponed quite late?
  12. HK Blues

    Welcome To Dens Sean Mackie....

    That's good enough for me - get him on the next train back to Edinburgh!
  13. HK Blues


    Yep. Whilst losing the game won't cost us the league, I'm pretty sure that at the end of the season the 6 point swing from this 1 game alone will have a significant impact. Multiply that by 4 and it becomes massive. A must not lose maybe?
  14. HK Blues


  15. HK Blues


    That's the spirit!
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