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    Married, one child (son) born and lived in Dundee until 40 years-old - moved to Hong Kong for 10 years and now living in the Philippines.
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  1. HK Blues

    Scottish Cup

    The only Utd game I went to was against THE UTD!
  2. HK Blues

    View From My Front Window

    Weekly beatings - you don't know you're living Gedee!
  3. HK Blues

    View From My Front Window

    Yep - provided the wife didn't find my stash I was able to save all those 8ps and buy a beer at the end of the month to celebrate!
  4. HK Blues

    View From My Front Window

    The upper deck was more expensive so, being a canny scot, I went to the lower deck with all the locals - saved me 8p per trip twice a day - it all mounts up! As for the view, mostly diesel smoke and waves! Seriously though, the view from the ferry in Hong Kong was spectacular and must be one of the best commutes in the world.
  5. HK Blues

    Dundee V Hibs

    In all seriousness, from time to time a stray coo or a couple of goats can be seen wandering aimlessly down my street - we don't live in a particularly rural area so it's a bit bizarre! They're a bit too nippy for me to catch for the pot!
  6. HK Blues

    View From My Front Window

    Heard of it - I used to travel on it every day to go to work!
  7. HK Blues

    View From My Front Window

    I didn't think they were that slow Islay!
  8. HK Blues

    Scottish Cup

    My memory may be out but I thought it was a tenner for the Barca game? It was a huge sum at the time regardless.
  9. HK Blues

    Dundee V Hibs

    Your grammar and spelling are atrocious, Gedee!
  10. I really get your point, and I really agree with it. And I really know the OF and everyone whose mission in life is to protect them will make the most of every single isolated incident in every other ground.
  11. Whilst you're right, you can hardly expect the powers to be to punish the Old Firm whilst leaving the others unpunished just because they do it less, or are based in the East Coast.
  12. I agree with your comments about hollow words - to be honest the whole things bores me as it's a never ending story and nothing has been done before now despite numerous incidents.
  13. I'm not opposed to punishing clubs with such things as fines, closed door games etc but is their any precedence to show these measures actually work for ingrained problems rather than just act as a punishment? And, lets be careful what we wish for as clubs like ours have been accused of sectarianism in the past - and how many times have we heard the terms Tim or Hun used on this very forum? I wouldn't want to use a sledgehammer to crush a nut, no matter how big the nut may be.
  14. He's certainly not the first to come out about it - Lennon has been very vociferous in the past. I think he's a wee bit guilty of soor grapes following a heavy defeat and hitting out wherever he could.
  15. HK Blues

    Dundee V Hibs

    I can honestly say I have never seen a poster take a pop at another poster over such things, hence my surprise at PB's post which seemed to suggest such a thing had happened. For the life of me, I don't see how PB can have taken that from my post but what we write isn't always what others read.

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