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  1. I'm going to swim against the tide here. Putting aside the ulterior motives thinking if we can, what exactly is so bad about Rangers proposal? Other European leagues way more important/relevant than ours absolutely recognise B teams -La Liga being an example - so why do we oppose it? Yes, we can suspect the OF will push the envelope in future and have 4 teams in the top league but that is NOT what is being proposed so each of the clubs can prevent that if they wish. OK, we are holding up our hands to confirming money talks but is this a revelation? I don't think so. It's a bit more interesting than Budge's fudge so maybe worth exploring as a way forward. I have had a couple of beers so perhaps my judgement is clouded but I reckon I've made some of my best decisions under such circumstances! Finally, in the short term it's definitely in our interests but longer term, with 3 teams potentially going down I'm not so sure.
  2. Those last few words are what a I was getting at - the presence of the OF does them nor the rest of us any good but neither "side" has any solution to break the unhealthy relationship. It would take a group of BoDs with a big set of balls to say enough, we need to create something that actually provides some chance of real success and competitiveness or at least doesn't bend over as much as it can to take the OF you know what. Won't happen.
  3. It might work but I tend to think that even if you dress up a pig in a pretty dress and stick some nice lippy on it, it'll still be a pig. The elephant in the room, 2 actually, is the OF keeping us back and, in turn, the rest of us keeping them back. We'd possibly be no worse off without them and vice-versa but nobody wants to help that happen.
  4. The worst that can happen is we'll get nowt and Hearts will be joining us next season.
  5. It's a pitta he didn't get much chance to.
  6. If he'd been Dyron Dhal he'd have been real hot stuff!
  7. It's a bit like Trigger's broom I suppose!
  8. Not quite the same thing but I remember when Hibs got Bukta as a sponsor on their shirts - was quite controversial at the time and led to them either not being shown on TV or having to wear another kit. Nowadays, who doesn't have a sponsor (or two) emblazoned on their kit. Things change but I wouldn't want to be the trailblazer on this.
  9. Alternatively, he though a slim chance was better than no chance.
  10. I suppose for the bigger clubs the logistics of handling such a small number of spectators makes it not worthwhile doing. But, at our level and for a good few teams in the top division, it could work and be viable. We mustn't just let it slide because it isn't being done.
  11. Yep, they have been able to sustain a good level of fanbase despite not only being starved of success - who outside the OF hasn't - and relative underachievement for years. In some ways, they have it tighter than us due to being in a much bigger city with resultant higher expectations but facing the same brick wall as the rest of us. They're not my next favourite team but I find it hard to dislike them.
  12. Yep, the signs were ominous once they lost to St M but there is something in me that hates to see unfairness. That said, they were bottom for a reason after 3/4 of a season so it's not the biggest injustice this virus has thrown up.
  13. I hear you...they played themselves into bottom spot based on 75% or so of the season - maybe Budge should accept the unfairness of it tempered with the realisation they were bottom for a reason. But, had it been our team in the same position I'd hope our BoD would be making the same noises as Hearts. I'm a wee bit disappointed so little is being made of lost play-off spots but can live with it.
  14. Fair enough but it is irrelevant how badly they used their resources etc etc - there were plenty of games left to catch up 4 points but they weren't given the chance. Agreed that many other clubs, including ours, could claim an injustice was served but that doesn't mean Hearts' position is weakened. Hindsight is great but I wonder if we would have been so hasty to call it when we did knowing what we know now? I'm 50/50 on it. Just my opinion.
  15. Agree with most of this but not the latter part - the season was not over and they were only 4 points adrift. And, had they not lost to St Mirren in that last game they would possibly have been sitting 11th rather than 12th. They were unlucky that they were sitting in the wrong seat when the music stopped.
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