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  1. HK Blues

    St Johnstone V Dundee

    What would we have given for a team full of journeymen this season!
  2. HK Blues


    We're going down now regardless. Saturday was the last chance saloon and we know how that went. Let's start thinking about next season and start the work now to put us in a position where we can have reasonable ambitions to bounce right back up.That starts with getting in a new Boss. Financially, no advantage in holding on to him because the 12 months start ticking only when we punt him.
  3. HK Blues

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    It happens WW, but it's a rare case as compared to teams at the top. Anyway, we won't as you say.
  4. HK Blues

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Bottom of the league teams don't go on winning streaks
  5. HK Blues

    Roll of Honour

    I think that's the grim reality clubs like us face - pretty much the best we can hope for is 6th and there are 4 or 5 teams fighting for that every season therefore the chances of us getting it are slim. That leaves us in the bottom 6 more often than not - a bad run and suddenly you're facing a play-off or worse. To be fair, we've been flirting with relegation for 3 or 4 seasons now so our number was always going to come up sooner or later. Unfortunately, it's sooner. The small consolation (not so small actually) is that we have the play-offs in the Championship now so we don't necessarily have to win it to get out.
  6. HK Blues

    Roll of Honour

    I thought he was "the best of a bad bunch" kind of appointment and given the squad he inherited he was up against it from Day 1 - he failed miserably to make any improvement so that was a disappointment big time. I honestly think we were going down with McCann and thought McIntyre would have steadied the ship - he didn't. I'd hope we can draw a line under this season and start again in the Championship with a new man at the helm.
  7. There are plenty of managers around - we just seem to have the knack of choosing the wrong option in recent names (Hartley excluded)
  8. HK Blues

    Sad To Read

    In a strange way, the way we lost to Celtic may have driven the first nail in the coffin - a 3-0 defeat may have left us feeling less seek and more ready for the battles ahead.
  9. HK Blues

    Sad To Read

    Nothing surer than that, Gedee
  10. HK Blues

    Sad To Read

    Looking over the various posts here over the past few days, it's sad to see how much apathy there is. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely get it and I'm not having a pop at anyone, but with only a 3 point gap and 5 games left many are talking like the gap is too much already. Easy to see why - this season really has kicked the a**e out of us - 2 consecutive managers who seem incapable of keeping it simple and playing to our strengths as well as building poor squads. Let's hope (and pray) for a minor miracle today and get back our spirit while it's still not too late.
  11. HK Blues

    Women's Team

    To be fair, this was not a proper match - merely a kick-around to help the USA team prepare for an important upcoming match. Regardless, your point still stands. But, they have about 100 years to catch up on us.
  12. HK Blues

    The Kind of Luck We Need?

    I wonder what would happen if the ball was saved/hit the woodwork, rebounded out and struck the ref and went in? I anticipate this will happen to DFC at some point!
  13. HK Blues

    The Kind of Luck We Need?

    I believe it's not over until the ball is "dead" - there was an incident in a world cup penalty shoot out where the ball hit the post and hit the keeper on the way out and went in, the goal was given as the ball was not deemed to have been dead.
  14. HK Blues

    Another Ticket Deal

    We know!
  15. HK Blues

    Another Ticket Deal

    I guess this shows you cannot please all of the people all of the time!
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