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  1. It certainly reads like clubs decide for Under-18s. I suppose I can understand the situation as some "kids" could pay a quid and then watch the streamed games. That said, what's to stop an adult having a houseful watching the game? I doubt much revenue would be lost either way - people will buy season tickets to watch games live, not on tele.
  2. I had to do some research into why people get so upset at this - The best explanation I read was that imagine how you'd feel if you were sitting around the dining table and you got a smaller helping than everybody else and complained to Dad that you should get the same sized portion as everybody else - he simply replied everyone should get the same sized portion. Made sense to me after that.
  3. Don't Utd fans have previous for this?
  4. I'm going to be boring and choose the same one as the fav Derby goal - TC against Utd in the Skol Cup. I cannot really say why that game struck such a chord with us Dees - we've had bigger and arguably better wins but it always gets a mention when discussing great Dee games. I think it's because it wasn't televised so each of us have to piece it all together in our own minds and no doubt there's a wee bit of guilding the lily going on. Still, the way TC won the ball in his own box, beat every Utd player at least twice before dribbling backwards to the half-way line and then flicking it up to half-volley it into the net, actually through the net and into the Provie road. I'll never forget it!
  5. Right decision mate, nobody likes to be interrupted at work!
  6. Yep...Brooniee's header was a buller. Wasn't TC's goal the equaliser with Keith Wright getting the winner? If we're talking the same game that is.
  7. I was thinking the same but I suppose it depends on the competition for places in those player's other teams.
  8. With no bad one amongst them, it's hard to choose one. I'd narrow it down to TC's equaliser in the 2-1 cup game at Dens and Tosh's volley at Tannadice in the 4-3. Strange nobody has picked Craig Wighton's yet.
  9. That's just Phase 1. Phase 2 is when they announce it's double points for an away win - and an extra 3 if it's against a team from Edinburgh!
  10. That'll get the conspiracy theorists going!
  11. Like most things, a perceived injustice can work 2 ways - it can galvanise a team (Deefiant season) or leave them feeling sorry for themselves. Let's hope the Dees respond in the right way. Let's hope Hearts respond to their perceived injustice in the wrong way.
  12. Can't wait to see his face when he discovers there are 2 teams in the city - and he's joined the wrong one!
  13. I set you up for that!
  14. Yep - that concerns me too, PB. Not enough to think it's a bad idea but definitely something to keep in mind. Also, this may not all be new money in the long run and some robbing Peter to pay Paul may well go on now or in the future. Still, all good at this point.
  15. Finally, it's all one big pot as long as you have a part-clever accountant. It's like the money we got from time-to-time due to Celtic's European failures - it was supposed to go on youth development but i wouldn't be surprised if it made it's way to other areas of the club.
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