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  1. HK Blues

    1st League Game

    I suppose we could charge the same but then we'd need to cut our cloth accordingly
  2. HK Blues

    Former Dees....

    How could we forget the baldy headed *×#t at Utd!
  3. HK Blues

    Former Dees....

    Duffy at Hibs?
  4. This reminds me of the Bukta strip that Hibs wore in the late 70's - the Bukta logo was considered too big for televised games so they had to wear a different kit for the tele.
  5. HK Blues

    Jim Goodwin-lucky Escape?.

    Well, we are going to EEP on the 1st day of this season so I'd say it was clear enough
  6. Apparently it breaches FA regulations as it's too big so may be a publicity stunt. Bowfin!
  7. They''ll be title chasing next season T.B.F.
  8. HK Blues

    Jim Goodwin-lucky Escape?.

    Yep...that was the point I was making!
  9. HK Blues

    Jim Goodwin-lucky Escape?.

    PB - I'd imagine Dondeh meant THIS season so Celtic Park, Tynecastle and Ibrox would be non-starters. That said, EEP wouldn't be top of my list of difficult 1st games
  10. HK Blues


    I don't know if there was any specific reason for it, but I do recall brown balls being used in some games in England but not up in Scotland. My personal favourite was the all-white Mitre.
  11. HK Blues

    Raith V Dundee

    I dunno BCG - the one on the 2nd in 2016 was pretty special
  12. HK Blues

    Raith V Dundee

    Cannot remember the last time I woke up on a Sunday morning to a Dee win, never mind by 3 goals and a clean sheet. Good start to build on.
  13. HK Blues

    Yellow Perils

    I'll be there from next home game - not with a car but a sign and a cash box!
  14. You were, but not anymore!
  15. I cannot see how women footballers think they deserve the same pay as male footballers. Yes, they play the same game, but carry that through and it's tantamount to saying Dundee players deserve the same as Neymar, Messia, Ronaldo et all. I'm sure some of them (women footballers, not Messi and Co!) earn more than Dee players.
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