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  1. Sugar Kane Hemmings John Brown Ale Tommy Chocolate Coyne and Keith Wright's Pies
  2. It could've been worse, much worse! All the best BCG.
  3. I'm enjoying their mini collapse as much as the next Dee, Cobra! I won't deny I did some quick calculation in my head when I saw their result last night! You're up late mate - big match nerves keeping you awake?😀
  4. Interesting. They'll win the appeal and acceot a watered-down fine and some form of transfer embargo. UEFA have gone after them and tried to show some teeth but i suspect their process will be shown to be flawed.
  5. They are 18 points clear, albeit with more games played. They will get over the line regardless; they may stumble over but they'll get there. I'm more interested (slightly) in how they'll do in the top league without Shankland. They have been blowing lukewarm and cold all season but their rivals have been worse. I'm just happy to see reality hitting their fans as they are now beginning to realise they are nothing more than a reasonable side in a poor league.
  6. The home kit is blue The away kit is white I love Dundee...and Dundee United are sh - - -
  7. I remember every one of them distinctly except Tommy Gemmell. Happy Days indeed!
  8. We won't get much for a fiver a month, Cobra!
  9. Burgundy Double-breasted shirt, burgundy cardigan, burgundy sta-press and burgundy shoes. Only thing that wasn't burgundy was my socks - white!
  10. I may be wrong but I vaguely recall reading that the deal was a no-goer as Shankland wasn't interested in coming to Dens regardless.
  11. Too many memories to pick out one or even two - great days and nights at Tannadice despite a fair few hammerings; Away days to places like Morton, Clydebank and so many others, a couple of Hampden finals as well as a Dens one; 4-3 Derby wins; European games in the 70s; run of the mill games that were only memorable because of the Dee fans humour...where to stop?
  12. All I can say Is I'm doing my bit to keep up the average Huggs! I'm guessing you're just a year younger than me.
  13. I moved to the Ardler Multis - Wentworth Court - around 1969 when I was 4. I remember the roundabouts being built and the tiling being done in the foyer etc. I also remember the old terminus as you mention.
  14. Ardler from 70-77 then the Rocky from 77-83. Did me no harm (not true)!
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