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  1. That was a hard watch tonight. Losing Marshall early on didn't help either as we lost the edge and energy down the left side which Mackie doesn't really have. Anyway not a night for complaints we got the 3 points and that's what matters roll on next Friday...
  2. Wackyjim

    Dundee FC V Morton (Home, 1st Nov 2019)

    When was the last time the Dees were on the telly 3 weeks on the trot
  3. New stadium and regular champions league otherwise I'm out
  4. Wackyjim

    Our Bench

    https://images.app.goo.gl/h4icK8E93HWTSRfz7 If the dallas cowboys can do it so can we
  5. Wackyjim

    Morton (Morten) V Dundee.

    United score in the last minute
  6. Wackyjim

    Morton (Morten) V Dundee.

    It's not the lack of quality with the strikers given service they will score we are weak in the middle of the park
  7. Wackyjim

    Morton (Morten) V Dundee.

  8. Wackyjim

    Morton (Morten) V Dundee.

    4 for Ayr
  9. Wackyjim

    Elgin On Sunday

    Ffs it just gets worse
  10. Wackyjim

    Jack Hamilton

    If this was last season then I would understand the divided opinions but from what I've seen so far Jack Hamilton despite the odd blunder is a night and day better keeper from last year... Just my humble opinion
  11. Wackyjim

    Dundee V Ayr

    Surprised Byrne out... Makes sense McDaid in against his old club.. Fingers crossed for a result today
  12. Wackyjim


    Why bother they're all ugly feckers in Dumfries
  13. Dabs will be creaming themselves.... They may well have good reason to
  14. Wackyjim

    Most Disappointing Signing

    Fan Zhiyi was supposed to make us millions but turned out to be a complete dud
  15. The photo was taken in February Nelms and Co weren't sure when to announce the appointment
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