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  1. The photo was taken in February Nelms and Co weren't sure when to announce the appointment
  2. Wackyjim

    Kerr Waddell Away

    He'll do well at Arbroath and will command a starting spot every week something that wasn't guaranteed with us... Wishing him all the best.
  3. Wackyjim

    New Kit Verdict

    Prefer the all blue strip I think it looks the business
  4. Wackyjim

    Gordon Strachan - Technical Director.

    This has gone very quiet
  5. Wackyjim

    Raith In Trouble?

    Glad to hear it's old news... Although seeing people in tears on the streets of Kirkcaldy is quite a common sight
  6. Wackyjim

    Have You Got a Season Ticket

    Because of NM & J McIntyre I now have a booze , hooker and drug problem however I'm hopeful that come the new season i will have my season ticket bought and paid for
  7. Wackyjim

    Cammy Kerr.

    Cammy if he stays will be
  8. Wackyjim


    If it is Mcpake then I think we will see a lot of young home grown talent given a chance and that long term is a good thing. It will be a a huge struggle next season and certainly not confident we'll get promotion but I do believe if he gets experienced support from the likes of a Strachan or Nicholl and the fans have patience then maybe the future is brighter than we think
  9. Wackyjim


    I would be amazed if JG can't agree a deal to manage Dundee.. For him it must be a career step up from Alloa even if Strachan is appointed in some sort of mentoring role? I guess a lot depends on what role Strachan is offered or demands it could be JG sees him as potentially being like another levein who continually interfered with team selection at hearts.
  10. Wackyjim

    Gordon Strachan - Technical Director.

    Arabian Times?
  11. Wackyjim


    Compensation agreed with Alloa and a list of transfer targets in place.... According to the Tully
  12. Wackyjim


    The Tully saying almost certain that Goodwin will be offered the post.... DCT at their best
  13. Wackyjim

    Who do you think will be next?

    As you say BCG the pub is the best place to get solid reliable info..... Welcome to dens Mr Goodwin
  14. Wackyjim

    Season Ticket Latest Decision

    Feel your pain mate... Without going off topic and breaking all sorts of forum rules... Why the feck do glasses cost so bloody much in this country its one of biggest rip offs I know
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