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  1. Perhaps PB it all depends on one's interpretion...just irked at the unnecessary comment from Ross
  2. Off you pop then.... If you actually read the post rather than immediately suggest I'm a troll then you will see that I haven't said anything about a one club city I'm suggesting combined resources ie ground sharing etc... I think there will be many other clubs thinking the same thing to reduce costs but even ground sharing is hugely contentious... Would hearts be happy with Easter road as their new home and would we be happy having Tannadice.. I'm not trying to create a bun fight on here but I've no doubt in my mind that once this horrible time is over the financial implications will be a huge problem for most if not all clubs in Scotland and some difficult decisions will have to be made
  3. If there's no football for another 6 months it's going to push so many professional clubs to the brink and neither of the Dundee clubs are immune to the dangers of this financial crisis. Both American owners will be acutely aware of this so is there a real risk they could use this as a justification to say that both clubs need to merge resources in order to keep professional football in the city? I f.... g hope not but the world is going to be a different place after this and I feel football in Scotland in particular will also have to adapt to survive.
  4. If the season is declared null and void then expect to see Tannadice become an important paracetamol distribution centre
  5. This pandemic tragically will change everything about our lives for years to come. Although sport and football in general is secondary to our thoughts I can't see there being any professional sport being played much before September perhaps even later and by then everyone will want to restart life afresh and not look back. It's my opinion that football will do the same and this season will be scrapped with no champions, promotion or relegation. Just my opinion mind.
  6. I was only 3 at the time so have no recollection of the game... But great post and thanks for sharing with us 👍
  7. If that is the case then there should be no financial reward given to the teams that are promoted by this route instead that money should be shared equally amongst the teams that still had the opportunity to win promotion
  8. Easy decision and not because I'm a Dee and a DAB hater. Awarding any team a championship while it's still mathematically possible to be caught is a gross injustice the same goes for relegating a club at the other end. If this happens then it will will cause far more problems than it will solve.
  9. One of the GP's at the health centre has confirmed coronovirus.... The problem is the amount of patients he's seen when infectious. It was bound to happen at some stage but stressing out about it just makes you ill so probably best not to get into a blind panic about something none of us can do anything about
  10. Which 4 go up?.... What about those teams that are currently outwith the current top 4 they would have a valid argument that they could have qualified at the end of the season.... No right or wrong answer here other than its going to get very messy
  11. The financial implications could see many clubs fold.... It maybe that league restructure will be the only salvation
  12. I can't see any alternative otherwise the legal challenges will fly in
  13. I agree China have been dealing with the virus since December and just now showing a slow down in new infections. This is likely to be an ongoing problem for us for at least another couple of months so I feel the season will end tomorrow... Whatever happens regards promotion and relegation is another question altogether
  14. All uefa and champions league games are cancelled
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