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  1. Wackyjim

    Poty Dinner

    Definitely cancel, it will be a shambles... My poty for what it's worth would be Ralph and would give him it after the St mirren game preferably out of sight in the dressing room
  2. Financially I fear we will be stuck with mcintyre next season.... If we are then the best we can hope for is a play off place no way will he be capable of building a championship winning squad
  3. I wonder what the odds are on us losing 12 in a row.... Quite honestly I can see it happening
  4. Wackyjim

    St Johnstone V Dundee

    Game over.... Season over
  5. Wackyjim

    St Johnstone V Dundee

    Livi score... Hope yet
  6. The scoreboard...never has enough Dundee goals on it.. and surely it wouldn't be that difficult to have the name of the opposition rather than "visitor"
  7. Wackyjim

    Should the Worst Happen Who Would You Keep?

    Deewok.....I forgot he's gone too
  8. Wackyjim

    Today's Q and A

    Very true.. However there are some that would quite happily sign in return for a glass of wine and a cucumber sandwich thinking how important they are
  9. Wackyjim

    Craig Curran

    I can't believe we are actually missing moussa.... We are definitely fucked
  10. Wackyjim

    Yanks Out!

    Feel your pain but at this point it would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.... Who in their right mind would invest a penny or for that matter a cent in this club in the current state its in
  11. Wackyjim

    Aberdeen Match

    Mcintyre will keep his job.... Meanwhile Nelms is looking for a bucket of sand
  12. Wackyjim

    Aberdeen Match

    7 defeats in a row....
  13. Wackyjim

    Aberdeen Match

    Ffs 2 now
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