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  1. That sums it up for me - I don't think I'll ever get my head around why we changed our mind to hand United the league and send teams down 🤯
  2. This team is an embarrassment. No positives that I can see.
  3. I thought Madden had a good game and 6 minutes seemed about right considering the multiple head injuries and 6 substitutions. It was a sore one to take so late on, and it was predictable as soon as the board for 6 min went up, but Celtic are miles ahead of us and the better team won unfortunately. Good effort which I hope we'll see away from the tv cameras in the crucial weeks ahead.
  4. Miller should have done a lot better with the initial chance...very lucky to win a penalty...then taps the penalty tamely within easy reach of the keeper. So frustrating! Great first half though. Clearly gubbed in the second half.
  5. It was a terrible penalty - any keeper going the right way saves it. Definitely should have been red for Samson too - no attempt to play the ball.
  6. Really pleased so far with that performance with the exception of some sloppiness at the back. Deacon has been great. Just worried that Clancey would love to get a red card out and hoping it's not for one of us.
  7. Maybe they could invest some of the Hendry money in the streaming service...amateur hour again
  8. Just got access as I was about to tweet - hopefully stays up
  9. Yeah - can't get to the site/DeeTV which is very frustrating
  10. It was a strange afternoon. I was standing in the cold at half-time wondering why I had bothered to make the effort to go and pay to watch such an inept performance - genuinely annoyed with myself. Fast forward 50+ minutes and I'm running down the stairs in ecstasy! It's hard to be critical when your team pulled a result out of the bag in the 8th minute of injury time so I'll just say that I thought Scott Allen once again looked a class act and I hope to see him in a starting 11 soon! Massive 3 points. Yaaaasssssssss!!
  11. I noticed him holding the front of his thigh looking in pain a few times in the first half - I'm assuming that was why he didn't reappear.
  12. I think Hendry would be the only one to make it into the team with Kamara pushing for a spot.
  13. If he's fit then I'd expect Meekings to be a starter and I really like what I've seen of Hendry. I'd be happy if McCann sticks with Waddell because there's a lot of potential there but he's also a potential liability. As others have suggested, I think it could be an interesting solution to push Holt further forward and see what our new LB can do. I thought Spence did well on Saturday and would give him another chance but would be also be happy to see McGowan back. Allan could sit in behind Leitch-Smith who I think might offer more than Moussa who might be more likely to get isolated (don't hav
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