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  1. Do we laugh or cry now?
  2. Another clean sheet for Hamilton. The boy's confidence will be growing.
  3. 8utters

    Raith V Dundee

  4. Maybe, but if not and we have a chance to sign him, I don't think we'd regret it.
  5. May has been a goal scorer at a far higher level than Shankland and for a lot longer with a better attitude - and we would all have taken him gladly before he made the biggest mistake of his life. If we have the chance to sign May we'd be absolutely mad to turn him down.
  6. Good luck to Shankland, he's going to need it. He's made a terrible decision and will have to live with it. Phuck the Dabs and all who sail in her (go DOON).
  7. 8utters

    If You Could Pick One....

    Striker. Our new look defence should be good enough for Hamilton to be able to rack up the shutouts whilst sitting in a deck chair.
  8. I doubt Shankland's options are / were Sunderland or United with nothing in between. Huge gulf in every respect. Still, for a player following such a prolific season it's odd he's not been snapped up somewhere already.
  9. Pity we didn't have this set-up in place last season. We'd still be in the top league. Great stuff so far this summer.
  10. Cheers Harry. I didn't think I had missed news of him leaving. I agree there is something not quite right with Nelson, he is outstanding in flashes which begs the question of why he's with us. I'd have expected a team playing at a higher level to tempt him away unless there is something in the background none of us are aware of.
  11. Is Nelson away or expected to leave us? I was hoping he would be banging them in for us.
  12. Looks like the answer to all our problems was to get relegated!! This is fantastic stuff.
  13. 8utters

    Shaun Byrne - Officially Signs

    Ooft. What on earth is going on?? This almost seems sensible stuff from DFC - surely there's a catch somewhere??
  14. 8utters

    Declan McDaid - Officially Signs

    I promise you I'm not - loved Nicky Riley, his floppy hair and silly hat. If he hadn't had those crippling injury issues he'd have been with us a lot longer. Still a Deefiant Hero though!
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