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  1. Huge disappointment that day, Kane couldn't hit a barn door. Had he had his shooting boots on it would have been at least 8-0. Moaned all the way home.
  2. They are a constant reminder, that no matter how bad things may be in life for us Dees, they could always be worse.
  3. It may still be on but whether it's wise to attend is another matter. Plus some of those due to appear may not wish to?
  4. That really was a great team performance tonight but I went for Hemmings for the cool finish and tireless running right to the end. Special mention too to Jamie Ness for managing to see it through to the final whistle!
  5. 8utters


    It's hard to over-state the difference he has made. He strolls through games, a bit like KT. It's like watching a different team. Much more composed at the back and we have a platform to build on. If nothing else it has shown McPake the importance of having a quality centre-half.
  6. I can hardly believe I'm saying this but I thought the ref had a great game tonight. Played advantage a couple of times and brought it back for freekicks to us when no advantage was gained. Other than getting in McGhee's way in the first half I don't think he got much wrong. Peter Grant may not agree though?
  7. It's to rain tonight and tomorrow morning. Best to call off Tuesday's game against Alloa now, save any bother later.
  8. 8utters


    In favour because there is no point in changing manager now. I still believe we need someone else to take us forward next season. We won't go up - even if we manage to get to the play-off final we won't be good enough to beat whichever top flight side we meet. But after the last 2 results, relegation looks less likely, so it's not all bad.
  9. Went for Berra. His arrival seems to have had an immediate impact on those around him, giving us a platform to build from. More like today please!
  10. Look, Div One will be a skoosh next season. Nothing to worry about.
  11. Kevin McBride was terrible, wasn't he?
  12. Can we just win a fecking game and clean the pipes?
  13. Waid Academy - the only Dee in my year.
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