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  1. 8utters

    Josh Todd Away.

    Todd agreed to join us when we were in the top flight with aspirations of retaining that status. Today he signs to play for a club in the 1st Division. Something has gone badly wrong for the lad but it can't all be down to DFC.
  2. 8utters

    January Window

    love a cliffhanger
  3. 8utters

    January Window

  4. 8utters

    Dundee V Ayr

  5. 8utters

    Dundee V Ayr

    Pitch inspection at 10.30...…...
  6. 8utters

    January Window

    If he's been told to he's free to leave by Hearts, then I don't see why not?
  7. 8utters

    January Window

    He's better than either Meekings and Forster and could well be the best CH available to us in January, long or short term.
  8. 8utters

    January Window

    We should at least ask the question re Berra. Even if only until the end of the season his experience and ability would, IMO, fill the need at CH. A solid addition and he would come in with a huge point to prove to show he's still go a lot to offer.
  9. 8utters

    Our Support

    There would be nothing to see here if this was a one off, but it's becoming (has become) the norm. If we put on the performance of the season against Ayr on Saturday I'll consider myself 'telt' (by McPake). My take on McPake's interview was partly influenced by the interview given by John Robertson a few minutes earlier, where he made similar comments about their performance against Arbroath last week (where they were terrible) before detailing how they (ICT) had worked out how to beat us, even naming our players and what they saw them doing. Whilst I don't like Robertson or rate him, the difference between how the two came across was stark. Maybe McPake doesn't want to share what he's learning after each poor performance but if he is learning, he's not acting on it. And he also seems to be failing to build on good performances. If we lose Dorrans this week and lose to Ayr on Saturday, 2020 will have started pretty badly.
  10. 8utters

    Our Support

    It's no wonder our fans are fed up - yesterday's performance didn't even deserve to be booed. A waste of breath. Listening to McPake on the radio after the game spoke volumes. He is completely lost, out of his depth and almost asking to be relieved of his position. He doesn't have a clue about how to fix things. Someone at the club needs to make the decision to move him aside (I think he can still do a job for us and don't want him out of work) and bring in an experienced manager who can get the best (or at least much more) from our expensively assemble squad. Look at it this way; what other club, chasing promotion from the Championship, would have given someone with McPake's experience the responsibility of utilising a (comparatively) massive budget to build a successful team in such a short space of time? If we make one 'signing' in January, please make it a new manager.
  11. 8utters

    That Today

    We were awful from start to finish, no excuses. This is down to all concerned (players and manager). But I thought ICT were excellent too, they never gave us any time on the ball. They were first and second to everything and we were never in the game. Just as we raised our game a week ago, they did the same today and simply wanted it so much more than we did. Worryingly, rather than try to combat this, we meekly surrendered, again. It seems that unless we score early our games form a similar pattern to today, where either we get lucky and sneak a close win or beat ourselves with sloppy defending. I can't see much changing between now and the end of the season but if we do make the play-offs it'll be as much through luck as by design.
  12. 8utters

    How Long a Dee and Why ?

    Lifelong. Dad was a Dee. Of all the great things he did, none top taking me to Dens, allowing me to catch the bug.
  13. 8utters

    Team of the Decade

    Rab Irvine, Lockwood, Weston, McKeown, O'Donnell, Harkins, Forsyth, Riley, Higgins, Griffiths
  14. 8utters

    Fao James McPake and the Derby

    The game where Bain got sent off was the most relaxed I've ever been at a Derby. We cruised through 45 minutes but then decided to make things interesting. Had Bain stayed on the park it was looking like 4 or 5. One day we will give them 4 or 5 again, surely?
  15. 8utters

    Fao James McPake and the Derby

    But we failed to gub them. We had the chance to really give them a doing but only managed to beat them by 2 goals once in those 6 games. 3-1, 2-2, 2-2 , 1-1, 2-1, 2-1 (not in the right order but I think these were the scorelines). You could argue we played well in all of these games but still failed to get the deserved results. The derbies this season have season us losing comfortably against opponents who didn't play particularly well but knew exactly what to do to win.
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