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  1. 8utters

    Hearts V Dundee

    Well done to the 3 who predicted a win, I hope yous rinsed the bookies!!
  2. 8utters

    Hearts V Dundee

    That has to be a huge confidence boost. Need to follow it up on Saturday with a home win though.
  3. Jack of all trades, master of none, no doubt. Welcome and good luck Andreas!!
  4. 8utters

    Andrew Davies - Officially Signs

    Another battler, the sort of player we fans will get right behind. A few more of these and we may just turn this around.
  5. 8utters


    Referees will make mistakes, they are only human. However, when incidents such as these, are reviewed we should expect consistent and fair decisions. This is never the case. Our game is fast becoming a total farce in respect of refereeing standards.
  6. 8utters


    I may be wrong but did Kirk Broadfoot not do something similar to O'Dea that saw Ryan Jack sent off. Jack's red card was rescinded and Broadfoot had made the most of the contact yet I don't remember him getting a subsequent ban. Sometimes I think I imagine everyone being out to get us but when nonsense like this comes along we could be forgiven for thinking there is an agenda.
  7. 8utters


    To his credit, I see O'Dea has apologised for the incident.
  8. 8utters


    Exactly Cobra. But now a precedent has been set. It really does seem the rules are made up on a week to week basis and we end up getting shafted every time.
  9. 8utters


    Now I expect every play-acting player to be hit with at least a 2 game ban.
  10. How did we manage that when we never got near them (or him) for the whole 90 mins?? We needed to kick him and hard. But sadly, didn't.
  11. Everybody's better than Moussa.
  12. That was truly dire. 2-0 going on 10-0 and absolutely no fight from any of the players. There was no point in the game where we were on top at all and we never threatened to make a game of it. Shocking from start to finish. JM really has his work cut out. Good luck to him.
  13. 8utters

    Greg Stewart

    Greg Stewart. A harsh lesson in 'you don't know what you've got until it's gone'. A boy who won us points all on his own, time and time again. His stint with us was all too brief but magical all the same.
  14. 8utters

    Reality Thread

    12 points from the next 2 games is the MINIMUM we should demand from JM or its P45 time!!
  15. 8utters

    Celtic Game

    I can see us easing to a comfortable 2-0 win. Celtic have no strikers and are toothless.

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