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  1. 8utters

    Cammy Told To Go By Jm, Now Reprieved?

    You are right about some players getting more stick than Cammy and they don't deserve (all of) that either. Cammy really needs to be signed up for next year, as it stands with the relegation release clauses I read about elsewhere, will we actually have any players on the books for next season after Saturday? Personally I don't give our players any audible grief as I don't think it helps at all (I'll chunter away under my breath though). I do, however, lambast the ref regardless of their performance and the opposition players.
  2. 8utters

    Cammy Told To Go By Jm, Now Reprieved?

    I don't understand the level of criticism that Cammy gets. The boy is living the dream. He is not and will never be a world beater but has many attributes we need, especially next season.
  3. 8utters

    The Play-offs

    Hamilton or St Mirren will destroy either of these 'teams'.
  4. 8utters

    Who do you think will be next?

    It'll be Miller and in 6 months time we'll be wishing we hadn't sacked JM.
  5. I think, IIRC, Hamilton did this 5 times. It's embarrassing that they do it and that the ref let them away with it.
  6. Cannae wait to witness 2 in a row next Saturday!!
  7. In terms of performance the 4-0 at Killie, proof, if needed, that PH did get things right at least for a short time. In terms of emotion and an unforgettable atmosphere, the 2-2 at the dump. What a night.
  8. 8utters

    Last game the season.

    As if we aren't already a big enough laughing stock the clown has been left in charge. Utter shambles.
  9. 8utters

    Nick Walsh

    I like nothing better than to berate the referee. But at the moment I can't be bothered. This season has turned everything into 'meh'
  10. 8utters

    Women's Team

    It's only a matter of time until professional teams have to have a certain number of female players, probably 75%. We need to set up a women's team and use it like our reserve team and gradually bring them through in preparation for this. There's nothing to lose and we won't notice any drop in the standard of play and we may attract more female fans to our games too. It's win / win.
  11. 8utters

    St Johnstone Away

    Nelson, Craig Curran and Wright all on the bench. O'Dea in for Kusunga and Gowser starts. Changes made, hopefully they work.
  12. 8utters

    The Fat Lady Is Warming Up.

    I have no doubt we will take something from Perth, but also no doubt that St Mirren will beat Celtic. That's just how it goes.
  13. 8utters

    McIntyre Out.

    We could well be where Raith are in 12 months time. Really worrying times ahead.
  14. 8utters

    Reception for Scott Bain

    Hopefully he'll do his back in picking the ball out of his net multiple times.
  15. Short odds on him getting sent off at Dens after the split. Should be easy to wind him up.
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