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  1. I know we don’t know what’s going to happen in October yet but if it’s limited attendance, this could well stop people buying a season ticket end of September wage.
  2. How is this divisive?? It’s not a fans group or supporters club. You either join and pay what you can afford or you don’t. Nothing hidden, just raising money for the club.
  3. Really thought he would kick on this season but that’s life.
  4. Think I read full wages when crowds allowed back into grounds
  5. I don’t know how we can keep Hemmings if he’s refused a pay cut.
  6. GGH some of his cross field passing was a joy
  7. Did the same Ricky, walked up old glamis rd doon the provie wi the old man then lifted over the turnstile and then had to crawl under when a bit bigger. Sometimes got the bus and remember getting off and it seemed like millions of people were on their way to Dens. Then walking up the slope and then seeing the pitch and the feeling waiting on the dark blues running out. Then it was onto the Derry, up the stairs and that’s where I’ve watched ever since!!
  8. Well done me, or will that be the steak lol
  9. Bought them today and will continue to do so, simple way to raise cash.
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