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  1. Why would Shankland go to Hearts when the world is apparently his oyster?
  2. Looks like Sean Clare and Conor Washington are both heading out the door at Tynecastle.
  3. At least he wasnt signed on a beach in Ibiza. Hope he can make a good partnership with Mullen.
  4. With only 95% of footballers having tattoos these days I suppose it narrows it down.
  5. 9 loan spells in last 6 years . Not great scoring record and not tall .
  6. At 6'1" and 25 he fits the bill but his scoring record of 4 in 19 games at Motherwell is similar to his career stats of 36 in 176 (20%). As a comparison Hemmings has a career strike rate of 38% over 252 games. Griffiths, the other unlikely name mentioned above has an impressive 50% strike rate.
  7. Luca Connell apparently the best prospect in terms of ability of the three.
  8. My Tim supporting brother reckons Bayo is hopeless. Maybe he is getting confused with the song down by the bayou !
  9. Fans also go along to games hoping for entertainment, which includes goals. Do we really want to be paying to go along to games to watch the type of football preferred by the likes of Livy with few goals or even attempts but keeping it tight at the back?
  10. If we are interested in Bayo from Celtic check this out if you can bear Celtic putting 6 past Dundee reserves! 1m 37 secs for his goal to ease the pain.
  11. Nine "kids" amongst the 23 names. Unless there are a few more experienced players signing I think McPake will be promoting and using a number of the promising youngsters. https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/2020-21-squad-numbers/
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