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  1. Double Blue

    Welcome Home Barry

    Do the Keyes family now live in England?
  2. Double Blue

    Austin McPhee

    I would not bother listening to BBC pundits (football; politics or weather). They are usually mince.
  3. Double Blue

    Please Play 2 Up Front

    Having read the above comments the answer is obviously going for a 4-5-2 formation and ditching our goalkeeper. Sorted.
  4. Double Blue

    McPake Interview On Bt Sport

    What advice/experience is Jimmy N providing?
  5. Yet again his subs were weird. Is Jimmy N giving him advice? It is not even slow slow quick quick slow. Depressing to watch with too many not giving 100%.
  6. Double Blue

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Just to get myself in the right frame of mind for tonight's game I have just had another listen to Jump The Q's "Dundee Lang Shoarters" CD. From Dark Blue Destroyers and Dundee Opera to Dee Till I Deh before finishing on Dinnae Bring An Arab Hame To Me, I am now up for it. Dinnae think we can rely on the DJ playing the CD all the way through so we just need a wee singsong in the stands
  7. Double Blue

    Derby Poll

    I sure as hell hope the players realise they owe the fans one after the last derby and leave nothing on the pitch (apart from limping arabs). 100% focussed; giving them (especially their dangerous forward players) no space; attack them with pace and adequate support for our striker(s); and leave our fans with a big smile on our faces at the end.
  8. Double Blue

    Derby Tickets

    Fancy a job in Dundee's PR department Wattie?
  9. Double Blue

    Derby Tickets

    Is this another version of Football Manager? Sounds thrilling.
  10. Double Blue

    Derby Tickets

    If we are doing that well I suggest we give them the 2 rabbit hutches at the top of the Dens Rd/Mains Rd steps and make them climb over the gates and scramble up the steps.
  11. Double Blue

    Dundee On Fm2020

    What is the point of this FM? Think i will stick to going to real games and leave those who want to follow football in cyberspace behind. Luddites R Us
  12. Double Blue

    Concession Prices Vary In Scotland

    No concessions for anyone to do with royalty. They are just a bunch of money grabbers getting paid for nothing
  13. Double Blue

    Concession Prices Vary In Scotland

    Pity the spfl didnt have a consistent approach. Price can differ, especially due to quality of seating/standing on offer, but the age should be consistent. Partick Thistle have always been over 60 when I went there.
  14. Double Blue

    Alloa Athletic V Dundee (29th Oct 2019)

    More Dundee fans than Alloa at the game tonight. Well done to those who made the journey.
  15. Double Blue

    Alloa Athletic V Dundee (29th Oct 2019)

    So Partick just have to win 3-1 now
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