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  1. Double Blue

    Graham Dorrans

    What were they doing in his works canteen?
  2. Double Blue

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    26th September 2018 - his one and only league cup game having played his one and only league game on 22nd September. He didn't play 90 minutes in either game. He also came on as a sub on the 20th Sep away to Villareal in the Europa League. Injury halted his career at Ibrox.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49652921 No big surprises here. we already knew Dundee's prices were on the high side.
  4. Double Blue

    Elgin On Sunday

    We are giving it a bodyswerve to go to the Stars v Flyers ice hockey league derby at the DIA. It starts at 5pm and too tight to do both games.
  5. Double Blue


    ah Davies first and last competitive game for the Dee?
  6. Double Blue

    Reserve Cup: Dundee V Celtic

    Griffiths scored for Celtic. I assume that was the ex Dee.
  7. I was speaking to one of the Danish fans at the ice hockey tonight and he said they went to Dens yesterday and it is fair to say he was not impressed. He complained that the ball was in the air too much. Always good to get an opinion from another country even if it did concur with mine!
  8. Double Blue

    500 Fans Missing From Ayr Game

    The music fans enjoying their glory years of being young free and single
  9. Double Blue

    500 Fans Missing From Ayr Game

    They were at the sunshine in Slessor Gardens reliving their glory days in the 80s.
  10. Solid at the back but lacking inspiration and grit in midfield. Hemmings (who looked off the pace) and Johnson did not work as a partnership and Nelson's introdction did not improve things. Byrne was a shadow of himself from the Dons game and Gowser should not be starting. Need to improve for the derby and I think we will.
  11. Double Blue


    It is not only DFC's online ticketing system that has its faults. After spending over 30 mins trying to find two seats together for Man City home game in mid October (and failing) we finally chose two seats on adjoining rows and 4 seats apart but before we could pay for them there was a "technical" hitch. I phoned the ticket office first thing this morning and when I eventually got through these 2 tickets had been sold. If the biggest club in England cant get it right with all their resources....
  12. Double Blue

    Josh McPake - Officially Signs

    Isn't it father and son? Ages fit
  13. Double Blue


    We should warm up wearing East Fife tops - that will shake them up, well those who were at the game that ensured they had no game last weekend. Hope we don't just beat them but humiliate them.
  14. Double Blue


    Was the new system tested before going live; and were those testing the system involved in its build and therefore already aware of the necessary steps, and not experiencing the teething problems that the fans above have indicated?
  15. When was the last time we had so many players rightly being suggested as MoM? A true sign of a very good performance with everyone contributing.
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