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  1. These days the only use for the Tele and Courier is when pandemic panic strikes and there are no bog rolls left in the shops.
  2. I forgot to mention that was the season Gillie scored 52 goals. I'm sure I have watched the Dee when the whole team scored fewer than that in a season. 😈
  3. Neil - Gilzean 3; Waddell 2; Cameron 2; Cousin and Penman (courtesy of Norrie Prices's They Wore The Dark Blue). They also scored 9 away to Brechin City that season in the Scottish Cup in front of over 8,000!! Despite scoring 94 goals (more than any other team) in the league they finished up 6th behind Dunfermline. They also scored 6 goals in a game on 4 occassions 🙄Crazy times.
  4. Cobra look at South Korea and Germany which eased their lockdowns only to have to reintroduce them following a spike in new infections. Is that what you want to happen in Scotland? Are you so desperate for a return of football with fans in attendence that you are willing to risk that? Englands reported deaths per mln is 50% higher than Scotland's high number and it is suggested Englands figures are under-reported (look at yesterday's increase of 400 relating to previously non reported cases). England is making more mistakes with reopening schools; outdoor markets etc and I would hate for Scotland to follow their examples.
  5. Rumour of move to the arabs. Must be over the hill 😈.
  6. The problem I see with this approach, from Dundee's point of view, is that what will the chances be that we have the power to get "them" to make other changes? Re Ann Budge's comment re clubs should not be penalised, what has she included in her proposals that means Dundee and Ayr ate not penalised in their quest to be in the top league via the play offs.
  7. Jocky in 25m; Duncan in 31; Wilson in 40 and apparrently some of the 30,881 crowd had not gained entry to the game by half time according to Norrie Price's Up Wi The Bonnets. Great game but I thought the 3-3 at Easter Rd was even better, possibly only beaten by the Cologne game at Dens for excitement and entertainment in games I attended.
  8. If the bold section above is your belief then I am confused as to why did you earlier post what the Oxford scientists were saying? Just like with economists, scientists can also come up with differing views on the same subject.
  9. Ross county chairman Roy MacGregor is today reported saying: "I think we'll be fan-less until maybe Christmas and then we'll find a way. "If we are fan-less, we need to find a way to either transit games live or have a delayed transition. We've got to be open to everything because the reality of where Scottish football is going to be is beginning to hit home." Ian Maxwell the SFA chief executive has stated the football authorities are considering a 3 stage approach to football returning in Scotland with stage 1 a 4-6 week return to training in June (possibly starting on the 10th) ; stage 2 games played behind closed doors ; and then stage 3 playing with crowds once it is deemed safe to do so. The SFA and SPFL have a meeting with the Scottish Government on Friday and this may give a better idea of what is feasible. I can imagine that once crowds are allowed back it will be staggered % of the stadium capacity - starting low and building up. How that will be worked with season ticket holders could be a problem especially for those clubs with a high number of STs v ground capacity. Will fans initially have to wear PPE (face mask or visors and gloves) to attend? Will the clubs have to fully deep clean in between games (a major task for the arabs i would imagine 😈)?
  10. Maybe the juniors with their low crowds will start earlier? Support your local team?
  11. I watched the 2nd half of the Berlin derby on BT last night and although it was better than nothing, like last weeks Dortmond game, the game just lacks something without the fans being in the stadium. Not sure if fans would stick with streamed games behind closed door month after month but I suppose it may depend on the cost. At least in the 2 games I watched there was not much evidence of players social distancing and not getting stuck in with tackles.
  12. Not bright sparks I assume.
  13. I wonder why British Rail stopped them? Reckon football "fans" did more damage to the trains than Beeching.
  14. Cobra schools will not be reopening to be the same as before - smaller class sizes; part time and staggered start times; part online learning etc. Are you suggesting in football that we should go back to normal, and if not how many fans would you allow for example in the Bobby Cox? How would you implement social distancing? Would the toilets and food kiosks be open? How would fans safely get into and out of their seats? Too many obstacles at the moment unless a vaccine miraculously arrives. I know many auldies like me who would be apprehensive about going back to Dens too soon.
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