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  1. If it half as good as last year and the sun shines again we could be onto a winner.
  2. I'd rather we signed Gordon Wallace. Legs just as dodgy but more of a goal threat 😉
  3. I agree that Dorrans was disappointing yesterday but I was referring to the fact that Fin had replaced Byrne.
  4. I would suggest he was more than ok when he came on. He got the tackles in; closed down the opposition; and made some excellent forward passes (some of them long-range) to his team mates. A better contribution than Byrne had managed in my mind.
  5. I hope that our game is more entertaining than the Everton v Palace pish on BT Sport at the moment. That plus we get 3 points. Today I have watched players that cost multi millions in transfer fees making the same mistakes as our much lambasted journeymen. Come Dees lets produce the goods today.
  6. Why should we be putting paper towels in the toilets for away fans who probably do not wash anyway? Seriously, some good suggestions but why are the club not being proactive in doing this already? Also what does it take to get Nelms to communicate with the fans outwith his piece in the match programme, that few fans probably see, and his meetings with Kenny Ross which may end once he moves home. Will Nelms agree to meet the new DSA appointed rep or will he veto the choice?
  7. The subject title reminds me of a job interview I had with DCT in the mid 70s 😯
  8. Next you will be telling us our players are also actors.
  9. Jings I thought it was a slimmed down and restyled Moussa.Certainly some unfinished business for him to complete. 😮
  10. I have more hope of seeing a successful appearance by Nessie.
  11. Ever since Colvin left the BoD they i.e. Nelms have made mistake after mistake. Until he goes, but Keyes wont replace his mate, we will not improve. The fans, including me, have sent a message tonight to Nelms and the club but I doubt if Nelms will take any notice. Is it arrogance, stupidity, or a combination of both.
  12. Gutted. I am in the middle of moving house so had a good excuse for not going to Dens, and if not moving house I would have been in Glasgow for the Indy March. I hope I can find a good excuse for the revised date 😀
  13. By all accounts Dorrans is not on a lot of money due to his friendship with McPake and having earned plenty of dosh down south and with Rangers, so I doubt we could bring in 2 or 3 decent players from the funds made available following his departure.
  14. When I had a season ticket for many decades when I came away from another poor home performance i was annoyed and disappointed. This season after eventually giving up the season ticket and paying at the gate, the closeness to having forked out money for such dross hits home more. For the £48 we spent yesterday we could have gone to the flicks 3 times each, gone to theRep; had a nice meal or gone to the DIA twice for ice hockey. What the fans are being offered does not justify the expense.
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