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  1. Maybe being polite when wants to say tell fat dab boy to do one
  2. Did anyone not start singing Kingston Town in their head after reading this post ?!
  3. Damn I was hoping he could bring me a few outfits from Marcus
  4. I’m really hoping for Byrne to push on and start the season as he finished last season . Hope if he does get shifted about we don’t lose something
  5. To survive on here , you need to be both🤪
  6. Extremely unlikely that the power will go to D’ s head 🤭
  7. Think he mentioned very interested in some houses beside you mate
  8. OMG I’m shook as the youngsters say. No mention of imminent move back to Dundee .
  9. You’ve put your finger on it Attilio- it’s the indiscretions + dab that is causing some folk to feel no thanks . But we don’t make the decisions so guess it’s a wait and see.
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