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  1. DarkBlueKnight

    Life and Boots In the Balls

    I’m willing to fund that dinner out so long as I can come along and watch
  2. DarkBlueKnight

    Motherwell At Home In Scottish

    Opportunity for club to do a deal with Motherwell for cheap ticket price - assume some cash from tv? Otherwise yes a low crowd.
  3. DarkBlueKnight

    The Yanks

    It cheered me up no end last night - they’re so tragic
  4. DarkBlueKnight

    The Yanks

    Awwwww man how could you!!! I’m in a massive huff
  5. DarkBlueKnight

    The Yanks

    I didn’t wait for the second post
  6. DarkBlueKnight

    The Yanks

    It’s reminded everyone how great it is to be dark blue - generation after generation after generation
  7. DarkBlueKnight

    The Yanks

    Loved the jobby sleeve top- awww the sh*t flingers - some lads
  8. DarkBlueKnight

    The Yanks

    Can the Kilmac guys not get him barred? Oh it was fantastic- so many ugly folk crying
  9. DarkBlueKnight

    The Yanks

    No he definitely made the doon derby- it brought lifetime pleasure
  10. DarkBlueKnight

    Back To the Drawing Board

    I will be Saturday night when we get three damn points on the board
  11. DarkBlueKnight

    The Yanks

    Probably bed time it’s almost eight and need to get to school early for this weeks free tickets
  12. DarkBlueKnight

    Back To the Drawing Board

    I don’t need nothing but a good time mate
  13. DarkBlueKnight

    The Yanks

    you’ll need to stop mate
  14. DarkBlueKnight

    Back To the Drawing Board

    Anyway forget steel panther - poison website count down to something tomorrow- world tour ?
  15. DarkBlueKnight

    Back To the Drawing Board

    You betcha !
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