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  1. 👏🏻🇫🇷👏🏻🇫🇷 @BCram for your efforts on this idea
  2. I’m off to specsavers - I can hardly see Berra . Was the camera on a gantry in Stranraer ?
  3. Naysayer! Fanny! but an excellent post
  4. If mcpake gets punted we need to bear in mind that it will be the mass clear out of players by the new guy , new team built who need time to gel etc etc - not conducive to getting past ? Hearts.
  5. And as we have all said , we have some premiership players at the club . Some who have played in significantly higher pressure games / levels.
  6. I think the play offs are a bit of a lottery . Doesn’t matter too much on the manager, how you’ve played earlier in the season etc it’s avout confidence momentum lack of injuries etc . Club 11 are usually tired after a long season of getting battered - disappointed to miss safety often on last few results - fans likewise. I see it as two cup finals and like the cup league position etc can go out the window. We need to be there , the team and the support and there is nothing to say we can’t win.
  7. Maybe that’s why I don’t appreciate the skill of defending well - my thrills all about attacking . Short sighted I know
  8. Let the games pile up for them midweek and tire them out. Could be useful come play off time . By the time of them replaying maybe we will have our noses in front?
  9. I love @Rocky Boy s passion for the club
  10. About the strikers ? 😂 kidding mate - I’ll get ma coat
  11. Attaboy Rocky !you’ve cheered up
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