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  1. DarkBlueKnight

    The New Stadium Thread

    I concur, can we not have another spin around Dayton Drive?
  2. DarkBlueKnight

    Tenth Annual Hall of Fame Dinner

    Love is in the air ....
  3. DarkBlueKnight

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Sure gedee would welcome her warmly into our happy band.....
  4. DarkBlueKnight

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    And a smaller crowd than myself
  5. DarkBlueKnight

    The Championship

    Let them waste effort trying to overcome county- can’t see them doing so. They’ll drop plenty more points ahead
  6. DarkBlueKnight

    The Championship

    Turn down the volume on that hideous dayglo tangy piece of sh*t would ya?!
  7. DarkBlueKnight

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    No we arent sorry too slow - I defer to pb!
  8. DarkBlueKnight

    The Championship

    I reckon utd will realise the game is up after tonight and their form will dip further. Can’t see them making second place never mind top spot. Now if they were to fall out the top 4 - the carlsberg s are on me at the batcave
  9. DarkBlueKnight

    The Championship

    Mon county tonight- blow the filth away
  10. Add a fair bit on if square passes and back passes included
  11. DarkBlueKnight

    Paisley Bound Next Week?

    I salute you ! Well done. No fear, premiership football
  12. DarkBlueKnight

    The New Stadium Thread

    At least we are talking almost of the stadium again as something that will happen - every time things go quiet people write it off. Build it and they will come . Huge sums of cash could be saved by employing some poster from here to oversee the project from planning through to civil engineering - CVs to [email protected] please
  13. DarkBlueKnight

    The New Stadium Thread

  14. DarkBlueKnight

    The New Stadium Thread

    Downfield GC 0 - Dundee FC 1
  15. DarkBlueKnight

    John Nelms

    Did she not reply to you Islay re Mr Dodds?

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