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  1. Can’t see us going part time although can see the youth academy being shelved this year due to playing restrictions ect so may see some people laid off in regards to that.
  2. There won’t be football with fans this year the W.H.O are advising countries to use the summer period to prepare for a second wave of this coming in the winter hopefully the government take notice of their warning this time around.
  3. Might be controversial but the SPFL have probably made the right decision for the time being as it’s very unlikely there will be any football played this year in Scotland unless a vaccine is found. Unfortunately I can see it being a survival of the fittest and a good few clubs will cease to exist come the end of this unless there is a massive bail out from the government.
  4. Better video on here https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/52465195
  5. May not see any action this year unless a vaccine is found according to the record https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/nicola-sturgeon-paints-bleak-scottish-21895830
  6. No offence but this is a rangers minded petition ,we don’t actually know what part in This Doncaster has played.
  7. Said it another topic after his outburst the other day trying to influence the vote that raith wouldn’t see me near there ground again pity as it’s a great day out in Kirkcaldy.
  8. According to the mail we are definitely voting no as well as Patrick thistle the Raith chairman is an a** if this gets voted through hopefully he won’t be seeing to much cash from Dee fans next season.
  9. Inverness may end up in administration during this period so will end up with a ten point deduction under current league rules. Therefore we could end up going up automatically as well.
  10. He is heading to oz after his current deal ends
  11. 0-3 and the board giving McPake the dreaded vote of confidence
  12. I’m sure its the fanzine man fro the late 80s diehard Dee
  13. To be honest the minute Jacobs went off we didn’t look like having the creativity to break Morton down ,the teams in trouble we can’t keep deflecting away from the fact we have have only scored one goal in 4 games this year.
  14. To be honest we looked a lot like last season , the team lacks confidence which is probably going to result in us for the first time in our history playing in the third tier of Scottish football.
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