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  1. A Dundee fan for c.60 years myself and part of me can see where you are coming from. I've never been more disillusioned by Scottish Football and the farcical organisation known as the SPFL. The whole situation where everything revolves around Celtic/Rangers e.g. open most newspaper 's sports pages and you get 11 pages about them and one or two covering the rest of the teams. It is the attitude of the sports writers (with a few notable exceptions) that really annoy me. They not only go overboard in their coverage of the old firm but sneer at most of the rest of Scottish Football in the most sickening, patronising manner. The whole carry on of cutting the season short, various reconstruction 'ideas' brought forward and subsequently binned and then the latest half arsed non sensical effort has left me feeling almost as you feel. But!! On the other hand football and in particular following Dundee from the heights of the early 60s, through all the ups and downs of the last 60 years has been an enormous part of my life second only to family. With all due respect to the safety requirements of the covid era, as soon as it is safe to get back to Dens, I can't wait to start watching Dundee again. I just hope that we survive and there is a Championship to play in and in this regard, Hearts being with us in the second tier makes it more likely that we will see the Championship up and running sooner as I don't think the SPFL will eventually allow Hearts to be relegated and then left without a proper league to play in in the short term.
  2. I know, you couldn't make it up. Farcical, the lunatics have truly taken over the asylum.
  3. Looks like the Hearts fix of 14/14/14 or 14/10/10/10 has been binned. The Rangers proposal is bollocks and stands no chance so it looks like the status quo but could there be a new twist? Over to you Mr Nelms get banging on about the injustice of us and Ayr and ICT missing out on play offs, the uncertainty of whether next season will get completed or even started in the case of the lower leagues and suggest 16/14/14 or 18/14/12 or 20/12/12; they all have at least as much merit as the latest half witted suggestion. Seriously though in these difficult times could the SPFL not suggest to SKY that they make do with only 2 OF games for a season of two to allow at least the temporary reconstruction needed to a!low the game to weather the storm? Have they ever asked SKY if they would sanction this under the current deal? Maybe a lesser number of OF games would make the broadcasting of the remaining two a bigger/better spectacle, certainly getting away from the 4 times a season for all fixtures is what most fans in Scotland want.
  4. That would give sky umpteen OF games, all the better for them. Make it happen and let's have a proper league from the rest. Wishful thinking I know, I don't want their colt's teams in at all let alone able to get to the second tier. Utter nonsense!
  5. 14/14/18 with Old Firm Colts in bottom division. First thoughts, they can get right away to f*ck with that suggestion .
  6. But we are right and they are wrong! Simples!!! 😜
  7. Good one Cobra. Look forward to your next teaser.🙂
  8. The other thing that bugs me about DCT's treatment of Us as opposed to the DABs is that the dayglo numpties have it in their heads that DCT are biased in favour of us and against them. I ken they are no very bright but how you can come to that conclusion from the papers' output in recent years is way beyond me!
  9. Started watching Dundee as a young lad in 1960 and Gillie was and still is my hero. My first ever away game was Muirton, winning the league so that is a memory in itself. On a more personal note I was at Gillburn Primary (long since gone) and the famous team of the early 60s trained on Gillburn park in the mornings during the season which caused no end of trouble to the teachers trying to stop lads (nearly all Dundee supporters then, very few Arabs) peering out the window or hanging about too long at the railings at playtime. I got moved away from a window seat to the other side of the class to try to get me to concentrate. The players were all great with the pupils, always signing autographs and Gillie being my favourite was asked many times by me and always obliged, I think his signature must have been in my autograph book dozens of times. Don't know the whereabouts of that book now, I think it was chucked out by my mother 50 years ago. I got to meet Gillie twice in more recent times at the Caird Hall for the 50th anniversary dinner and a few years later at the Whitehall Theatre Q & A show. I got his autograph again inside Kenny Ross's Champions of Scotland Book along with Ian Ure, Pat Liney, Craig Brown, Laurie Smith and on a much earlier date Bobby Cox. Safe to say that autograph will not be lost and will be passed onto one of my sons. As I posted in another thread just today not only my favourite player but the best player I have seen in Dark Blue imo.
  10. Sadly nothing from DCT surprises me but I have long since stopped buying their 'newspapers' so it doesn't bother me. The Courier & Tully are a disgrace to the memory of the late great Sporting Post.
  11. Couldn't agree more. I've been banging on about it for ages and have seen a number of fellow dees say the same thing. If Mr Nelms doesn't think the same or has not been pursuing the same argument then he has been letting the club and fans down. It would be interesting if a 14 club Premier is agreed and we as a club started kicking off about the unfairness of it would the SPFL/Doncaster give any notice. No I don't think they would either !!
  12. Exactly my worry all along has been that, with there being no play offs and little likelihood of a 16 team top league, we are on the outside looking in. If the top 14 is agreed the SPFL will care very little what happens to the rest and any advantage in not having Hearts in the league will be irrelevant if they can't get enough teams to make up a championship liable to start before October or even January. It was our own fault for ending up third at the cut off, for messing about with the vote and not raising hell about the lack of play offs. Personally I hope we and enough teams bin this proposal and we take our chances with Hearts in our league, hell we'd probably win it and b*gger up a league without them and in any case there would at least be the play offs next year, hopefully. The whole proposal of the millions offered and supposedly no strings stinks. Like many others I get more disillusioned about Scottish Football every day. I just hope we still have a club to support when this is all over. We didn't vote to promote United but it was one of the unfortunate effects. Over the truncated season they probably 'deserved' to go up but they were playing crap and would likely have fallen over the line and have fallen on the right side of the current league split whatever the top league numbers. It would have been better if the [email protected] had been promoted the previous season. I would dearly love to know what Nelms is saying at these meetings and what he is fighting for on our behalf. Let's hope he has some voice in the SPFL. And let's hope we have a league to play in!
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