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  1. Was sort of half expecting this but worried that it would happen just before we started playing and just before window closed. At least that hasn't happened and we have time to get someone in. I'm in two minds regarding this departure. I totally see the situation regarding his salary cut and his right to move on as would be the right of any player. The days of player 'loyalty' is long gone. As a lad I witnessed the breaking up of the great early 60's side and still regarded Gillie as my hero, then and now, despite his hold out and forcing a move away from Dens. Along with Ure and Penman he wanted to better himself and get a much higher pay packet. It is unlikely we'll see the likes of one club man Bobby Cox and long serving players like Doug Cowie, Bobby Wilson, Jocky Scott (even he left for a while), Bobby Glennie and Barry Smith again post Bosman and the way players move around clubs as the now do. What disappoints me in the Hemmings case is that it was out of our control due to Covid (sheer bad luck) as he was still contracted to the club and that he appeared to pitch in with the rest of the players taking a cut raising talk of the Deefiant spirit etc. then changes his mind and moves on. I hold no bitterness towards him and enjoyed watching him both times as a player especially in his first stint. I wish him well for the future but still can't say I am not disappointed in the fact that he is leaving and even in him himself as a part of me still hoped that there would be some extra special loyalty towards the club in these difficult times. That is the problem however. Supporters are in general supporters for life from the time they 'picked' a club to support or had it picked for them due to long term family ties with a club (I have expressed my disgust in the past of turncoats who change their allegiances in times of difficulty for a club or because another is doing better). Players, with very few exceptions, have little more allegiance to a club than any other punter has to his employer moving on for better terms or prospects. I would not have liked anyone telling me that I should be unquestionably loyal to my employer despite the fact that I only ever had one going from leaving school to retirement in only one employ. I wish that it were not this way but the other way is the way of the comic magazine and 'fairy tale' scenarios. Hemmings is gone and, not through any disrespect, I do not regard him as irreplaceable. We will hopefully sign a decent replacement to partner Mullen and my long hoped for player coming through the ranks (in addition to Fin) may materialise to surprise us all. We move on; it's all we can do!
  2. The cardboard cut out 'crowd' at the Dump is no nearly ugly enough to be realistic!
  3. A lot of truth in your post. Now that I have calmed down some after first seeing the lopsided fixtures I reckon there is maybe a chance that outwith Hearts, who are favourites more so now with the fixture set up, we really have no idea who our main other rivals will be. Seasons always throw up an outsider playing ' above themselves'. For all we know our main rivals apart from Hearts could end up being Dunfermline & Morton. I agree with posters that we should push the Deefiant idea especially when taking into account the position between us and Hearts and their deranged fans.
  4. Exactly! Doubt we'll just have to go to the Court of Session, Arbitration, the works to get justice.
  5. Stick on for Friday 7.05 on the telly?
  6. 13 home, 14 away and twice away to Hearts, ICT, Ayr, QoS and Alloa last two on artificial pitch. Hard to see how we could have been given a harder set of fixtures.
  7. Can't really get emotional about the fixture list before it has even been announced. I'll stick to getting emotional about good red wine, blues music and Hayley McQueen on Sky!!
  8. Jambos are convinced that the SPFL, nearly all the other clubs and the world are against them. It would be a right laugh if they got Dundee, Dunfermline, ICT and Ayr away twice and a 13/14 home away split to actually give them something to greet about. I'll not be happy unless we get Hearts 3 times at Dens and none at Tynecastle as JN's long awaited reward for votegate!
  9. There is nothing new in that story, just old news regurgitated. Same old agenda from DCTs.
  10. 12 wins, 1 defeat, 1 draw so far. Cracking record or are the ones who had a defeat at as the first game just saying "sod it I'm not posting that"?
  11. Usually by now the season would have started and most supporters, me included, would be well up for the games to come showing our usual pre season/early season optimism which happily was not always dashed after a few games. Looking at the news today of seven cases of Covid at St. Mirren it really makes me wonder if we will see the projected October start for the Championship (or next Saturday in the Premier) and see enough games played over the period to next May to constitute a viable season. For these reasons I can't build up the usual pre season enthusiasm (early days yet I know). I can see a scenario where the season is completed, hopefully, but this will likely require no second wave of Covid and experience around the world shows that a second wave is a least likely. I can see the season starting late and faltering after only a few games negating the season altogether. My worst fear, however, is getting good results and being top of the League or even, as with the season past, in a play off spot for the season to be called short again, this time with a good number but insufficient games played to be viable. I cannot see us being in trouble at the bottom of the League meaning that such a situation would save us, a position that United may well, fortuitously, find themselves in. On the contrary it would almost certainly be to our disadvantage. I have for a long time thought that we have fallen on the wrong side of the divide at this difficult Covid time due to our failure to win the League last season or indeed having been relegated the season before. The performances were poor and both outcomes deserved but the bad luck element is to be out of the top 12 at this time (being 'promoted' has likely saved United, financially, in an opposite way). We need crowds back at games and a reasonable number of games played to realise the dream scenario of club survival (and in this respect kudos to all the fans and initiatives to help the club), promotion by winning the League or the play-offs and United falling straight back down. As you will gather I am more of a glass half empty sort (wife thinks I am Victor Meldrew in the flesh) and the foregoing in certainly in the dream realms. If my/our club is still here to start the 2021/22 season in a Covid 'controlled' world, personally, I would call that a reasonable outcome. Meanwhile can anyone recommend any optimism pills because copious amounts of good red wine just isn't doing the trick.
  12. First game after I was born was the opener in the 1953/54 season. A 6 - 1 win over Stirling Albion ( Flavell 4, Steel 2). I was a week old and remember it well!
  13. Parts of Cran's article are not bad but he just had to start it with "Dundee are in dire financial straits". Even if we are we are no worse than many in Scotland and through the fault of Covid for the most part. I would love DCTs to do a forensic financial investigation into the DABs current state. It would make interesting reading. 'Promotion' has likely saved them in the short term and if they stay up they could stabilise their finances from the TV money and sale of Shankland but a further lockdown or relegation next season could be very bad for them. The lucky sods would probably escape relegation though reconstruction, not enough games played to make up a full season or some other club going bust before them. PS Its been a few days since somebody repeated it. F*ck United!!!
  14. If it gets him off our payroll without having to pay up his contract in part or full then fine. Doubt if we will get a sniff of a fee for him but with the possibility of unrest with other players if he sits in the stand or even plays while drawing a full salary then this may be for the best if true. Only him moving on without a major pay off from us would free up a wage to sign another striker. Hope he either commits to us asap or moves on asap to put this behind us.
  15. Not sure if you are being ironic. If you are not you are some lucky person or the exception that proves the rule. I worked in the financial sector and it is generally the rule to refuse claims, waste time, make unreasonable requests for information/documentation and hope that the policy holder gives up in the end. I've been trying for months to get a Holiday Insurance claim paid and am still wading through red tape, supposedly lost emails, ridiculous requests etc. But this Policy Holder ain't giving up on his Holiday claim. Hopefully DFC take it all the way too!!
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