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  1. Feels just like last season where for a long time we couldn't see where our next win was coming from but that was the top division FFS. I didn't see us winning this division but didn't see us in our current state. It is very hard to see how JMcP can survive this one.
  2. troodee1893

    Arbroath V Dundee

    Lets hope we get through the next 30 seconds without f*cking it up!
  3. troodee1893

    Kamara (Again)

    Various clubs still getting linked with Kamara and silly money being quoted. May all be paper talk but if he does go does anyone have definite info as to whether or not any sell on clause was in the deal. If not then it is criminal because at the time paying only £50k I'm sure that Rangers would not have let a, say 10% sell on clause, stop the deal. I hate the DABs with a vengeance but I just know that they would have sewn up a tidy sell on clause showing more business sense in the transfer market than we ever do!
  4. troodee1893

    What English Team Would Dundee Be?

    Bury F C if we don't watch out!!
  5. troodee1893

    Motherwell At Home In Scottish

    Correct and is it not our 'turn'?
  6. troodee1893

    Motherwell At Home In Scottish

    Four games to be televised from R4 onwards. The ugly sisters will as usual be shown but with the draw as it is Utd or us v Premier clubs are definitely a possibility. We could therefore be Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday if selected making the crowd even smaller! Maybe one of the two broadcasters will pitch up in Dundee and show both of them.
  7. troodee1893

    Decade Highlights for the Dee

    I know and don't want to bring back all the arguments as to when the millennium started, 1st Jan. 2000 or 2001 (I chose to celebrate both as if they were the one) but it gave a chance for a bit of tongue in cheek dreaming.
  8. troodee1893

    Decade Highlights for the Dee

    First reply and exactly my choices, however the decade began on the 1st of January 2011 and ends at the end of 2020. Lets hope that the replies next year are Player of the decade - Gary Harkins (it would be hard for someone to beat him in the period left). Goal of the decade - Dundee's cup final winning goal next May Highlight of the decade - As above or our last gasp winning of the Championship this season. You're allowed to dream!!!!
  9. Really glad to see Barry Smith back at Dens. He is a legend and I'm sure all (?) will welcome him back. It doesn't always work out, previous players and managers returning to their old clubs and some can wreck their 'legend' status as a player by returning and having a bad record as manager. I for one still regard Neil McCann as a legend for his playing time at the club (incl. of course the Deefiant exploits) and can accept his failures as manager without affecting his overall status. It makes me wonder what other supporters think of players who had stints as manager and what effect that managerial spell had on the overall regard held for the player. Despite the, in some cases arguable, failures that some had in management I still hold the likes of Jocky Scott, Jim Duffy, John Brown, Barry Smith and Neil McCann in high regard, others may have other ideas. I don't know how to set up a poll but it would be interesting to hear what other supporters think in this regard.
  10. troodee1893

    Welcome Home Barry

    True legend. For me Barry's spell at Dens was worth far more to the club than the Cannigias/Nemzadzes/Ravanellis etc. despite the amount of enjoyment these players gave me and the rest of the support.
  11. troodee1893

    The Title

    Unfortunately I think, whilst not impossible, the title is beyond our reach. Second would be a good achievement and take away the banana skin of having to play in the 3rd/4th place play off. If that was achieved then the middle play off would be easier with a fresher squad. St. Johnstone in the Premiership play off with a win, of course, would be a fine end to the season!
  12. Check the date all you like but in any reasonable person's mind, sacking or disciplining someone for a remark made in the heat of the moment to someone severely provoking the incident (I know, if that is all that comes out in the court case and of course if found guilty) would be an extreme over-reaction that would result in a massive fallout. I genuinely think that the vast majority of people in this country are fed up of the extreme PC attitude of the minority and that your reaction would be that of only a minority of our support. If found guilty of calling some trouble making DAB who by all accounts provoked the matter with some objectionable remarks then I would expect no more than a cursory expression of disappointment from the club and then "let's move on" but to suggest that J McP's job should be on the line, my god! What a complete and utter over reaction. In stating the fore-going I don't think that anyone should go around making derogatory remarks about another's colour, sexual orientation and all the other prejudices that are genuinely around (and of course those only in the minds of those under the spell of the PC Liberal mafia that is currently predominant in this country) but get a grip and put it into perspective. As I stated in my original post nit picking PC actions like this only serve to diminish the reaction to proper acts of racism, sexism etc.
  13. If as has been hinted he was getting dog's abuse from some DAB troublemakers why are they not up on a breach of the peace charge? I hate all this modern day PC nonsense that takes away from real racism, sexism etc. It seems that the alleged victim in any of these 'crimes' only has to say that he/she perceives it as a hate crime and the authorities then have to regard the incident in such a way. If the abuse was about J McP then he should come out and say that he perceives it as racist abuse against his Irish roots. In the current state of the 'law' he doesn't have to prove such and the police would have to take appropriate action. This would in fact be a nonsense charge but little more than the charge J McP is facing for a silly comment made in the heat of the moment (allegedly) to a person or persons foully abusing him. As for any talk of him losing his job even if he is found guilty what utter rubbish. It he was found guilty of the assault charge levelled against GI there would at least be a case to discuss the merits or otherwise of losing his employment but for the charge in question never!!!
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