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  1. Dorrans on loan from Rangers for one.
  2. There were queues and a large patg today but there are also the folk who bought single match tickets during the week and today to take into account. I think we will be somewhere between 3200 and 4000 probably c 3500 or so seasons and 1700 patg and prepaid ticket sales. 4000 is not out of the question though as supporters buy up seasons to get a better chance of getting tickets for the derby. The more the better especially if some of the rumours re signings are true
  3. troodee1893

    Kane Hemmings - Officially Signs

    Personally I'm delighted to see Kane back but I don't think we should be putting him under too much pressure to begin with and let him settle in again. I for one would be perfectly happy with a couple of goals tomorrow, a couple more next week and a hat trick v the DABs before getting stuck into this league good and proper!
  4. troodee1893


    There are turnstiles to the Shed from the top end so that wouldnt be an issue. Even if they used sect A of the J Kerr stand as a barrier there would be c. 1500 places available in both there and the 'Fair Play' stand giving us at least 3000.
  5. troodee1893

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    After tonight's scores there is another scenario other than us losing on Sunday that could allow the DABs to sneak into the next round. There is a lot of ifs, but if Hearts beat East Fife in Group A, Forfar (home to St. Johnstone) and Arbroath (home to Alloa) fail to take a point in B & C, and Hamilton draw with Airdrie with Airdrie winning the pens in F then the following could happen. Groups E & G have better 2nd place teams that Utd. and Group H cannot have a second place team into the next round. Therefore, (are you still with me) if we beat ICT by three clear goals then we would let Utd in as well as us at the expense of ICT. Daft but possible, then again us winning by 3 goals?????
  6. troodee1893

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    Agree but this season the points have been more spread than in previous years. Groups E and G already better United's points/GD. Group H won't have a second place reach 7 pts with the required GD. That leaves 5 groups where 7 points in second place with a GD better than +2 can be reached so it is very likely that 2 of these groups will come up with the requirement. If we lose we are out as we would be worse than United on GD unless losing by a very high scoring single goal defeat. Couldn't bear it if they sneaked in on 7 pts at our expense so we must take something from Sunday.
  7. troodee1893

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    If we lose on Sunday by anything other than a single goal defeat of 4-3 or higher then the DABs would have more points than us and 2 teams on 7 points won't qualify in second place. Lets just win for a change and give us all a boost!! 10 points would possibly but definitely not certainly gain a seeding in the last 16.
  8. troodee1893

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    Not yet. There are a set of circumstances where 7 points in 2nd place could be through with +2 GD.
  9. troodee1893

    Choccy Bicky Cup

    Should we play our youngsters and reserves in this cup to concentrate on the bigger prizes/picture? The first two rounds that we are in are free/international weekends but the remainder are on Saturdays which would involve the postponement of our league games at ICT and at home to Partick and QOS (pushing yet more league/season ticket matches away from Saturdays). The latter two home games, which would assume going all the way to the final, would not be imo best played in a fixture pile up. My opinion is that we should not play first team players or any likely to get injured again and state from the outset that we will play fringe players letting the fans know what to expect.
  10. troodee1893

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    It is over 7 weeks to the end of the transfer window and I reckon we'll pick up a signing or loan or two near the end of August. I do, however, think like many others that we need a striker NOW and strengthening in other areas. Starting the season off well would be a real boost and progress in the Betfred and a few early wins in the league would fill the bill. However a poor Betfred and poor start to the league would be depressing. Therefore a couple of judicious signings now together with picking up a bargain or good loan later in the window would be my best option to build on the signings so far which show promise for the future.
  11. troodee1893

    Yellow Perils

    The blanket closing off of streets for parking around the stadium for games such as tuesday and most of the games we will play this season is just plain daft. Why the area outside the Dump on Tannadump St is coned off down at the Arkley St. end together with Isla St., Fairbairn St., etc is beyond me other than to collect fines from folk daft enough to park there. It seems that closing off as many streets as they do puts the pressure on slightly farther away streets causing congestion, poor parking and more fines. I am convinced that it IS a money making exercise and like a previous poster would state that I have never been ticketed yet. Do residents have special parking arrangements? I've often wondered about someone leaving a car in the area that gets the cones put out on match days. I know that advance notice is given but it is not beyond possibility that a game e.g a replay can be arranged with a week to 10 days notice while somebody's car is parked outside their own house in an are normally used, while they are away. Big games no doubt require larger areas cleared for buses etc. Finally some of the cars parked ludicrously have blue badges on them but the police never seem to do anything about this. Of course the Disabled require suitable arrangements but is it a common fallacy that blue badges allow parking anywhere including yellow lines. You can only do so if the car does not cause an obstruction, if it is safe to do so and never within 15m of a junction or on pavements. These laws are flouted all the time but the police and wardens never seem to do anything about it. Money making exercise - Hell Yes!!
  12. troodee1893

    Tv Games

    Hope to be in the Betfred semi final that weekend i.e. the Morton game weekend.
  13. troodee1893

    Dabs Have Won Euro Millions

    If Shankland signs a 3 year deal with that mob then he'll immediately be worth £1m in their eyes and that will double after a few goals. God knows what the Tangy ones will think he is worth if he score 20 or more this season. Trouble is some team will likely spend a good sum on him in the future compared with now when they could have him for nothing. FWIW I think he is a decent signing and would have liked him at Dens and I wont change to thinking he is dross just because he signed for them. Hopefully he will prove me wrong.
  14. troodee1893

    Dabs Have Won Euro Millions

    They want Gauld back for nowt after flogging him for a fortune a few years ago. There is one and only one thing I admire about those Dayglo', DAB numpties across the road and that is, or was I hope, their ability to sell sh1te players for a fortune and only reasonably half decent players for bigger fortunes. the past 20/30 years are littered with such deals so they must be doing something right and it is all the more galling due to our inability to get decent money for most of our players through bad luck, bad management and wrong timings. There are exceptions on both sides e.g. Andy Robertson was a good player sold for a sum that now seems small and we got good money for Jack Hendry and Big Rab. But as for the sums they have gotten over the years for guys like Drunken Ferguson, Ray McKinnon, Badcock, Billy McKinley, Gauld, the Biter etc. etc. etc. you know all the rest. Makes me hate the barstewards more than I do without the transfer windfalls. And there is also their lunatic valuations of players that did not get sold e g £2m for Gary Kenneth and again etc. etc. etc.
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