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  1. That's exactly what I heard, also that the homophobic comments were at the 'lower end of the scale' whatever that means.
  2. Scenario. We go on a long unbeaten run and finish the season in second place single figure points behind Utd. We beat whoever in the 2nd v 3rd/4th play off at a canter. We meet Hamilton/St. Mirren/Hearts in the final play off, play well and win taking us back to the Premier League. Cue celebrations, JMcP goes up in nearly everyone's eyes and we look forward to next season. Then. JMcP gets found guilty in June of calling someone names despite extreme provocation and is fined/given community service/a rap on the knuckles. Do we then ditch him? I would be delighted to have this dilemma given that we would have gained promotion but what would the clubs and the fans reaction be taking into account the homophobic nature of the 'at present still alleged' remarks. Personally under those circumstances I would keep JMcP but with the club giving him a severe warning as to his future conduct!
  3. Can this thread be pinned because even if no one adds to it in the future it would be fine to open up the Dundee F C Discussion Forum and see the title of this thread at the top of the page every time?
  4. Totally agree, very much of a lottery. Getting second place has to be an advantage. One less hurdle to be taken, fresher and possibly less suspensions missing out on the first play off and getting the second leg at home all help. The team getting through the second play off game and that could be any one of 4 or 5 teams as we/they are all of fairly similar ability always will have the 'cup tie' chance against Club 11 whoever they may be. From a freshness point of view Club 11 will play up to and including the weekend of the second play off second leg but it depends what their situation is at that time.. There could be any of the following scenarios 1) Club 11 could be confirmed in place 11 from a few weeks past allowing them to rest players and get themselves up for a make or break play off game. 2) Club 11 could be fighting against automatic relegation right up to the last league game. Gaining place 11 in this case would be a bonus and you could face a team on a relative 'up'. 3) On the other hand Club 11 could have been in no danger of automatic relegation and involved in a fight against one or more teams to drop into place 11 leaving the team on a possible 'down'. Both 2 & 3 would involve Club 11 likely being fatigued and on more of a level playing field with the lower league team especially if that team was in fact the second placed team. I don't know how we would have coped with a play off if it had followed our last day disappointment at Livi when we went down automatically. Whoever Club 11 is we would at least stand a chance if, and it is a big if, we firstly get into the play offs and then progress to the final game.
  5. As I said on another thread the Fox stand and East stand hold c. 8000 in total top and bottom. Assuming only a few hundred ICT supporters at most they are saying that they had c. 7300 of their own last night meaning their stand would have to have been 91% full. Most teams include non attending ST holders including us. I reckon they must have included everyone within half a mile of the ground! Pure fiction!
  6. Although scraping into the play offs at least gives us a chance I reckon second place is almost a must giving us the free week, second leg at home in the first play off we would play against hopefully Ayr. If we got through that then anything is possible. I would want to play Hamilton because, although they a hard shower of [email protected], they have to lose a play off game eventually and because I cannae stand them and would love to relegate them!!!
  7. Much as I hate seeing them winning it was probably the best result for us. The DABs won the league weeks ago and now only need to eke out another few wins to settle it officially. It will be all over well before the last derby thankfully. I understand the irony of what I am about to say after posting several times about them tonight but I think we should now ignore them completely apart from hoping they win any games that affect the playoff places (apart from the derby obviously).
  8. 7580 announced wow. The home stands occupied hold about 8000 full, better increase the ICT crowd estimate to 3000.
  9. Be interesting to see if the DABs can 'spin' that crowd into something in excess of 7,000 (unless ICT have brought over 2000 supporters and they are not making much of a racket).
  10. 50mph winds and heavy rain forecast. Plastic pitch should take care of the rain but the wind will be a leveller; should help us then? 😜
  11. What were the results on the previous three occasions if you have the info. Just wondering!!!
  12. Totally agree. As difficult as it will be I too will want them to beat Ayr & ICT. Remember though a distant fourth still gives us a chance in the play offs albeit with likely no momemtum or form going into them.
  13. Firstly it's not going to happen possibly more down to our shortcomings than their performances; they are simply too many points ahead. My own view is that they are not nearly as good as their support and some in the media think but, perhaps controversially, they are probably not as bad as some on here think they are. They have done what is required, so far, to walk this admittedly poor league (us included) by doing the following:- 1) They have gone on the requisite long winning run required of prospective champions 2) They have a workmanlike side supplemented by a proven goalscorer 3) They have done that which is required of a title winning side i.e. won ugly at times during their winning run, scraped draws from losing situations and in general managed at times to get something from games where they have been absolute crap 4) In games v their biggest rivals, us, ICT, Ayr & Dunfermline they have with only the odd exception upped their game and attitude (including brutal stuff at times) to get results In short they will win this league as they should probably have always done as favourites and biggest spenders. As far as next season in the Premier anything can happen. Sides like United, who in the past, may have been expected to struggle have survived. The will likely lose Shankland but will also likely try to upgrade their team. I therefore do not (unfortunately) think it is a done deal that they will come straight back down. On the other hand the same could be said for us if we could somehow get to the play off final and then beat the likes of St. Mirren or Hamilton. Maybe unlikely but more likely than pipping them to the title. We can but live in hope!
  14. The trip to Perugia! Great numbers good behavior and backing. The scenes in the town square before the game were legendary, great behaviour in spite of drinking all the cafes dry and then the march and bus journey to the ground also memorable. Remember only wearing a Dundee top (did have on a pair of breeks though) and it being bl00dy freezing at the game after a fine warm day. One of the stand out bits of good behavior was after the game at our hotel where only one elderly waiter slowly tried to supply us with beer. Most left and piled into a petrol station that seemed to double up as a pub. Imagine the look on the face of the poor sole employee as 30 or so lads piled in. He was obviously going to struggle to keep up with the orders and some lads decided to help out. The shout went up that there was to be good order and everything had to be paid for. This was well adhered to with us drinking the place dry in a carnival atmosphere despite going out of the cup only an hour or so earlier. When we eventually left the owner/employee shook hands and hugged the support thanking all and making it clear that we were all a credit to the club.
  15. Often a clean break or simple fracture can be better than a ligament or muscle injury. Hopefully he could be back for the hopefully important run in and play-off games.
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