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  1. I think he played the equivalent of around 9 full matches in the few sporadic moments mate. Would've liked to have seen what he could do but I think it's clear there's an issue with his application. Barring a really good spell at Annan and a half decent time at QOS I don't he's really set the heather alight.
  2. IMO JMcP and his management team can see what the issues are, it just doesn't add up that Nichol, Mackay and Strachan (in the stand) with their vast experience can't see what's going on and what needs to change. For me the players are short of confidence and are reluctant to move forward quickly because if they lose it up the park teams will likely pick us off on the counter. Everyone can see that we need to move it forward far quicker but the players are opting to keep possession rather than taking responsibility.
  3. For my sofa it looked like Marshall was simply ball watching and didn't see Dow coming round the back. The commentary team thought the same thing.
  4. I'm optimistic still (everyone is entitled to a different opinion and I'm aware I'm likely in the minority) that the present management team can sort things out. I can't help wondering though whether a different, maybe more experienced, manager would work things out without the need for a load of new signings every window. Are the likes of Christophe Berra seen as insurance policy type signings to guarantee that at the very least we'll be playing Championship football next season where I believe we will be in a better position to really challenge?. For me McPake was always at least a two year project.
  5. Connor Hazard to sign on loan until the end of the season apparently. Looks like Ferrie will be going out on loan again which will be great for all concerned.
  6. Spent a month on loan at Chelmsford recently.
  7. Correct. He doesn't get much of a mention in the minutes or match reports though. The players who've done well and been heavily involved are consistently mentioned. Obviously I haven't watched the game so I'm going on the views of those who did. Little involvement seems to coincide with what we witnessed at Dens.
  8. The photo is taken from the BBC footage, Strachan definitely wasn't sleeping, he looked bored as Fook but he wasn't sleeping. I'm guessing someone took the picture just as he's blinked.
  9. Zero assists, won a free kick, conceded a free kick and had a shot blocked in the first half. Won a free kick in the second. Sounds familiar.
  10. McPake's decision to play Cameron isn't the reason we're 2 goals down.
  11. Better than ham shanking over someone else's.
  12. Star post emoji's out in force, two posters in particular will be happy tonight.
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