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  1. Reverend Lovejoy

    Graham Dorrans

    I think we'd be signing him because he's a very good player, the fact that he's a mate of the gaffer might just make the signing a little bit more achievable.
  2. Reverend Lovejoy

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    McPake talks a bit about Hamilton here-https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/the-performance-was-really-good/#.XX6ddy4UfgI.twitter
  3. Reverend Lovejoy

    Disagree Button Discussion

    Edit-Apologies, bit of confusion as to who posted what. Still think it's a storm in a teacup based on the need for positive reactions to posts though.
  4. Reverend Lovejoy

    Disagree Button Discussion

    Got to agree with this. The down button seems to be causing a bit of a stir with it's usage being accompanied with an explanation being suggest. Surely all the icons should be followed up with an explanation too then?. Why is a like accepted with no explanation required but a disliked needs clarification?. Are things, or the message board, maybe being taken a wee bit too seriously?. Not a dig at anyone or fishing for an argument it's just an opinion or observation where I can't see why one icon is more deserving of explanation than others. If you accept someone likes you're post without the need for drama (couldn't think of another word) then surely you accept that someone else might not agree and give it the thumbs down?.
  5. Reverend Lovejoy

    Man of the Match: Alloa Ath (Home, 16th Sept 2019)

    35yr old Andy Graham.
  6. Reverend Lovejoy

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    He does look out of sorts, I don't know his personal circumstances but I wonder whether he's up here without family?. He left Dens the last time to be closer to family so I'm not sure coming back here just because we were the highest bidders will serve us, or him, too well. I think we've got to make him feel as welcome as possible and hope that a happy player can find his shooting boots again.
  7. Reverend Lovejoy

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    I think his confidence is probably a bit low. If you look back to the 4-0 Hamilton game at Dens in his first spell, where I think he scored a hat-trick, as an example, Kane scored without any real service. Hoofs from our box were met with a decent first touch and then the strength and confidence to take on and out muscle a number of Hamilton defenders before scoring. There no doubt Hamilton were pretty poor defensively but Kane didn't know that at the time and played a great games as a one man strike force. So he can do it we just need to find a way of unlocking the potential that he has. In saying all that though I do think we've got a major problem with the strikers we have at the club with at least one of them being unhappy from week to week. With the benefit of hindsight I'd say two lesser players would've probably served us better than one (on paper) standout.
  8. Absolute bricker of a pen, Cammy has his standing leg taken and a clearer pen you're unlikely to see. Only seen it in real time though but I'll be amazed if it isn't as clear cut as most people thought at the time.
  9. Reverend Lovejoy

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    It's something we were chatting about at the game today. It seems that McDaid is a bit marmite within the support, I (and the guys around me) quite like him but it's seems he's not to everyone's taste. Right now I'd say he's offering more than Todd in the wider areas so McDaid and McPake seem to be what we'll be seeing for the next few games, especially if we stick with one up top.
  10. Reverend Lovejoy

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    Don't quite get the criticism that McDaid gets, he's no world beater but works his socks off. His pace is an asset and he uses it well at times to drive us forward, I remember him having a couple of great runs in the second half. He also took the ball off the Alloa attackers toes when he was 1 on 1 with keeper which showed great effort and desire to get back and help us protect a slender lead when he could've left it to those who are charged primarily with defensive duties. I've also read a lot of comments which state that McDaid is nothing but a Championship player, I think some people have forgotten that we're a Championship team!.
  11. Reverend Lovejoy

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    One up top with the players we've got is the correct decision imo. We've totally collapsed in a number of games this season when trying to shoehorn two or three strikers into the side. This idea that playing more strikers will result in more goals hasn't proved to be correct so far. 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 when on the front foot is our best way of grinding out points until we either get another player or two in or work out another formation that suits the current players. I think there will be plenty of squeaky bum moments with a 5 man midfield but not as many as we've seen with a player less in there.
  12. Reverend Lovejoy

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    I thought we lost our way a little in midfield after McGowan went off and they then created 1 or 2 half chances.
  13. Reverend Lovejoy

    News: Dorrans a Target for Dundee?

  14. Reverend Lovejoy


  15. Reverend Lovejoy

    Alloa On Saturday

    You're asking for a banning if you're pre-match beverage of choice is Corona and a wee wedge of lime.
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