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  1. I believe Burley played more than once, not much more though. Edit-twice according to Wiki.
  2. Uncle of current player Denny Johnstone. *Useless fact no-852
  3. Think I kinda started the ball rolling Harry. Like you I appreciate that pre season friendlies are about more than results I just built up in my head that a half fit Adam would breeze through games and be a standout. I didn't think he played badly at all yesterday I just thought he'd have taken a bit more control and stamped his authority on the game. Very early doors though and I hope that with a bit more understanding of each other that Charlie will come into his own and start to flourish.
  4. Is it possible that Hamilton has arrived but is in isolation and that's why his imminent transfer has been reported but hasn't yet been announced by the club?.
  5. Kinda like the Christmas present you always wanted but ended up disappointed with because you didn't know how to work it properly. Adam will come good once we work things out.
  6. Wasn't aware of the Dee connection mate, think you could be on to something.
  7. I thought last season that we tried to shoehorn boys in and that led to players playing outwith their natural, or best, position. I really don't see this season being much different with the players we have, with Byrne & McGowan being the one who'll shift about to accommodate others.
  8. Hamilton Kerr Marshall McGhee Forster Byrne Adam Dorrans McDaid Mullen Jukubiak. Hamilton Kerr. Marshall Forster. McGhee Byrne. Adam McDaid. Mullen Dorrans Jukubiak Subs- Ferrie, Ashcroft, Church, Robertson, Elliot, McGowan, Cunningham.
  9. He was in the travelling squad but wasn't stripped. I notice, from the training pics, that he seems to be running on his own which leads me to think that he's stepping up his training after an Injury. Personally think that Byrne will be the guy who'll do the dirty stuff for Adam.
  10. Got a feeling that Hamilton might be coming in on trial initially. Mcpake's style in the transfer market has been to sign tried and tested British players and unless he's being pressured by someone else (Nelms) then I'm not convinced that he'll rip up the transfer policy that's served him pretty well to sign an unknown in the hope of unearthing a gem.
  11. There's a difference between fitness and sharpness though.
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