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  1. Something like 0.277p she's due, I'm sure the club will cope.😁
  2. I'd imagine after tonight's statement that we're pretty much covered for this season, we're creating a problem for ourselves moving forward if we start spending next season's gate money now imo. Obviously, being in the Championship, we'll make a loss but I think it's a bit of a false economy throwing future revenue at it now.
  3. The money's gone as far as I'm concerned, my young lass is requesting the percentage of her ST that she's due though. She's got an U12's ticket.😮
  4. Whilst she's saying that restrictions will remain in place for the next 3 months I'm not sure that means all of the current restrictions. My work for example has notified us today that 90% of their operations across Europe will resume on the 13th of this month, here in Dundee we're saying that we could open the gates to employees on the 20th. I'm guessing that they're expecting the lockdown restrictions to be relaxed a little.
  5. I'm quite happy for the DAB's to be awarded a Corona tainted title, but promotion no, they can stick that idea where the sun don't shine.
  6. Dundee ice rink to be turned into a makeshift mortuary.😮
  7. Yeah that's right. I've edited the team as I remember it. I think we played a bit of a makeshift team as apposed to the actual team that played in the 60's as I know Gordon Wallace didn't resign for Dundee until 1970. We pumped them maybe 5-2 with the players showing a fair degree of skill although the game was understandably played at a much slower pace.
  8. You're spot on mate. It was a rematch of a game we played against Leeds in the 60's. Don't know the exact team but I'll have a stab at most of them, Donaldson Stewart Wilson Robinson Scott Wallace McLean Murray Johnston.
  9. It's my old man that makes the questions up, he sent me another one this morning which is even harder.🙄
  10. Null & void is the way forward for me @Gedee, I'll maybe shed (pardon the pun) a tear for our poor wee neighbours....................or maybe not.😁
  11. Anyone want a clue or will I just post up the answers?. Got 8 myself, the other 2 with a wee clue.
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