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  1. Aaron Doran is decent but I think he might be another of those good fits at ICT.
  2. Killie were particularly bad, said that to boys around me who were sitting at half-time saying we'd win the league.
  3. Fk'n shocking........... being a club legend do they not let you in for free Rab?.🙄
  4. Sure Shaw got 2 and Weighorst got the 3rd from a corner straight after h/t. Malpas scored for them and maybe Brewster with a penalty too. We ripped them to shreds and should've won more convincingly.
  5. Puts things into perspective mate.😢💙
  6. Saw Meekings in the supermarket queue last week, he looks as lean as I've ever saw him in his time at Dens. I personally think he'd bulked up too much and that was causing him problems in terms of his mobility. The slimmed down Meekings that played in our last run of games looked an asset.
  7. His views on Nelms on Saturday goes against what he said at the time.
  8. I think the opposite. McPake has said continually that making wholesale changes every window has to stop. I think he'll try and keep the squad intact and make a real top effort to keep Berra and Meekings. Gowser should be easy enough to deal with and probably Callaghan & Christie too. Doubts will remain about the future of Andy Nelson, especially if the rumours of CW33 & Si Murray are true. The keeper situation will probably see another keeper coming in and maybe another winger too and I think that'll be about it bar maybe Fin who could be a transfer target for bigger clubs. All Championship dependent though.
  9. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5506789/rangers-dodds-nelms-spfl-dundee-assistant/amp/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter
  10. I think it became part of the negotiations though. Nelms himself said that if what was discussed during the pause was clearly available in the resolution (or words along those lines) then he'd have voted yes on the Friday. I'm not sure if too much changed during the pause but maybe the lines became clearer and the insinuations in the resolution became more obvious. I don't believe it was a straight forward yes or no because there was obvious disagreement over what each option meant.
  11. There's twisting of facts and insinuation in a lot of this. I've already posted a link to Nelms reasoning behind the yes vote.
  12. Financial blackmail?. Are you a Rangers fan?. Seriously we've absolutely no evidence of that. We do know 100% that a working party is looking at league reconstruction though.
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